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  1. I kind of disagree with this but does anyone know if the guys in the ten man tag still got their Mania bonus or not?Bob Holly said he was screwed out of his WMX payday in his book, and since he pretty much listed exact amounts he was paid for the PPVs he wrestled and didn't say a word about what he made for WMX, I would guess they didn't get a bonus.And the Savage story is also in his book and Hall has confirmed it in the past, so apparently it did happen. I suspect it might be a case of Savage using his tenure to bitch them out in a way that no one who got bumped could.As good as that ladder match was, shafting three Samoans and two Steiners out of their WrestleMania money was probably not the brightest move. A ten-man tag team match was supposed to take place next, but it was canceled due to time constraints.[35] The kayfabe reason given was that the heel team (Irwin R. Schyster, The Headshrinkers, Rick Martel and Jeff Jarrett) could not agree on who would be the team's captain for the match. Their opponents were scheduled to be the face team of the 1–2–3 Kid, Sparky Plugg, Tatanka and The Smoking Gunns.[35] Bob Holly, who was supposed to participate in the match as "Sparky Plug," stated in his 2013 autobiography The Hardcore Truth that the timekeeper backstage repeatedly told the referee over his earpiece to end the ladder match, but Michaels and Ramon ignored him, and kept wrestling until officials were forced to cancel the tag team match.[36]
  2. I hope they repackage Devitt as a McDevitt, and finally bring "Uncle" Jerry on as on-screen character.
  3. Wouldn't waste your time. Fremantle (my smokey to go all the way) will account for them fairly easy. Awful year for the Saints.
  4. What the fuck was with Michael C Hall in that episode? Seemed to be playing Dexter as if Dexter were a character in a late 90s stoner college film starring Chris Klein. "Man...you need to think about your career" was cliched cop drama at its finest.
  5. I think I would have enjoyed an early 90s Jimmy Snuka heel turn and being rechristened Jimmy Snooker and having him come to the ring with a vest and bowtie on, whilst using a cue as a foreign object.
  6. Should have seen this coming when he knocked back joining the Straight Edge Society...
  7. If you don't watch this show hoping that in this episode, Ghost Doakes turns up and kills the entire cast in five minutes, and the remaining 40 minutes are dedicated to a music video being shot at a roller skating rink for a "Surprise Muthafucker" remix of Cha Cha Slide, I question your ability to critique television.
  8. Needs the numerous home runs hit in the Little League World Series, possibly even some cameos by Cher, Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson also.
  9. There was a worked shoot spot in the Mind Games match where Shawn just starts pummeling him out of nowhere. Otherwise, not that I know of.
  10. Helmsley/Mankind from Canadian Stampede put over Helmsley as someone tough enough to feasibly hang with Mankind well enough. Orndorff/Hogan cage match?
  11. I would have liked to have seen him essentially in the position Warrior had returning to the WWF in 96. Would have basically had a lot of same same programs with Sid, Vader and Foley again to start with, build to him taking the title from Shawn at Mania, then you have Bret turn heel against Sting, feeling annoyed that Sting essentially took his spot, with Shawn being the tweener instigator between the two. Eventually you team him and Taker up as a heel tag team similar to what happened with Taker and Show.
  12. I hope his brother, Bert brings those responsible to justice.
  13. So, uhh, The Wolverine. Script seems exactly like the Higher Power angle...needed a briefcase raised though.
  14. To be dorky about it in wrestling terms. Wolverine does a great face-in-peril spot, and they do the timing of him hulking up perfectly, before the movie goes completely to shit once Poison Ivy and Super Shredder bring everything down, and then, well, IT WAS ME, WOLVERINE, IT WAS ME ALLLL ALLONNGGGGGGGGGGGGG. That film sucked, but by golly it was worth it for the end credits scene.
  15. There was that weird indy fed he wrestled in about 1991 where he had a three way feud with the Honky Tonk Man and I *think* Greg Valentine over who was the best IC champ of all time and subsequently the best neck breaker? Rude was the de facto face in it all too.
