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  1. obviously preparing for the future. A weirdly-influenced by Portland future
  2. considering their love of even-steven booking and the 3 hours of Raw, you'd think they would book tons of 2of3 fall matches.. "we can get both guys a fall, then book a rematch next week so they can both take 3 of 6 falls"
  3. it'll be 2 out of 3 falls, with the first two falls happening in 60 seconds
  4. it was kinda funny how the commentators were surprised that Samoa didn't just kick the ball into the crowd up 28-0 with no time left.. Samoa went with the "we'll just score again, fuck you Portuguese" approach. It'd be like if Yokozuna just decided to repeatedly Bonzai Drop Aldo Montoya
  5. and this was aired back to back, we were spoiled in 1995 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgVVO85bVnk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sii36L7kigQ
  6. they aired Rugby Sevens from Las Vegas today on NBC Sports/NBC. Sorry if you missed it. The US team lost a few close ones. Samoa just bulldozed Portugal. New Zealand had a close one with Fiji. Carlin Isles is fast
  7. BJW lighttube violence checking in for 2014 I'm guessing the falling lighttube idea was cooler on paper than in execution. BJW's weapon construction battalion didn't have a chance of making that concept work. Also, awesome flip on a lariat. The rest was probably a lot of the usual for the genre. Big spots, spontaneous bleeding, avoiding being whipped into the wrong corner, etc.
  8. BTW, the Jeff Cobb boomerang powerslam (seen here) might be one of the safer pointless indy moves. Safer than the variety of stupid head drops that get a 2 count
  9. He uses a shitty fisherman's neckbreaker, too. So basically, just enough to remind us of his dad having talent. And I can't even visualise how to apply your idea. But it reminds me, I once made a Create-a-Finisher in one of the WWE games where the guy doing the move just kept switching setup positions - fireman's carry into a body slam into a torture rack into a side slam, etc etc. The move sometimes took longer to perform than the rest of the match. Front facelock under left arm, apply "clawhold" (put right hand on face) with right hand, twist into Neckbreaker with right hand on face, drop with neckbreaker. Switch the left/right if reasonable since I think everything is right-arm/hand in the US but left-arm/hand in Mexico There may be some flaws in the physics though
  10. in the spirit of the impending tedious Sting fantasy booking. An idea. Week 1: RAW is about to end. Lights go out. Lights go back on and Sting drops someone with the Scorpion Death Drop. Lights go out. Back on, no Sting. Show over. Then the talk of "Was that who we thought it was?" on SD/other shows, leading into the next RAW and the next brief but longer appearance. And so on. They'd probably have him in a boring feud with someone in the Authority to start. So we'd get Sting v. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and Sting jawing with Stephanie. But yeah, they'd probably have to start Sting as a good guy and turn somebody to face him down the road. Or just turn Cena and have him face Sting.
  11. is Axel's finisher worse than my finisher idea of "put the guy in a clawhold while in a front face lock, then give him a neckbreaker while he's still in the clawhold"? you'd think he'd just use the Perfect Plex, but nope.
  12. If he can get Michael Hayes on the podcast, it might be tremendous, or a bunch of bullshit
  13. I endorse Evan Bourne showing up as the winner of a 128 person WWE Cruiserweight title tournament held in Brazil.
  14. Wrestlers: Billy Gunn Van Hammer Dump Matsumoto Famous people: Alger Hiss George Patton Demi Moore Leonardo DiCaprio
  15. so Magnus is like Scott Steiner in 2001? (when Steiner retired Sid [indirectly], Nash, and DDP in 3 consecutive PPVs before WCW was sold off, if you forgot)
  16. well, the Usos being billed from San Francisco does ruin my "We're from AMERICAN Samoa" line where the Usos come out with Hogan
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu_cSe94Wp4 You know what's awesome? Kanemoto wrestling Jerry Lynn. It's bookended by Kimberly/Johnny B. Badd on a carriage ride before and Macho Man Randy Savage after
  18. I gotta admit, I went "uh oh" around the time DDP mentioned "going to Tijuana" for alternative treatments for a friend of his' breast cancer. That typically ends sadly
  19. I wonder what the "no physical activity" thing actually means. If he can come out and throw a few punches to rescue Cena from a beat down then he should be fine. I don't see the physical harm in that. Maybe he's just in Cena's corner to even the odds if they go through with the rumored match against Bray Wyatt. Hulk Hogan joins the Wyatt Family.. Hulk Hogan joins the Wyatt Family.. Hulk Hogan joins the Wyatt Family..
  20. 2) Cheating spouse because everyone has a goddamn phone/youtube account these days 3) A heel being extra flamboyant (re: Adruab Adonis) because people are hyper social media justice warriors The name flub spurred me to add to #3 "evil foreigner heels," same reason. Adruab Adonis was the original idea for the Col. Mustafa spot, until they remembered that Adonis had died in 1988
  21. so... wrestling angles they couldn't pull off in 2014 due to technological advances: 1) "Four flat tires" - since in theory, they'd just call somebody and get a ride from the hotel to the arena.
  22. They definitely didn't get rid of it quick. It lasted all the way until Summerslam, well after the actual Gulf War had fucking ended. the Gulf War ended before fucking Wrestlemania... then Sheik was introduced post-WM7 (taped in-between the ceasefire and WM7)
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlxp_S13IOg not sure where they found Sweet Brown Sugar, but they found him and he wrestled Liger. Young's offense looked... awkward. But he ate a kick to the face. The same show had Orndorff/Disco... airing 5 days after the Horseman/Orndorff angle
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