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  1. Am I misremembering from a couple years back? My foggy memories tell me that AEW had made a mission statement (back in the early days prior to Dynamite) that they were going to make buying tickets “more affordable”. A friend texted me the other day about looking up tix for the show coming up in Boston. He too was blown away over pricing.
  2. I’m sure for some viewers even the mention of a religious… thing … is going to cause some level discomfort. If you’re an atheist. You might be like “The fuck is this shit doing here.” If you’re religious. You might be worried if that religion or those who follow it are being represented satisfactorily. Weird thing about me is, I’m an atheist who isn’t at all bothered that a Jewish man decided to incorporate that part of his actual life into his representative television character. Is it weird? In my life I’ve not seen the culture I live in handle these kinds of things particularly well. When Vince was going to fight “God” at the ppv. I dismissed it as dumb and “asking for trouble”. That could have gone much worse. Fortunately, it ended up being just dumb when a spotlight only wresting entrance turned it into a Mr. Show sketch. DEFCON 1 averted. Madonna dancing in front of some burning crosses selling Pepsi? Everybody Panic!!! It’s almost worth it to not incorporate those kinds of ideas at all just to avoid the backlash. Meh. I’m on board with the hope that whatever happens at the ppv. It will do something to put a contextual focus on what it all amounts to.
  3. Cesaro is out of WWE!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pop inside my head:
  4. At first I was like: “Oh goodie! A battle royal from the people that brought you the battle royal at All In”. Then I was like: “No battle royal has lived up to that one since”. THEN I was like: “This battle royal is ok. Just not my favorite one”. Good promos tonight across the board. AmDrag on my screen flexing and clamping fools is my mana. More. More! MORE!!! Really great pop for Hangman coming out. I worry sometimes how over he is. But he always seems to get by. Love that I’m set up for Rampage and next weeks show. AEW does the work.
  5. It just kept going and then… boom. Loved every second of it now. Since next week it’ll be old news.
  6. Well that show was wicked pissah. I really can’t say much that was critical about this episode. Santana and Ortiz have waited long enough. Let’s fucking GO! Any time AmDrag is on my screen. I’m there for it. Congrats to Moriarty for having a big day pay off. He has to feel like he is in good hands careerwise compared to being handled by the knuckleheads in Orlando. I love me some Thunder Bae. Great match with MM. Rosa looked so good in The Bride outfit… Brandonnetico has to go calm down. There are rules in wrestling as far as how a show is formatting and executed. Big match for Punk/MJF? Do a big promo. Punk did all that needed doing and for once (as an exception to those rules) MJF was shut up. Good stuff. Loved the change up from the expected back and forth. I love you AEW.
  7. I like the idea of Cody going to the NWA for a run against Cardona. Cardona is really good for the NWAs profile (as slim as it is). A Cody run as challenger for the belt would have plenty of spark to fire up a big show for the struggling promotion. Cody was good for the Indy scene before. He can be that again. WWE is so fucking lame these days. I just don’t see the upside (beyond the paycheck, I guess).
  8. Well… if I ever tried that. At least I now know what it would look like.
  9. Just saw the Cardona promo where he said he’d make Murdoch quit… again. Excellent promo.
  10. Fun fact: After seeing Keith Lee for the first time this week. Some of my wrestling fan friends have discovered the word “yeet”. You would have though they had just learned about swear words.
  11. The Mia/SheltyB brother/sister feud will never end. Anyone who listened to MVPs old podcast know all about it.
  12. Oh no! I’m not falling for that one again. (I’m totally falling for that one again)
  13. I was referencing that for a larger than the rest of the roster character that Jade is. She doesn’t seem to have her feet beneath her enough in ring to really pull off the matches. Warlord couldn’t do a nip up? Who am I to doubt the Warlord?
  14. Good on AEW for turning me around on what I felt was a cold program for Hangman/Archer. That was great. AQA seems like she has something. Sign her. Still on the fence with Jade. For all her great presentation. She still comes across like an immobile Warlord hoss in ring. I’m not saying this won’t improve. But I wouldn’t have put a belt on her until she did. I can see this Deeb geek challenge going somewhere. I agree with the previous poster that said this will take a few weeks to get it over. As a huge Tully mark. It thrills me every time I see him on tv being a prick. He is apparently a lot heavier than he looks. Lol. But yeah. Good match. Mox as the reveal was great. Watching Keith Lee go full Rancor monster with him just yeeting Cassidy across town. Chefs kiss. Then catching Quen like a toddler was greatness. Good crowd too. I love you AEW. AEW loves me too.
  15. Rancor SMASH! I went from having fun watching a near episode long shoot out to full on Claire Danes cryface when Grogu jumped into Mandos arms. Never. Be. Apart. It was kind of a messy episode editorially. But largely enjoyable. Cad Bane has been awesome throughout and I really liked him being taken out. Dickhead. The only thing I really didn’t care for was how abrupt the ending was. I also missed the significance of the mid credits scene. But I’m sure it’ll come to light eventually.
  16. I’m still carrying a grudge about that edit all these years later.
  17. I took it as an incident that motivated Mando to get a new spaceship.
  18. Don’t worry. I’m taking the hit for all of us. But my take on the game will be complete malarkey since I don’t actually PLAY the game. I just use it for my sim league. But I can at least tell you not to buy it if Becky Lynch’s skull leaves her head skin again.
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