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  1. Definitely. But the fabricated news headlines that Cena is Hogan levels of broken down make me cringe.
  2. People have been going on about Cena being banged up for years, talking about his shoulders are knackered, yet I scroll through my twitter feed and see him tweeting pics of him overhead dead lifting 300lbs. ''Cena is banged up, WWE are shit at creating stars'' I think I've read this every month since 2008
  3. http://instagram.com/p/sh2u0hscMr/ Justin Roberts is my new favourite thing
  4. Oh fuck you, Vince. You short sighted old fuck.
  5. I'm enjoying both Diva feuds. The rest is white noise.
  6. I know Austin said when he met Reigns at the Summerslam 2k conference Reigns also shown personality, was eloquent and articulate yet these dumbass writers keep scripting him so tightly he comes across artificial. Fuck these writers.
  7. Nikki Bella genuinely convinced me that she wanted Brie dead, I know she's basically channeling her Total Divas character and this feud will be the vocal point of that show but there seems to be some legitimate insecurities and jealousy being brought to the surface here. The post-promo beat down was savage. It was sooo good. I'm totally in on Nikki Bella.
  8. What are you talking about Nikki Bella just cut the promo of the decade
  9. Though he does fall into the category of the ultimate piss break/smoke break/fast forward wrestlers. Only Randy Orton comes close, maybe RVD.
  10. Brie cut her best promo ever tonight.
  11. I want Jericho to stay around to the next PPV rebooting his silly save-us Y2J!1! gimmick getting a title shot and getting the piss beaten out of him so badly he doesn't come back ever again, his jacket was cool as fuck tonight, though. Ambrose absolutely decimated Rollins with that lariat, good fucking god that was great, imagine the pop that would get cleaning Brock's head off at Mania.
  12. I think it's more so Reign's artificial rise from an seemingly organic beginning, Reigns was picking up some organic steam because he was cool, you don't get genuinely cool guys in wrestling anymore. He wasn't the mouth piece in the Shield, he was the one liner, he finished off the Shields promos with a thunderbolt of a exclamation mark. He was the ass-kicking muscle man extremely effective in his role due to all his flaws being hidden. He isn't a singles guy, not yet. He's worked two years in a role of a three man unit where he was extremely good. Now the spotlight is being shown clearly on all his flaws, being thrown into 15 minute matches and having a microphone put into his hand every week attempting to cut a promo is the complete antithesis of what made him so organic in the first place. The backlash is inevitable at this point, but the way he's being booked shows he's the guy that they've chosen, and artificially or not, will be taking the title far sooner than he should.
  13. Yeah I think the long term plan was for Brock to take the title at SummerSlam regardless of who had it. Beating the streak then losing his next match makes no sense at all,
  14. I'm genuinely scared for Cena's health. I hope Brock chains him to the turnbuckle again and all sorts of barbaric shit, this time the right man wins. (But he wont, and the meltdown will be glorious) This card looks really good on paper, looking forward to it.
  15. The summer of Del Rio is going to be fabulous.
  16. Del Rio must have been on a few quid. Perfect opportunity to justifiably sack him when the company is in the shit financially.
  17. A buddy of mine is quite a new fan and his favorite wrestler is Del Rio. Those Rio/Sheamus matches nearly broke him (as they did nearly 99% of DVDVR, but for different reasons). I should really check up on him, he's currently ''away'' on Windows Messenger and has been since the news broke.
  18. Monaco's Dimitar Berbatov and Vinny Mac resembling a waxwork.
  19. Batista won his first world title when he was 37. Age doesn't really matter, 29 is relatively young in 2014 WWE. Hell KENTA and Devitt are both in there 30's and are years behind Reigns in WWE land. Reigns will be a top star one day, no doubt about it. Is he ready for the company to be built around him? No. He isn't. Will he get the chance? probably not for a few years considering Cena is still around and isn't showing any signs of slowing down either.
  20. Batista was pretty shit as well until his feud with Trips shot him to the stars. Reigns will be fine, organically or not he's getting the title at some point in the next year, plenty of time to learn.
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