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  1. ''.......your sister'' was great though. It's funny because Punk obviously hates Jericho and Jericho came in thinking he was giving Punk the rub from a ''legendary'' figure, I think the only one that believes the Jericho hype is himself. Yeah I don't like Jericho.
  2. I really do hate this time of the year and it's only going to get more and more predictably dull until early/late July. Randy Orton in the main events, Kane and Big Show being the major players, the never ending authority bullshit that's knocking on the Ace's and Eight's door for tediousness. That being said I really enjoyed the tag team match, nice to see the New Day get some shine after everything they've endured with terrible booking and I know people bang on about Cesaro's strength but his knees didn't even tweak when he caught Big E, just an unusual freak of a man. Didn't have a problem with Rusev/Cena, the crowd popped huge for the finish and seemed to be into the match, I know the USA vs. Russia dynamic and Cena being apart of the match always enhances how the crowd reacts but it served it's purpose regardless of the origins of whatever the chain match is, could have done with some color though. I would have had Rusev win and then lose the blow off match next month, y'know, but that's Cena booking, don't care anymore.. NXT special in 3 weeks, though. So not all is bad.
  3. ''Paaaa-ge. The pod of thuuuunddddeeeeer. Hibbidy dibbbbidy'' Yeah fuck this guy. But people moaning about Jericho's intro before the interviews mustn't subscribe to JR's podcast...man, I know the older generation have a knack of being nostalgic and overly critical of today's society but he doesn't half go on and on about seemingly nothing of note for at least 40 minutes. His interviews aren't much crack either, it's like whoever he's interviewing are speaking to their Grandad.
  4. The first bumps you learn at wrestling school are a front and back bump, anyone can take Seth's stomp effortlessly and safely (unless you're an idiot like RVD and want to head plant yourself). Bizarre, Seth won the title with it and was buyable as a death move that could finish the likes of Lesnar or Cena. It became an important part of Seth's make up. Finn Balor is screwed once he moves up. This show sucked
  5. The UK is loaded with talent right now and they sign some random former Rugby player? Does he have any experience? The Bastard Dave Mastiff in NXT would be the best.
  6. Riley had the best mini feud of the year with Owens, it's a shame so many people are apathetic towards him that they wanted to see him get his ass kicked when he was supposed to be garnering sympathy and yeah, maybe it was a huge rib or something from his detractors backstage, but hell I enjoyed it. Riley would be a pretty good heel. As for AJ leaving, good. Invest all the monies in Paige.
  7. You guys who are threatening to cancel your subs or stop watching DO IT. This show was fun as hell, tedious as hell to read (skip through).
  8. Nash reaching for his knee was a fucking rib right? It was almost too poetic, I enjoyed the fuck out of that match, I don't care if it made sense.
  9. So supposedly Vince was behind that main event. Plenty of life in the old dog yet. I would let Ronda Rousey beat the living shit out of me and ask for more
  10. Glad the Battle Royal is on the pre show, total jobber status this year and yeah most Battle Royals are so boring and plodding. I haven't enjoyed one since the vintage Battle Royal from 17 (I wouldn't have a problem bringing this back). Although it leaves the card pretty stacked with a no real downtime match bar the divas :/
  11. I still think the match will suck and Reigns shouldn't be in the position he's in so Brock signing doesn't really budge me into anticipation for what will be a shitty match, however the winner must be up in the air completely now.
  12. Trips alluded to Bryan actually wanting to reel back on being pushed too hard and ''working the work of the reality''. Like, seriously I think that's just a bullshit excuse for the inexcusable booking of Bryan since his comeback (and for years before that). At least have the commentators acknowledge that Bryan has looked rusty, isn't carrying the momentum he had when he dropped the title a year ago, maybe even a little self cynicism has crept in from the debilitating injury. You know, play on it. But nope, he's in a spot where nothing really matters. Bryan will probably win the title on Sunday, despite being pushed as the equal of Stardust, a transparent consolation prize.
  13. I can understand the ending but not necessarily agree with it selling a show like WrestleMania. It should have been like the Brock/Cena contract signing before Extreme Rules where Cena's mouth was hanging off. We should have saw headbutts and chaos, agents flying in trying to separate them, yet being shit scared of being pulled into the melee. Hell I guess I just wanted to see Arn Anderson. Like the Raw previous to the Rumble ends in like 100 dudes fighting it out in the ring. The end segment was done for the video package aesthetic. But fuck that.
  14. Best part of the end seg was Heyman telling the story of Reigns kicking in Lesnar's front door and renaming his kids ''Reigns'', it was wild and Brock looked to react like I did in thinking it was stupid as shit then he flipped it on it's head and Lesnar muttered ''so that's where you were going with that''.. But yeah I'm not clamoring to see the main event after that. It's Vince's match, It always has been. Reigns wins clean in the most artificial of ways possible - I think the ones throwing together possible scenarios are going to be left flat and deflated, let it go, guys. Can Bill Simmons call Raw every week?
  15. I don't think he will lose. I mean, they've been playing up Cena as being this past his peak old man (even though he's like 37 and in his prime) and he's been mercilessly tossed around by Brock for months on end, I think a loss here and then a break will do his character the world of good, the redemption story writes itself, I wouldn't be mad at Cena taking the belt off of a ruling Rusev down the road, plus it keeps Rusev's momentum going and he can either beat a face Lesnar or dethrone Reigns. I love Rusev and it appears Vince does too. But yeah Cena will win and whatever
  16. I think Reigns should definitely add something new at Mania, whether it be a new ring entrance, new gear or something that steers him away from the stigma of the Shield and yeah, having Reigns walk through the crowd face to face with thousands of drunk smart asses isn't the best of ideas. Looking forward to the show now despite my complete apathy towards almost everything. Also NXT will be showcased in the Battle Royal according to my Twitter timeline.
  17. Cody has a LONG way to go, I respect Scott for wanting an old school touring of the continents education for Cody rather than giving him straight up to NXT. Corbin on the other hand has a crazy presence on NXT and massive potential, one of my favorites to watch currently. oh and this -
  18. I don't really give a shit about any of the matches. That being said I will watch it, it's like watching the Superbowl or the champions league final. It's a spectacle and I'll be getting drunk as hell.
  19. Thought he was still signed but in Justin Gabriel/Evan Bourne status of sitting on his arse at home waiting for his contract to run down? If true it's good news, I miss Bischoff Jr.
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