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  1. At the risk of being all Back To The Future about this, surely Barry and co discovering the suit/tacheons etc. has more impact on the future timeline that bought Thawne back in time than the ramifications of Barry in the past? Logically, shouldn't this all just end with some major change in the timeline that sees him never being able to discover the speed force, thus never going back in time and singing Johnny B Goode at the enchantment under the sea dance?
  2. This review agrees with you. Cheers mate. Thanks. How many credit scenes are there so we know how long to stick around for? Cheers. Correct. Just mid credit
  3. If Guardians is a 10/10, I'll give Avengers Assemble an 8.5 Good film, but I question the potential for long term damage to it. I have no real want to see Civil War now having watched that instead. Just fast track Infinity Series already.
  4. I'd like to see WWE respond to the criticism about lack of first names by repackaging Neville as Neville Neville and given a David Bowie gimmick.
  5. The handshake could have been ok had HHH not been so condescendingly "Bad luck, nice try though!" about it, rather than any prowrestlingmutualrespectbrutha.
  6. Come to think of it, Sting/HHH should have devolved into something along the lines of the news team fight in Anchorman. "The Monday Night Wars?? Did you forget about the AWA and Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell?!?"
  7. "Bret ends up getting the heel turn spot that Bulldog had in the summer of 95". Wonder how things go from there. Getting the Hart Foundation vs. the Clique a year earlier would have been interesting. Ultimately removes Austin's push ever happening, possibly even the NWO if Hall/Nash stay.
  8. So if the Shield reform - how do you get around Rollins still holding the MITB briefcase?
  9. I hate it when wrestlers ask to be allowed to tell us something. Who is preventing them from doing so? What is it exactly that they're telling us?
  10. So which eastern conference train wreck are we rooting for to take 8th spot?
  11. What happened to Lisa Sliwa? They built her up huge on TNT and went nowhere.
  12. Leading to a tell all bio by his wife accusing him and Bobby Heenan of secretly being "butt buddies", an awkward stint as host of American Gladiators whilst sporting some really ordinary tattoos, thus leading to the Gorilla Monsoon sex tape everyone was hankering for - "Will You Stop?!?!"
  13. Given all the references Heyman's made to a Montreal finish, and Brock going to UFC etc.... Is it possible that they do a big WTF finish to the main event where Brock has Reigns clearly beat, only for him to place Reigns on top of him for a three count, and then walk out. Leaving a beaten Reigns on the mat with the title belt around him as the show goes off the air. From there you let art imitate life - Heyman cuts a promo saying it was one big fuck you to the WWE before they fucked them, and now they can give Brock a blank cheque down the road to come and fight their poster child and let him redeem himself. Reigns either vacates the title and you get a big title tournament around the time Network subscriptions are up, or he becomes Fighty McFightingestchamp and goes through everyone en route to a Lesnar rematch. Becomes a play on how hard it was to get the Pacquaio/Mayweather fight together, and also what should have happened to Cena post Rock loss at Mania. I like it in the sense that the timing's not right for Reigns to go over Lesnar and doubt people will buy it, but you also need to get the belt off Lesnar and keep him as a credible buyrate popper should/if he return. Also has that meta context to the storylines that WWE like to play off, with the fans not buying Reigns as a legitimate contender. Also as good a way of keeping Daniel Bryan in the title picture if people continue to piss/moan about it.
  14. Bryan cosplaying as the Repo Man needs to happen.
  15. I think they should go the Austin/Owen Summerslam finish with Taker/Wyatt. Only way that protects Wyatt really and gives him a bit of scope of where to from here post-Mania. If Taker sticks around - would have him acknowledge Bray's claims as being the new face of fear, that he got lucky last night etc and foreshadow the heel turn on Sting (who goes over HHH the night after), basically the same crux as his heel turn in 2002. Not getting the respect he deserves, real face of WWE, Hunter took that instead and failed to defend the company against the invader in Sting, which gives them an out should they choose to not go traditional face/heel dynamic. Taker chokeslams Sting to end RAW the night after should they not have Rollins cash in. From there you could have Sting put over Wyatt with help from Taker to build to Summerslam.
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