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  1. Not changing the result, but I would've preferred Savage pinning Flair clean with the elbow at Mania 8, instead of the inexplicable punch-and-handful-of-trunks finish.
  2. I remember Waterman from OVW. I always thought the "H2O" name was perhaps just a wee bit too on-the-nose.
  3. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my condolences to Jim Cornette's family in advance.
  4. A Jinder Slurpee cup would make all the sense in the world.
  5. Clearly, the answer for Jeff Cobb in WWE is to bring back the Juniors division. I want to see Porky wrestle midgets, dammit!
  6. That's nothing. I remember when Perez was feuding with Nikita Koloff, Hart cut a promo calling Nikita "Nikolai Volkoff" that actually made the air! Ah, WCW... On a totally unrelated subject, I've always wondered why, when Pedro Morales won the WWWF title from Ivan Koloff, it wasn't really that clean of a finish. One would think that Bruno's heir apparent would be able to decisively beat the man who ended the legendary title run.
  7. I kinda get what you mean, even though it wasn't a cartoony gimmick, or really a gimmick at all. But he did play it kinda over-the-top.
  8. cool arrow

    Hair Metal

    Coverdale's been having problems with his voice since the early 80's.
  9. Could Craig Pittman have been a star (as Meltzer would say) "in United States?" And if not, surely he was tailor-made for Japan, right? Yeah, I realize he wasn't a spring chicken when he got in the business, but that never stopped Bad News Allen...
  10. Bodysuit Warrior was awesome. Remember that one time he came out and it looked like he was naked and someone had painted his facial design on his bare ass?
  11. Anthem Wrestling Entertainment Presents Impact Wrestling is WWE's biggest competitor like the Zune is the iPod's biggest competitor.
  12. Nobody has seen any sign of Nailz in a very long time.
  13. Am I the only one who's totally uninterested in Mania apart from Neville-Aries?
  14. Some of y'all may find this interesting. Tammy Sytch tells the world how many of the boys she's banged, I won't spoil it but she categorically denies Bret, Ahmed, and the entire ECW roster.
  15. cool arrow

    RIP Chuck Berry

    RIP to "America's Poet Laureate" (as Bill Kirchen calls him)
  16. I love when I'm looking for something specific and find something totally unexpected. Case in point: Young Randy Poffo as The Spider!
  17. One could argue that Mikey & Tajiri vs. the FBI was the last great ECW match. In fact there really isn't an argument, unless Tajiri vs. Psicosis happened afterward.
  18. Well, I suppose it worked fine when he was a heel, but as a babyface, no way. In my opinion, anyway.
  19. I'm just glad he doesn't wear those goofy bell bottoms anymore.
  20. Holy shit! I didn't know that. Now everyone from the classic lineup except Meniketti is dead. This sucks.
  21. The singlet was not in fact a good look. Still, I'm not 100% sure that tiny trunks is the way to go either.
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