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  1. After Shane's highlight reel and the build so far, a proxy seems highly unlikely and would blow any potential lapsed fan interest that's been garnered since Shane's return. You would think Usos/Dudleys and the total divas blow off will be on the pre-show. Styles/Jericho has yet to be announced? on paper, aside from Brock/Ambrose this show looks dreadful.
  2. You would think Joey from Friends would have better improv after the line flubber. Shane's only real appeal is falling off things and the crowd crossing their fingers they get their wish with Shane throwing himself off the cell, other than that he's just a nostalgia act that sucked 15 years ago. Ambrose/Brock is going to be awesome, though. Really excited for that, Ambrose is low key gaining some serious form lately, it's like the past year of floundering around the midcard never happened.
  3. AA are the funnest tag team I've seen in forever, to their quirky promos to Gable out-wrestling fools to Jordan decimating everybody and having the best hot tag in the biz. They're still relatively raw and unpolished but they're getting better and better. Amazing chemistry. Plus I was at this show and experienced this, so yeah.
  4. Not to be Mr. Pedantic but Triple H is 46, not 50 and honestly, in the smoke and mirrors world of professional wrestling where Triple H has been protected for nearly two decades, hitting Ambrose with an impulsive flash pedigree to get the win, in a highly competitive 30 minute main event, where Ambrose ''proved'' he could beat Hunter isn't really that damaging in the grand scheme of things. It's not a Booker T situation.
  5. Ambrose must have read that one dude completely tear him a new asshole in the March Madness thread as that was his best match I've seen to date, both him and Trips' worked their asses off and had me completely engrossed in the story they were conveying, bought the three count on dirty deeds, too. It's a shame he's going into the cauldron of death with Brock at Mania as he's generated the most steam he's ever had in the past two months, eating 37464635 German's in some form of a knock out victory is only going to carve him away from the pack at the top. In that regard, it's Punk all over again.
  6. They have actual had a match before in Japan. Yes but Nakamura wasn't Nakamura back then.
  7. Ya'll must be crazy if you think Vince is going to abandon his baby AGAIN after last year's mania, we got a year, the iron has cooled yes, but Vince is unrelenting and will not relinquish. That's not counting out the Ambrose factor though, Reigns could still win the belt and Ambrose could be in the match, because honestly, 90 thousand folks shitting on his main event is a scary prospect. Random brain fart but Lesnar/Nakamura would rule the world.
  8. I imagine the ''demon'' gimmick would be executed so much more sweeter on someone like Kenta rather than the dullard Finn Balor, despite him donning the ''war paint'' several times I don't see any real disconnect from regular Finn to the demon, rather just a bloke who paints himself to look like a goof, showcased at NXT London where he glorified a serial killer, a complete lack of self awareness. Cocky Finn with the Balor Club or whatever is a better fit. Can't really get emotionally invested in his matches either. Sami destroys him on all levels.
  9. Jericho pandering to the crowd over their selectiveness and ''lack of appreciation'' for the pissed off veteran who lives off a schtick of corny catchphrases and out of date content is the best kind of Jericho for this stage of his career. The symbolic nature of the burning of the t-shirt was a neat touch to conclude a fantastic promo. I couldn't stand Jericho prior to this year but he's really smashing it right now. He needs to be a producer or something in his latter years as he has a compelling mind for a story.
  10. Yeah I was thinking he lost a stride of pace since his return, unusually. It could be the process of finding one's form following a major surgery, but yeah, he's definitely added a few numbers to his body fat count since his comeback.
  11. Having not read any spoilers I was pleasantly surprised they gave Joe the win here. The Coquina Clutch is the most established death move in the entire company. Another cool thing was having a variety of the roster ringside (and the random dude from Tool). It's those subtle decorations that make NXT feel so special and alluring to me.
  12. The execution of the beat down was unbelievable, to Aries pinballing off of the LED board to Corbin tearing Aries shirt off and tossing it at Regal's stunned face. Great stuff, really diggin' everything Corbin right now.
  13. I was flipping back and forth during the commercials of the Miami bball game and I couldn't believe that opening segment went on past 8:30. 25+ minutes of McMahons talking about their legacy and who should control the company. That'll bring back the viewers. But the fans in the arena were white hot for it's entirety and the general consensus on social media is positive, it worked regardless if you're a McMahon loather or not. Plus Shane busted out the Chi 1's, so it was great.
  14. This thread sucks. Nevertheless. Thanks for everything Daniel Bryan
  15. So would folks be content with Reigns winning the belt in the fashion we saw with the confetti pouring down and the show fading to black without the Sheamus cash in? It felt so underwhelming (but acceptable going forward) at that point but then Sheamus came through and yeah.. total apathy. Apathy best sums up my feelings towards the main shows in general, I don't care anymore. Sheamus should have cashed in on Ambrose after a win against Del Rio after some fuckary with Reigns earlier in the show, atleast Reigns big win doesn't best replicate a giant turd in that manner.
  16. Artificial heat drawn from a crowd full of smarks that are clearly angry that someone who completely fucking sucks at all aspects of wrestling is being shoehorned into a place on the card unworthy of someone of her stature and ability in the game. Niners Eva advocate gimmick trolling sucks aswell, please stop.
  17. Eh Finn Balor looks like a normal athletic dude, like seriously he may even be smaller than little Guido, I am concerned when he makes it to the main roster Vince and his peers may consider him too small to be anywhere near the top of the card. But perception is reality sometimes, I've never seen him wrestle live personally.
  18. Owens should win the Tournament, transitional or not, could easily step into Rollins position whilst having Reigns chase.
  19. Brock podcast just didn't work, like Sabu's podcast with Jericho it really lacked any sort of substance and Austin cut Brock off way too much mid-sentence, the network platform is way too overproduced in comparison to Austin's podcastone shows. I felt Brock was getting more and more withdrawn and distanced with his answers as the interview rolled along which led me to believe there would be some seeds planted for Austin/Brock at Mania but it never happened, underwhelmed but it is what it is.
  20. If you look at the layout of the match, it was your typical ''big man'' formula, she was sold as a dominating figure with Evie working from beneath, depending on how you define a ''beast'' is subjective but whatever. And yes, the attire was unflattering, however you want to spin it, it's not misogynistic to say something sucks.
  21. Well after weeks of vignettes you would expect the presentation of her character to be better than what was showcased and for what was produced, she was sold as a wrestler that should be wrestling as a ''beast'', I dug the bear hug and her finisher looked impactful but the unflattering attire seems to have overshadowed what was a passable debut match yet underwhelming given the hype.
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