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  1. It was... okay. Feeling cynical tonight. Allysin Kay needs a spot on the roster and more than a squash, didn't know she was a former Knockouts champ until AxB told me on the Discord, and I sure as hell had the feeling. Probably the best match was Andretti/Fletcher (who still has terrible hair! It just didn't look like it last time he was onscreen! YAYYYYYYYY!). Sunshine and Jimmy Garvin The Ass Boys are definitely gonna be down on the Von Erich Ranch Hardy Compound having Jeff ramp over them in a four-wheeler while digging a ditch and having to make a perfect omelet for Matt's wife and kid or else Vanguard-1 is gonna shoot bottle rockets at them.
  2. Mona Lisa Trailer 1986 - YouTube I mean, c'mon. It's even a British crime film too... with Michael Caine!
  3. Oh SHIT. If you did Good Friday and Mona Lisa you'd be cooking with gas.
  4. Definitely let Good Friday be one of them for sure. Anyway... NSFW Legend (2015) Tom Hardy The Krays The Richardsons Pub Fight Scene - YouTube
  5. So they were who were banned from ringside in the Elite/HOB match on Dynamite?
  6. Still strikes as funny that in a country LOADED with very, very literal gimmicks/interpretations of everything under the sun, the one guy with a Viking gimmick doesn't even have furry boots.
  7. Man, we always called that shit 'Bags' when I was a kid. People calling it something more oftenly affiliated with your anus is just bizarre to me. My neighbor also had soup cans dug into the ground and we threw washers into them... which of course, was just called Washers.
  8. I was gonna mewl about not having seen Impact all the way through or NXT or the NJ match etc. and then remembered the cage match and said "well, fuck it, of course". To paraphrase Slim Charles, "That was for DEAN." But really Orange/Garcia should win.
  9. Poor house shows can't even get a second ladies' match.
  10. Oooo, that would be cool. Gives you a chance to watch Get Carter and EDIT: you just watched The Long Good Friday I are dumbs haha
  11. It's also of note that I went to Wiki and the Krays apparently had sex with each other for years among other lurid things. Neither of these films even bother to mention that the twins were mini-stars of their time who were friends with people like Sinatra, Liza Minelli, etc. and had George Raft fronting for them at one point.
  12. From the TV thread: So, dug it up. It's a phenomenal picture that deserves the 4* that Ebert gave it (and he's got a good review/interview on his website). The two films, however, are apples and oranges. The Krays focuses on the power and influence the twins' mother had over them their entire lives and she is in many ways the lead character. Mom stokes their narcissism and encourages their behavior. She seems to know what they do and discreetly accepts and even encourages it with her lack of distain. Accordingly, they dote on her endlessly and even live upstairs at the family home. Reggie gets a surprisingly quiet, downplayed role while Ron gets the focus -- and man is he scary. These guys come at dudes with SWORDS. It all builds to a fittingly bloody climax. Extremely well-acted and beautifully set-dressed film. The place just looks like the claustrophobic East End, the clubs are gorgeous, the ladies are all dressed in prints like your grandmother's couch. Good, good stuff. Legend is totally different. Its focus is on Reg trying to keep Ron under control when it is clearly impossible. This allows Hardy to just let it all hang out. There's a brief confession he gives to Philly mob boss Angelo Bruno (infamously shotgun-assassinated in his car) where he admits to being a homosexual with all races and finishes with something to the extent of he had a foreign lover that he "twisted into a pretzel -- I hurt him good". Whereupon jaw-dropped Chazz Palmintieri just accepts it and tells him "you got some balls, kid". They really excel at shooting the two brothers including the fight scene mentioned above. Sadly, this one also focuses on Reggie's wife including an all-too typical voiceover from her. She's just not that interesting of a character and it turns soapy at points. The wife knocks around for about a half hour of The Krays before committing a very realistic suicide whereas this gal does so without a tear. Even though it is more involved with the business side and the twin vs. twin side, and the melodrama lends to Hardy going over the top, it reduces the mother's influence to but one scene and is frankly just too American of a movie. Funny, the review for the latter on rogerebert.com complains about the film having a Goodfellas bar scene ripoff but I swear to god The Krays has a "Karen at the girls' makeup party" scene down almost verbatim, only the film was a year earlier!
