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  1. Enjoyed the shit out of this show. The FTR/Briscoes is worth it. MOTYC without question. Anywhere Joe goes. I am pleased. Edit: Yes. The Lowell Memorial Auditorium is a great venue. ROH and TNA have also run there IIRC. But I really know it from all the NXT house shows I went to there. I went to all except the one where Joe won the NXT title goddamnit (and the 205 Live house show they held there that had Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt on it for some reason).
  2. Is somebody mad at Rhett Titus for some reason? Cuz Suzuki is gonna be mad at him for no reason.
  3. Weeeeeeeee! I fucking LOVE AEW. (duh) Welcome to manhood Wheeler Yuta. Mox helped turn me around on Lethal quite a bit. Even though I knew Mox was winning. That sell of the leg by Mox gave Jay miles of cred in the match that he wouldn’t otherwise have. The Lethal Injection has a massive blind spot in execution that have been exploited a couple of weeks in a row now. However, this week, he was ready for it and did the Bret Hart counter to the Bulldog Choke. Slick. Killer diss track from Max Caster. More please. The Bunny sure seems a lot more than she used to be. Getting onboard with this much improved performer. Toni Storm is ok. We’ll see. Andrade and Darby was a quality Main Event. I find myself reading everybody’s responses to AEW closely. I’m really curious as to how differently people seem to perceive the product. In contrast to years or reading posts of frustrated fans baffled by the odd and often nonsensical choices made by WWE. It’s still refreshing a couple of years in to see wrestling fans ENJOYING wrestling again. I know I am. I’m even thinking of buying the ROH show on Friday. This is awesome.
  4. I enjoyed Moon Knight episode 1. The episode itself wasn’t nearly as violent as I’d heard suggested in media. Of course they held back a bit in part to sell how mind fucked Steven is. But it was certainly more violent than the run of shows D+ has released thus far. Anybody have a clue how or if it’ll be woven into the MCU at large?
  5. I accept his apology. I’m over it. Thank you all for your concern.
  6. I’m down for whatever Sammy’s doing these days. His second reign with the TNT Title blew the first one out the water. The ladder could be argued as one of the best ever. It’s certainly been a bumpy ride for the guy. But he continues to level up at just the right pace to put him into an eventual concrete main event position. Tay IS pretty hot. ?
  7. Another largely enjoyable episode of Dynamite. Though I doubt it’ll be remembered as an all time classic. Weird that Ex called Punks miming a call out to Hangman as a reference to the Dog Collar Match. Especially after doing the familiar belt gesture. Good match from Punk and Dax. MJF continues to impress me with how little he gives a shit about any negative responses to his promos. The Jesus one liner or suggesting the crowd to hop the rail AGAIN. Somebody give him the Jerry Lawlor in 93 version of the Sharpshooter and the crowd will go banana. Sorry kids. Best heel in the business getting heat by playing with fire. That being said. MJF ain’t got shit on me. It'll be nice to see Bret again
  8. 1 million stars! This seriously made my day. Thanks. ?
  9. I’ve mentioned before my primary interest in these games is to support my simfed. I largely believe I’ll be able to use 2k22 for that purpose. BUT… The fucking game crashed during the first live stream. Ugh! It killed an otherwise decent show. More patches please.
  10. I’m still waffling between “Brandon Burns” or “Brandon Bourne”.
  11. Super fun show that continues to make me not miss watching WWE anymore. I have been antidoted. Great Trios match. Great crowd. Great big milestone moment that potentially could be a big deal further down the road for young Yuta. Loved it. Hardys got a great reaction and a very good match from PP. “No more kids for you.” Lawls. I really liked the Jericho segment. I’m not as enthusiastic about the name “Jericho Appreciation Society” when he keeps saying “That’s Entertainment”. That should be the crowd name. License Face to Faces cover of the song to take “Judas” away from the crowd sing-a-long. It’s practically an anti-entrance theme. Booooo! Another brutal Britt Baker/Thunder Bae match to cap off their feud for awhile. You don’t practice getting powerbombed in the fucking thumbtacks. Congratulations TB! Edit: Bring on Regals Wrestling Revival vs. Jericho’s Entertainment Weenies! I love you AEW.
