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  1. Well, ok I guess. I’m in if y’all think it’ll help. I’ve never done it before so I can’t promise quality. That wasn’t your actual plan… was it?
  2. I gotta say. I really enjoyed the match. I’m genuinely afraid of Gage getting AEW into some trouble this week.
  3. Wow. I really loved Charlotte/Rhea. Color me surprised. Just when my tolerance for WWE was at a minimum.
  4. I didn’t realize how much I wanted a Bryan/Yano match before now. If Bryan can work with Kane for ten minutes teasing only a hug? We could have the first 5star comedy match here.
  5. Think of the time saved every week by just having the announcers do it with a graphic.
  6. My memory is kind of vague on this one example. As I don’t recall who was in the match specifically. But I believe I saw the match on a Coliseum Video or Prime Time Wrestling. Anyway, a heel manager was distracting the referee while the heel in the ring did some cheating dastardly shit. But in a blink and you’ll miss it moment. The ref kept his head on the swivel and caught the infraction. Proceeded to get rid of the manager and turned to the action in time to see the heel making the pin. To drag it out even further. The ref gets down on one knee in front of the pin and just makes few a nondescript gestures but not a count for the pin. Later when the dq is announced. Gorrilla and whoever he was commentating with, called the slomo replay where they point out how sharp the ref was for making the catch when he turned his head. Just to illustrate it a little more. I THINK the match dynamic was an established heel star vs. a jobber who was probably outmatched anyway. But the heel shenanigans just happened to cost him that day. Plus I’m pretty sure the Jobber paid the price after the fact for daring to oopsie his way to getting a check in the win column. If I had to guess it was probably Muraco or Terry Funk.
  7. The sudden stop of Mox hitting that chair arch gave me the super douche chills. Ruggedx2.
  8. Another fun show. Nic Gage getting that kind of pop when he hasn’t any history at this level of television is remarkable.
  9. I’d say probably no. They had a decent tag match during a tournament with Ibushi (no idea who his partner was) that I had a killer finish. Ibushi was up on the shoulders for the springboard doomsday device. Ibushi caught the Briscoe in mid air and turned it into a C4 and the 3. As memorable as that finish was the Briscoes didn’t go to Japan enough to truly get over.
  10. A lukewarm episode this week. Hopefully, now that we are in the home stretch. These last four episodes really need to tie things up. Omega needs a payoff that reflects the characters importance (though I suspect a longer arc is intended). Crosshair needs a reckoning with his brothers (the scenario most likely to have finality). But of course the asshole in me wants them to go out in one season like the Wild Bunch.
  11. Good. Let’s book next weeks Dynamite. First suggestion: Ethan Page lights an M80 and drops it in Darby’s shorts.
  12. I’d gather that a Cena signing in AEW wouldn’t have to pass the smell test of “the other league that signs WWE cast offs” stigma. It’s a leap frogging strategy play into 1st place that actually moves the needle (unlike their other signings). Unless Cody ruins it. ?
  13. Time to mark out. Colt Cabana used the story I recorded for his Wrestling Anonymous podcast. If you listen. It’s the one about “Jesus H. Christ”. ? Edit: DOH! I suppose it might be helpful if I mentioned the name of the actual episode. It’s “Virgil the Hustler”.
  14. I’m really feeling like I’m in good hands watching this show. I guess some people might think of an episode here and there as “filler”. Maybe they aren’t wrong. But even with the shorter episodes spread out over a long period of time. By the time they really shift it into high gear for the climax. I’ll probably be very attached to these characters. Part of that is time spent with them in this universe. Personally, I’m the type that always wants the group of characters in movies and shows to “go out like The Wild Bunch”. Even if corporate Disney might frown on the idea for the money they invested in building these characters up. Only for them to die on a suicide mission. Heh. I just remembered. That’s how Rouge One ended. Ok maybe they might. But twice?
  15. I particularly liked this episode for the set up of the stand off in the ships exhaust. I wonder if Crosshair paying the price this week will lead to his motivation being less about the chip and more personal.
  16. I hope PAC doesn’t keep his wallet on him with Knox nearby. That dude is on the take! Or… he smelling butt.
  17. Very good show top to bottom. Bucks vs. Moxston stole it for me. I love Brandon Cutler as the suck-ass butler punching bag. That face Mox made when he looked up at Matt. More “doot doot doot” beards. That has heat with me, brother. Jungle Boy remains a very compelling character to me. He is poised to be elevated (most likely in the context of losing). I just hope they are careful not to let too much air out of the balloon.
  18. I recall the impact of Lee taking the German suplex during the Rumble right on the neck. I can’t imagine that going over well upon review.
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