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  1. 850 foot and a half? That half seems a little redundant.
  2. I think it would work as how many of the key WCW players at the time were only defacto faces (Horsemen, DOD), or had spent a large amount of time as a heel (Luger, Giant, DDP). Eventually you have da numbers game turn against the NWO, and bring up how many of the lower card guys only joined the NWO as they were threatened into doing so, and see them jump ship at the first sign of the tide turning, and being real cowardly heels. You could even do the NWO split based on the true believers of the "for life" mantra vs. those who jumped ship. From there, you essentially do the Flair abuse of powe
  3. The double turn would have made sense, given how en vogue it was at the time, how popular the NWO was, and hindsight showing that most of the key players end up turning within 12 months after any way. Keep the slightly screwy finish, have Sting win, but then go "too far" in taking out his frustrations on Hogan post-match, putting him out, before Bret puts a halt to it. The dynamic of whose side is Bret on is probably better with a face NWO, and a WCW who may not be perfect, but to begin with at least, had their hand forced by the actions of the NWO over the past few years, which ends up be
  4. A tournament for the best Missile Dropkick may not turn a profit though..
  5. The forklift stretcher job was awesome. Reminiscent of the mumu Simpsons episode and the garbage bag full of popcorn scene.
  6. I fucking hate Mick Foley. I hate how he consistently needs to let everyone know how good a person he is, how he has such a complete lack of humility in telling EVERYONE what great deeds he does right down to the last dollar in detail, I hate how he tells the same stories over and over again and has no concept that they've been done to death. That I met him in person and realised what a whiny scumbag he is too, just nailed it for me. Poor man's Michael Moore.
  7. Zack Ryder being repackaged as a pre-teen Rambling Ricky Rhodes-esques Dusty Rhodes impersonator certainly has merit..
  8. My prediction? Deadly Game tournament > Punk heel turn/win/align with HHH > Bryan/Punk midcard feud whilst they focus on the real issues such as HHH vs Orton or Big Show
  9. Wonder if that rumour about the tag titles was true - there were a few WWE licensed bios that said that one of the Nasty Boys gave his tag title to Willie Nelson to hold onto at a after WrestleMania party. Willie left with it and it was never seen again?
  10. The spoilers.... they.....aren't completely douchey? That's different.
  11. I stand corected. Dockers rest a practically unprecedented ten players..
  12. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/581430-land-of-the-lost-the-missing-royal-rumble-entrants/page/2
  13. I kind of disagree with this but does anyone know if the guys in the ten man tag still got their Mania bonus or not?Bob Holly said he was screwed out of his WMX payday in his book, and since he pretty much listed exact amounts he was paid for the PPVs he wrestled and didn't say a word about what he made for WMX, I would guess they didn't get a bonus.And the Savage story is also in his book and Hall has confirmed it in the past, so apparently it did happen. I suspect it might be a case of Savage using his tenure to bitch them out in a way that no one who got bumped could.As good as that ladder
  14. I hope they repackage Devitt as a McDevitt, and finally bring "Uncle" Jerry on as on-screen character.
  15. Wouldn't waste your time. Fremantle (my smokey to go all the way) will account for them fairly easy. Awful year for the Saints.
  16. What the fuck was with Michael C Hall in that episode? Seemed to be playing Dexter as if Dexter were a character in a late 90s stoner college film starring Chris Klein. "Man...you need to think about your career" was cliched cop drama at its finest.
  17. I think I would have enjoyed an early 90s Jimmy Snuka heel turn and being rechristened Jimmy Snooker and having him come to the ring with a vest and bowtie on, whilst using a cue as a foreign object.
  18. Should have seen this coming when he knocked back joining the Straight Edge Society...
  19. If you don't watch this show hoping that in this episode, Ghost Doakes turns up and kills the entire cast in five minutes, and the remaining 40 minutes are dedicated to a music video being shot at a roller skating rink for a "Surprise Muthafucker" remix of Cha Cha Slide, I question your ability to critique television.
  20. Needs the numerous home runs hit in the Little League World Series, possibly even some cameos by Cher, Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson also.
  21. There was a worked shoot spot in the Mind Games match where Shawn just starts pummeling him out of nowhere. Otherwise, not that I know of.
  22. Helmsley/Mankind from Canadian Stampede put over Helmsley as someone tough enough to feasibly hang with Mankind well enough. Orndorff/Hogan cage match?
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