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  1. A Jack Swagger suggestion for a WWE title feud followed by a Heath Slater one, close the board
  2. Cool theory on the Becky/Nattie thing but after watching this I doubt it, looks clear to me that Alexa/Becky is going to be smackdown's answer to Charlotte/Sasha
  3. Just watched it back and you're right and he probably received the biggest pop of the show, I suppose the matches outside of the main were showcase matches for the new guys (Diet Young Bucks & Jacky boy) and there wasn't enough time.
  4. Speaking of Neville, without googling I honestly don't know which show he's on, surely it'd make sense to put him and some more established names like Kalisto into the mix to break up some of the apathetic reactions we've had so far during the cruiser matches. Why the hell wasn't Cedric on the show? The bollywood boyz are booty. Jack's shtick is just aces and he's going to be a huge deal, a true performance artist. Kendrick taking a freakin' bump on his head for a back suplex was dumb but the match was awesome, what made the CWC so special at times was the neat touches at the end of the shows, whether it was the Bryan/Kendrick embrace or Cedric getting signed on the spot by trips', it was cool they gave Swann the floor to pay tribute there. Good show.
  5. Goldberg/Lesnar is definitely my main roster match of the year, the sheer absurdity of it, the absolute balls it took to pull it off, I've gone back and watched it like 4 times now and it's so fucking awesome that I'll probably watch it another dozen times before the end of the month. So so good and I'm 100% serious.
  6. oh and we finally might see the back end of New Day's boring title reign tomorrow night, been bored shitless by them for months now. Enzo pandering to Toronto with a Drake infused promo and Weeknd inspired tights made me dislike him forever.
  7. I imagine the story will be Brock became complacent and didn't take 'berg seriously, now Brock has an incentive which he's really been missing for like, ever. I loved the main, after that hour long SD/Raw match that seemed to last about 19 years, that was exactly what I needed.
  8. I can totally see Tye's ''10'' catching fire on the main shows, even when he's not around (or even called up to main roster). The constant 10 chants during the refs counts were pretty funny. Tag match was aces, not much left to be said really. If that piece of shit BOLA 6 man got the coveted 5 snowflakes from Dave then Revival/DIY deserves at least 10.
  9. Hopefully Joe/Nak will be better than their first effort, which really flattered to deceive. I've enjoyed the build up for those two but I dunno, somethings missing from this show, not as buzzed as I should be. Is the NXT allure wearing thin for anyone else? Here's hoping Tommy fucking End or Damo show up.
  10. I think I'm having leg-slap withdrawals after sitting through 7 hours of this, seriously, what the fuck? I even caught Ricochet slapping his thigh whilst delivering chops at one point. First time seeing Tommy End and he's going to be a riot in NXT, outside of the leg-slaps. One thing I can say about Marty is he stood out on character work alone, he truly stood out as a heel, outside of Hero, he was the ''villain'' of the show, constantly pandering and spewing out self entitled verbage. Plus the spot where he dislocates fingers is awesome, way better than some overly contrived shit like a 630 or whatever. Yeah Marty is cool.
  11. I feel this is going to create a lot of unnecessary debate so yeah. I remember when the crowd hijacked the show for Bryan during the Cena/Orton feud when Bryan was seemingly going nowhere, that turned out ok. This, whatever the case gave Bayley a shot in the arm that she needed, I loved it, so yeah. Whatever.
  12. Totally irrelevant but man I really want Jack Gallagher to be introduced tonight, I'm already bored shitless of the current crop of cruisers (not really their fault) but can totally see Gallagher's act getting over strong with the crowd, what the majority of the cruisers lack in character identity Jack has in abundance. Looks like we're getting Sasha/Charlotte #1827737383 at Survivors.
  13. Book/Kendrick just had great heated segment on talking raw or whatever it's called. Main event was uncomfortable to watch, utterly vicious in execution and got a little discombobulated during the end stretch. Should have saw the finish coming a mile away really, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Nothing too stinking on this show, all the cell matches are worth your time.
  14. Always fun to have an updated NXT class photo, made even better by Dash Wilder holding his tag belt.
  15. yeah I'm not sure if it was intentional and keeping in tune with the shows narrative or not but shit, Bryan probably knew he screwed up/chose his words poorly when he basically said Miz sucked as a wrestler and then Miz got in that ass and to be fair, justifiably so.
  16. So if Brock has been on the garrys does this mean he wont be wrestling at Summerslam?
  17. That's the thing, she should be decimating the jobbers she's been in the ring with, I'd lock her in a room at the PC with nothing but prime Vader matches playing on multiple plasma screens. She's currently just a fat bird in ring attire who used to smile, but doesn't anymore. Zero charisma, shockingly bad offense, going nowhere fast. Eva's progressed more than Nia, actually.
  18. I just can't hate Mojo after seeing his interactions with the kids on Breaking Ground, he seems a genuinely good dude outside of his annoying persona, that being said he's pretty bad as a wrestler, although somewhat workable smashing through everyone as a hot tag wrestler and losing due to his naivety, he's definitely more tolerable than any time I watch Eva or Nia Jax. Speaking of Nia is there anyone sold as a monster less intimating? I understand they're trying to throw subtle tweaks to her entrance to present her as more of a dominating presence but she's still really bad, I'm not buying it, and her leg drop looks as destructive as the last time Hogan tried to hit one. Tye Dillinger enhances everyone he wrestles and the match with Aries was no exception, Aries looked great here for the first time in NXT and his promo addressing his shortcomings despite being on a good run was great and definitely the direction he needs to go down. Eric Young, great beard, cool tights.. but nah, hopefully this is a one shot deal as I wasn't impressed and never have been. Special mention to Graves for ending the show with a quote from The Wire.
  19. So Flair can just bribe Charles Robinson based on some weird affection Charles may or may not have for the Flair's stretching back to their WCW days? I'm sorry I'm not buying it, I could at least accept it if little Naitch was suspended pending further inquiry or something, but the way it panned out was garbage/lazy and didn't tie up any loose ends. Actually, the whole feud sucks. I'm sick of the Harts at this point and Ric should have left the ring 10 years ago. Nattie is the most overrated female worker on the roster, plus she's a terrible actress, to the smug look on the ramp to her forced entitlement based on being a product of the Harts every time she talks. So much for the coronation of a new era for the women when this is the best creative can come up with. The WWE title feud is the complete opposite, all of the characters involved are finally getting more depth and complex, AJ taking the belt and having Roman chase until SummerSlam could be a real fun summer.
  20. WWE again ruining a huge NXT surprise (seriously, why?), one day I'll learn to unfollow Triple H on social media
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