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  1. You know what would have been awesome if that had happened? They ended up going with that crazy WWF magazine interview about his neglected childhood, and brought in......trying to think of veteran black worker from the time.....lets say the JYD, as his abusive estranged father. A hotdogs on a pole match would have been magnificent.
  2. It's not like he's some cliched WWE authority figure that'll put you up against.....20 guys at once or something.
  3. I'm curious what a going rate would be for a lady of the night to no sell my big finish, hit a couple of big right hands, big boot, leg drop, and then pose around my apartment to Real American for 20 minutes.
  4. What if we were to compromise and allowances made for a manager to hold up a Malaysian prostitute in lieu of an urn, thus allowing me to hulk up?
  5. If only for the days of kayfabe. The idea of Little Miss Sin Cara being written out due to a freak lightning and metal scepter incident amuses me greatly.
  6. Am I allowed to Hulk up in this hypothetical fight?
  7. Every Samoan wrestler ever, time machine travelling Harley Race, Meng, ten Brock Lesnars, Dave Finlay, New Jack and Alex Wright. All at once. Shoot missile dropkicks and snug looking restholds for everyone.
  8. those kids don't respect the business, back when they had wrestling at the chase, the children cultists kept kayfabe Bet they didn't even shake hands and introduce themselves backstage.
  9. That high school spoiling it and tweeting ahead of the show so they could hopefully get a retweet from Hugh Jackman was bullshit though.
  10. We never had any coverage here at the time, I always assumed Alex Porteau was Alex Wright.
  11. Post curtain call: * - lost to Mero at IYH * - lost to Jake on RAW (KOTR Qualifying) * - no contest with Aldo Montoya on RAW * - beat Marty Garner on Superstars (is that the infamous Pedigree that used to be on the filesharing sites?) * - beat Aldo Montoya in KOTR 96 dark match * - lost to Ahmed Johnson on RAW (first televised appearance in a month) * - lost to Mero on Superstars * - beat a job guy on Superstars * - lost to Sid on RAW (IC Title tourney) * - lost to Savio on Superstars * - beats a job guy on Superstars * - lost to Jake (IYH dark match) * - loses to Freddie Joe Floyd on Raw * - loses to The Stalker on Raw * - beats a job guy on Superstars * - loses to Steve Austin at IYH * - beats Mero for the IC title on Raw the next night. He goes nearly six months without beating anyone of note on TV. He loses to The Stalker, and Freddie Joe Floyd. That's a paddling.
  12. That downs syndrome backstage interviewer that WCW used on a couple of PPVs in 1993. Awkward for all concerned, and dropped quickly enough and never referred to again? How? What? Why?
  13. Go old school man: Sting and Benedict Arnold vs. William Regal and King George III HE JUST TURNED ON STING! THIS IS THE WORST WEST POINT DEATH MATCH EVER, KING! ....nah, fuck it, I want to see Sting chase Benedict Arnold down the Hudson.
  14. Hard to tell whats to blame at the moment - given I'm using Unlocator in Australia to access the Network. Have no issues watching on laptop (aside from it always freezing with <10 minutes left on a show) or Ipad. PS3 coverage is shitty as fuck. Hoping it'll improve once I can cut out the middle man, but it gets annoying.
  15. Bray Wyatt and John Wilkes Booth vs. Daniel Bryan and Abe Lincoln.
  16. Turned heel shortly before Luger left.
  17. What if Luger stays in the WWF, and doesn't take the low ball offer from WCW. Him coming out and making the save at Summerslam 95 is weird in the context that Vince thought he was staying. No-one really wanted to see a Sir Mo-Luger feud. Does he turn heel with DBS as well? Feud with DBS? Program with Nash? A god awful Nash/Luger vs. MOM main event at an IYH?
  18. You know what shitted me more than it really needed to? "The Rebel Rack". What the fuck was he was rebelling against exactly? Because when you think anti-establishment, you think Lex Luger.
  19. I just hope we get some wacky vignettes of the Shield meeting Sting in the rafters.
  20. It was a month before the PPV in WCW. I highly doubt it had anything to do with the buildup to that match. He didn't? It was the night after World War 3, when he won the #1 Contendership to face Goldberg. It was definitely part of the build up. Whilst it doesn't really count - Kronik had that small program with Goldberg in the later days of WCW.
  21. They knew that Nash was ending the streak though beforehand. That was the bigger end-game, rightly or wrongly. Not like he didn't (in some form or another) end up having a program with Goldberg anyway.
  22. In hindsight: * - Wrath had most of the offense in that match against Nash. Wasn't a squash per se. He controlled most of the match, then Nash cut him off, hit his finish and it was over. * - Made sense in the context of the bigger story - Nash conquers smaller streak en route to challenging the biggest streak of them all at the time. Just wasn't played up well enough at the time. * - Bigger issue was how little he did afterwards. A nothing feud with Bam Bam. * - Wouldn't have been such a big deal had Nash not been the booker at the time. I really liked him in the WWF too, and thought he was underused.
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