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  1. As a guy who spent 20 years on forklifts. There was so much wrong with how they worked their way into making that stunt happen. Like… the guy who was operating the lift prior to them coming around the corner probably has a meeting in the bosses office this morning. Ugh. I could smell the propane from the exhaust on the forklift through my tv.
  2. Another missed opportunity was I really wanted Britt to finish Monés shot she left on the table. Fuuuuuuck! This show ruled. I reeeeally wish Omega was in the mix right now. It was a good idea here in the moment of cultural high awareness of diss tracks for The Acclaimed to do another video for a song. Though I’ve liked others they’ve done more. It’s on brand, quick, and keeps it all on screen to develop further without having to give away a match. I recall some criticism over the Toni/Mina match at FD having a happy reconciliation as being anti-climactic. But it makes sense more now in retrospect why that choice was made when you’ve got the real heartbreaker for this show. What a classic angle. Excellent use of a blade job. And they really went for it to get it over. Applause.
  3. Without looking it up. I’m going with what podcast lore would refer to as a “Shoe Show”.
  4. Loved the show. A lot. JR had me howling when he called the Destino a “reverse backflip DDT thing”. He was lots of fun in his cameo. Mońe has pretty much answered my questions over whether she can thrive outside of the system that produced her. La Primera was chefs kiss. Osprey/Swerve was a classic. Will probably be even better on rewatch. It’s a bummer that Bryan’s injury selling rubs people the wrong way. I get it though. It gives me the ick too. But for me that’s part of the ride. Also I’m feeling like it’s part of a continual story thread. Good match but I vaguely recall the Dragon Gate USA match being an epic. Okada
  5. Agreed. But I feel the recent and frequent use of Lady Frost is a sign of her regard within the company. Considering others like Julia and Skye have played similar roles and found avenues to get elevated to more high profile matches. She should be feeling more confident in her position. She’s hot. I’m sold she has it. Bonus: Helping out Stephanie before Moné out star powers her at least sold me the match. That’s gotta score some points. We like points.
  6. I like those guys. But I tend to not watch their Star Wars stuff anymore. I kind of already know what they’ll do so I’ve heard it all at this point. Complain all they want. But they sure don’t miss a chance to make a Star Wars video for content. To be fair they’re mild compared to the rage farming dolts out there.
  7. Not that I even remotely know of what I speak. But the fact there’s no streaming service for AEWs archives is baffling 5years in. I suppose some of this could be hitched to the overall negotiations in making contracts. But it’s startling to have gone so long minus this revenue stream. I value it to the degree that it really fucks me off to hear the announcers go totally goofballs during commercial breaks. One of the bigger disappointments about The Network was we all know “tape machines will keep rolling” during a break and posting full versions of classic tv matches would be a cool new way to see them. So call the fucking matches! Say for instance the HBK/Angle 30 Minute Iron Man had viewers going to the website during breaks so you could more fully see (with commentary) what was on paper, a very promising match. So it’s not like I’m imagining the availability and there’s value for the paying fan.
  8. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. I hope they saved you the big piece of chicken.
  9. I heard that comparison and thought it a fairly daring move if they had. But that’s not how it works, I’m guessing. It’s like a double KO finish. You do it once a generation.
  10. Getting Ricochet is great news. But a lack of talent isn’t AEWs problem. But it could be Ricochets problem if and when he gets lost in the shuffle again. But I guess a chance to put him with Osprey on tv in North America is a kind of novelty draw.
  11. I’m certain we’ll see her again. Stunt casting does nothing for the show when it amounts to a cameo. Being that it’s a mystery show and the Jedi seen thus far are apparently responsible for doing something bad. I’m guessing (like a lot people) that there are flashbacks upcoming where she’ll have to appear.
  12. Half way through the show. But I’m over the moon because Edge used the live version of South of Heaven from Decade of Aggression which comes factory installed with a free crowd pop at the beginning. I’ve been using that trick for my simfed guy for years. I’m so over, bro.
  13. Mone having a Claire Danes level cry face emergency after being upset in her big comeback match. It certainly turns the old trope of big star jumping ship to somewhere else right on its head. We have seen a fair amount of splashy debuts over the years to know it’s a thing. OR is that sacrificing what Star power Sasha Banks has left?
  14. I quite liked how it turned out with young Dynamite Kid. I’m here for it if they keep it going.
  15. “You have a Porsche!?” That got a big howling laugh out of me.
  16. I don’t know what move it is. But it is called “The Moustache Ride”.
  17. Darby tops my list of guys I’m least surprised to hear getting hit by a bus. Of course he did. Even if he walked away without a scratch. He ain’t okay!
  18. Not much to share at the moment. Neither this Demayo guy nor Disney is saying much about his dismissal. I can say that I’ve read that Disney already has scripts he wrote for season 2. So that sounds kinda good for the show. The show runner guy has an OnlyFans is the supposition. Hopefully, this dude was just too hunky beefcake for the execs to handle and not a too handsy Spacey situation. Then maybe bring him back for season 3?
  19. I’m hearing the showrunner fellow that worked this season (the one that also got fired recently) posted something about future episodes. He said something akin to “Episode 8 hits even harder than Ep5”. I’m over here like… HOW??? I’ll brace myself nonetheless. This show rules the fucking world. I’d bring that dude back if the only reason was he had an OnlyFans site. He gets the characters. I even flinched at “that kiss” earlier in the episode.
  20. Eh. It’s not that bad and the Bucks/FTR match will probably be awesome. I’m good as far as this goes. But this weeks X-Men episode got me all fucked up.
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