  12. Perhaps the match Janela had early on with Omega put the cap on him? It seemed to get some hype prior to the match as the first Main Event of Dark (iirc). For what should have been a milestone match for Janela ended up pretty much forgotten. Plus, I’m sure, it didn’t help to be in a locker room full of gods. Spitballin’.
  13. I really just need to stop worrying about what people think and start talking in the 3rd person.
  14. For me, the thing that stands out most about Hall is his transformation. At one point a Magnum TA clone that was completely unrecognizable when he changed into the Diamond Studd. Me: “That’s Big Scott Hall from the AWA?” The Studd was definitely more image than character. Plus it was one of those occasions where WCW would annoyingly attempt to do what Vince and co. would do with so much of their brainless/overthought repackaging. But there was potential there and Razor coming along seemed to complete the work. Adios Chico.
  15. Well this has been a clusterfuck. Or at least since I got the first patch update. I got the early release. So I’ve been hammering away at building the roster for my sim league. I’m downloading community creations stuff and that works off and on. I simmed a couple of matches and they went pretty well. More camera cuts and the floating hard cam will make for a very different presentation to the show on my YouTube channel. No harm, no foul. But since the update I haven’t been able to sim any matches or to open universe mode. At all. Just a blue screen error message. A search on the internets has a lot of folks dealing with the same problem. The word is that once you get past a certain threshold with save data it crashes. I’m holding out hope for another update soon to fix it. This might actually have potential if one could actually get to the matches.
  16. I really liked the Hangman booking here. For once he was in the ring (as champion) with somebody he had more seniority than. Through this lens, Adam Page gets a win and levels up in a different way than any of his other recent victories provide. He looks bigger and stronger not just from the win. But in his cultural (for lack of a better word). positioning portrayed on screen. Hogan and Flair had this credibility in vast amounts. Plus it just plain good to get your champion on tv winning. I’m reminded of the Clash match Flair had with Bobby Eaton. Eaton had no business beating Flair for the belt. But Eaton was so good (as is Martin) there was no way you’d book the match without him being elevated even in a loss. It’s a good look for Hanger especially if they are planning on his title reign going long. Well Jericho proves the haters wrong again with another reinvention. Back in good shape for the first time in awhile. He seems primed for what will probably be his last big run. Count me in on being confused by music rights usage. How TNA overlooked using that Hardy’s music for years and multiple runs is mind boggling. Not that it would have ultimately produced a better result for them overall. Great pop for Jeff. Tully getting mad that someone in the faction prioritizing family over career? Was Ole watching? That’s some fucking continuity right there. I’m looking forward to being called a “dirty little toe rag” by Lord Regal. Great promo and promising future for this trip act with Bryan and Mox. Let’s squish some more noobs before they crush Jurassic Express. AEW is a great show. More.
  17. For a second I thought these were atttibute points totals for the new 2k game about to come out. I’d have ranked Killer quite a bit higher than that. I’ll see myself out.
  18. Didn’t get to see the whole show. But I got to squeeze the 3 Way match in before work this morning. Count me in on that being one of the better multi-man matches I’ve seen. Is it me or has there been a drastically reduced number of 3/4/6 way matches in recent years? Which is good if so. They’re gimmick matches. Save it for now and then.
  19. Saw this today. That Garfield fellow sure hit all the right notes. I didn’t even see either of his films and saving MJ as a make good for losing his Gwen still hit like a truck full of bricks. The blood feud between Spidey and Goblin. Very smooth transition from Tobey to Tom’s issue. What a lovely movie.
  20. That’s what one gets when you wears white after Labor Day, yo. MJF is gangsta. Ruthless. This is peak AEW.
  21. Indeed. Also… Why isn’t this thing available to order on PlayStation when PPVs have been available at least couple of times in the past? Same with the SLING app.
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