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  1. the WWE never went for the "cameramen on the apron" idea as hard as WCW did, right?
  2. which would lead to them bringing back one of the Highlanders as a soccer hooligan.. or WADE BARRETT SOCCER HOOLIGAN FC WWE for life!
  3. Steal this idea: Stuart Tomlinson uses a 'loaded goalkeeper glove' to win matches
  4. and Jim Cornette is on the uncensored podcast this Thursday. Expect talk about tag team wrestling and scripted promos
  5. If the Undertaker is still functional by WM31, can they just film his vignettes in Colma?
  6. I liked #6, the rumor so hot that WCW execs wouldn't let him talk about it on the air. But they would let him talk about it on the company-run hotline, which was shilled on the company's television shows. Alrighty then. IT'S ANYTHING GOES, DUDE
  7. someone in the WWE video vault just decided to compile some Mean Gene hotline shrills shills into one video
  8. It took 10 minutes for me to see one :/ I learned of a Twitter that did nothing but RT tweets of people doing RIPs for Mandela while posting pics of Morgan Freeman
  9. I thought he put it over all right. Though I agree it was nuts to bring up. He totally put over how devastating it looked. He said that he got a stinger doing the dropkick he always does and at least Austin got injured by a move that looked as devastating as it was. "At least you hurt your neck from a tough move and not a dropkick" So was Daniel Bryan the first to bring up that piledriver on the show or has it come up a few times before?
  10. Sin Cara Orange likes to finish matches with leg drops and big boots for some reason
  11. so if the Wyatts are gonna feud with Daniel Bryan... they could actually hold a hair v. hair (or beard v. beard) match where there'd be some legitimate suspense over who would get shaved
  12. Daniel Bryan does note the obvious about people being able to watch tons of old stuff for free via YouTube. As opposed to the good ol days when people had to socially interact with others to get this stuff... or join FTPs or something slightly less efficient ---- after listening to Bryan listing his non-wrestling interests... along with his talk of traveling with Brie Bella.. i'm expecting he has paired couple photos with him in a sweater next to Brie.
  13. from Buster Olney: "Other teams becoming convinced that Carlos Beltran is going to land with the Royals, on a deal of 3/$48 million."
  14. wait a week or so, one guy who is uploading this stuff is now in early November (the shows on the week after Havoc 95). So he should be uploading that match soon enough
  15. Wait... WHAT????? just wait until Jose Offerman shows up to manage his daughter and starts randomly attacking referees after his daughter loses a match. Also, guess who's in Kansas City today? apparently some team has offered Beltran $48M over 3 years too
  16. hey man, he's drinking water and reading newspapers like there's no tomorrow, he's working out... his mind!
  17. NXT should just have a separate category of lucha-sized generic guys to be spare Sin Caras
  18. shouldn't Cena be "Coldplay"? popular with some but really unpopular amongst others
  19. Because everyone knows that if you're taller than someone, you're clearly tougher as well. I think the Parker thing came up the most with Sid and Parker. Although it may have come up a few times when Ernie Ladd was managing people.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n5474exqew 1) gotta like WCW's ability to put their shows in unique settings from time to time, although they typically didn't charge admission for those events. 2) I'm guessing the Ultimate Fighter being rumored to have WCW interest in May 1995 was Shamrock? Bischoff emphasized the word "challenger" 2b) Bischoff also namedropped K1 3) The point about Col Rob Parker being taller than his charges has been made repeatedly, right?
  21. The Twins are signing all the "should be better than his numbers" pitchers this year
  22. Finally the issue between the Armstrong Brothers and the Barrio Brothers is settled: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI861helJW4
  23. Sai was educated in England, so his English is probably decent as well. He's also quite bland, unfortunately. Yeah, I kinda reached that conclusion after summarizing that match in another thread and realizing that I didn't remember anything notable that Sai did for 10 minutes. Sato at least seemed to kinda do memorable stuff and he had a good finish as for Hama. I don't know if he's actually taller than the Headhunters (who were a long-term rumored addition to the WWF but could never get a regular job because they were short fat twins)
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