  16. Yeah. Is that really the answer to the question being asked? People who aren't watching can't have complaints about what they aren't watching. I'd classify myself as a former fan. In Australia, Raw and Smackdown are probably replayed at least three times each a week, and I have access to the equivalent of Tivo. Each week, I'll check the recaps out on online. If I so chose to do so, I'd schedule the replay to record simply by pressing a button on an app on my phone. Since about 2005, I would think I've done so maybe ten to twelve times. A few of those times, I've failed to watch that recording. The 'E are quite capable of producing content that I would tune in and see what happened. It has proven itself incapable of scripting that content to make me want to tune in again next week and see what eventuates from there on in. In that timeframe, I would suggest that anything that has been sold as "This is a big deal" has either a) been seasonal (i.e. Wrestlemania), a one-off that has no ramifications beyond its immediate payoff (Rock/DX/Bret/Austin/celebrity cameo) or c) has failed to sell me on the idea that it is a big deal. (HHH/Lesnar, Miz and Truth invading, The Shield). They fail to understand the commodity of titles, and I think to a lesser degree misunderstood the importance of the Benoit/Guerrero title wins of 2004. It wasn't so much that they were given the title, or that it was "their" guy being given a go, but rather that the legitimate back story of spending so many years trying to get to the top of their industry has finally paid off and they were being given a shot at being given the ball to run with. Despite the negative reaction, I'd apply this equally to JBL's title reign that year. It meant something. Every subsequent attempt to capture lightning in a jar since then (Edge, initial Punk reign, RVD, Bryan, Rey) has missed why it worked. They've expected the viewers to generate their own pace/interest in the title reign, whilst doing little to promote it. They'll be bottom of the card, be nowhere near the main focus of the program, almost to say "You aren't supposed to care about this". One thing to complain about the lack of in-ring product, however I think its more pertinent that what is in-ring amounts to ultimately nothing. Cesaro will beat a midcarder on Raw, then lose to them on Smackdown, then a rematch on Raw? Why would I invest ten minutes of my time to watch this, if its going nowhere? Unfortunately, the majority of the 140 odd minutes of programming isn't worth investing in. How much programming do you look at in hindsight and say "Damn I missed that" or "Glad I didn't bother"? My third point probably doesn't carry as much weight, but, why is Chris Jericho in the WWE, when he has a famous band that travel the world instead? What's his motivation to be wrestling an evil ballroom dancer rather than that? Why is The Rock not filming movies but feuding with an evil straight edge guy? The potential for cross-over stars is not quite as high as its ever been (Hogan early 80s or Rock/Austin late 90s the peak), but the quantity of it is probably at its peak, with guys being able to turn up on VH1, or straight to DVD release movies, minor Twitter celebrities, etc. Why in anyones view would anyone stay in the WWE ahead of making a name for themselves by a plethora of other mediums? Pedantic? Probably, but I think that plays a big part in explaining the greater need for character motivation in today's programming. If anything they go the opposite and go with none at all.
  17. That nothing really means anything any more. Why do I care if someone wins a belt? They don't mean anything, no-one's really worked their way up for one, and they'll just lose it a few months later. Who do I care if this guy beats this other guy? They're bound to trade a million wins each Character motivation and consistency is lacking, even when most characters are that generic that they are interchangeable between several others on the roster.
  18. Works for Vince for < 12 months doing a TL Hopper/Goon equivalent gimmick, before ending up on the Saturday Night circuit...
  19. I fucking detest the Newsroom right now. The thing that shits me the most is how much they hammer home "As much as you think this back and forth banter is really intellectual and thought provoking, it is completely irrelevant to the sexual tension. What you are watching is no better than Twilight. There will be a Tea Party Vampire because fuck you." Any interest in Camp so far?
  20. Giant Gonzales dressing like hairy Brock Lesnar crossed with evil Abe Lincoln is the stuff of nightmares. 'Taker used to put job guys in bodybags post match. Giant Gonzales should have brought his own rail tracks and tie up job guys in. Possibly leading to an alliance with A-Train...
  21. I never realised how few televised jobs he did. Pinned at Survivor Series, but still made to look strong, then there was a match with Razor on a Coliseum Video that he lost after a Dusty finish, which was surprisingly good. I remember reading ages ago that Keith History has it that he was going to win the title from 'Taker between the Rumble and Mania 10, and then drop it to Luger at Mania. I don't think this is true.
  22. What was Perfect's last match in WWF - I don't recall any post Summerslam 1993.... Last televised one I know about was on one of the Survivor Series build shows vs Yoko. Televised: 290 19.10.1993 Mr. Perfect defeats Iron Mike Sharpe (1:48) WWF Wrestling Challenge #375 @ Civic Center in Glens Falls, New York, USA TV-Show House show: 288 29.10.1993 Mr. Perfect & Razor Ramon defeat Diesel & Irwin R. Schyster WWF House Show @ Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, USA House Show
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