  13. It's been awhile since I saw it but The Krays smokes Legend. Legend still has a great performance by Hardy (there's a couple specific bits and a fight scene between the two brothers that is seamless) but it has its problems. The Krays, IIRC, was simply awesome. I'm gonna dig it up and watch it again tonight.
  14. Oz fans are gonna flip when they see the new Allstate commercial.
  15. Oh, all of them. But the rest are bureaucrats who were fine to do what they wanted as long as they had the shield of their positions. They're cowards. Then, you have Hunt and Liddy. Hunt's rant in the first episode just feels like venting because his home life is fucked up and he has a job he hates. If he had the ability to look at himself and change he wouldn't think this way, perhaps. He's an intelligent man. He's been around the world, done all kinds of shit. He's even seen a psychiatrist! Yet he's attached by the leash of this nonsensical patriotism and McCarthyism and hatred. Liddy, on the other hand... he's just psychotic. I watched the movie Legend again yesterday and it's really like Reggie and Ronnie Kray: Hunt is the sensible but still dangerous Reggie, Liddy is the verifiably schizophrenic and sadistic Ron.
  16. FX's Justified: City Primeval is airing in July Figured that seriously, seriously belongs to be noted here considering some of you haha
  17. I just kinda sorta watched but Smackdown seemed good enough. Fuck a three-way but they came up with some really cool spots towards the end, despite botching the finish. Women's tag looked alright. Bianca of course had her b-day ruined but at least they did it immediately. The Usos dressing down was good too, Jey (I think) just can't stop corpsing all the time and paid for it. And WE GOT BLOOUUUUD! And THEY SHOWED IIIIIIIT! Both guys played off the exhaustion well. There could be a way worse first (? I have no idea if they're doing anything connectively with this title) champ for the belt.
  18. Watched it again, and 1. that's some damn good makeup, 2. having watched Serial Mom 1000 times I should have known as soon as I heard that voice it was her. The first ep was on demand so I caught that too. Good setup for everything, underlining just how incompetent these jokers were, how frustrated Hunt was, how much of a nut Liddy was. He started playing Hitler speeches for his dinner guests FFS. EDIT: Also, Kim Coates is one of the five robbers and I couldn't recognize him. They're doing a good job I guess.
  19. Bringing Out the Dead: A Pandemic Dialogue | Features | Roger Ebert This is an excellent back-and-forth about the film and its relation to pandemic times and NYC. There's a paragraph from one of the writers in the middle that just decimated me.
  20. Those kids drove Donner through the roof. That was not just funny but also the cruelest joke they could have pulled on him, aside from announcing a sequel. Bringing Out the Dead was on last night and, as misery loves company (what's next? Am I gonna end up watching Banshees of Inishirin again?), I had to catch what was left of it. God what a movie. It might be seriously the best Nic Cage performance of all aside from Pig. TOM FUCKING SIZEMORE showed up (completely forgot he was in it) and man he had to be on the highest test coke he could find. At the end he is literally destroying an ambulance with a baseball bat while screaming "DIE! DIE! DIE!" over and over and it put a tear to my eye that he's gone.
  21. The White House Plumbers HBO show is bizarre and hilarious. Missed the first episode but it should be great. Liddy is played as an absolute nutter with absolutely no self-awareness of such and Hunt seems to be squirming constantly. I noticed in the credits that Kathleen Turner was in the show, just found out that she played Dita Beard and was absolutely unidentifiable. It may have been a bit of makeup, and I know she's old now, but her as fat and elderly was wild. And hey, Kim Coates got a role!
  22. Thank you so much. That took me down the Gunther/Sheamus hole on there and I watched their October Smackdown match and the Extreme Rules bar brawl too. Somehow I remember there being a very first match on Smackdown that was just jaw-dropping though, anyone remember the date on that?
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