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  1. I remember a day and age when in spite of 300 days a year on the road schedules from back in the day, plenty of wrestlers were smart enough to take time off now and then to "rest their face". Cena has done more than his fair share of jobs but it never costs him his spot. It never costs him anything when a loss never diminishes. Whatever, I guess. I really wonder if even a clean tap out to Bryan will actually be allowed to accomplish anything. The crowd is ripe, but they were ripe for Punk too.
  2. Babyface for the win (at least in my book).
  3. Del Rio/Van Dam, made me laugh. That was great. Now they can have a match in the future with an issue.
  4. Austin is on Jay Mohr's podcast this week for those high on him. Listened to it this afternoon and it's a fun, breezy hour.
  5. I liked Sheamus/Del Rio too. The bruises were worked nicely into the story of the match. Like say when circumstances would swing in Ric Flairs favor (think the Clash match w/ Bobby Eaton) and all he had to do was take advantage of the injury. It tastes like shit to the babyface because they lost to the truth.
  6. If I had one critique of Cesaro it's he could use a few shitbag heel shortcut spots. Something cheap he could use to paint his heeldom in bright colors. Otherwise he is standing toe to toe with all the baby faces. Which I don't think he can do all the time. That being said, when the heat was on, he had the FUCKING FURY!
  7. Sweet Jebus did Cesaro bring the fury tonight! Nothing can stop Daniel Bryan. Sheamus and his leg. Gross.
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