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  1. I didn't forget I just got busy all of a sudden this week so here we are... latter day AWA, I'm most familiar with this time period in AWA as I would watch the ESPN Shows when they appeared on ESPN Classics back in 06. I'm a big fan of tag team wrestling and this was a really fun match. The crowd were so into The Rockers here and Orton and Adonis were the perfect foils for Shawn and Marty. Bob and Adrian were not afraid to sell and bump their asses off for the smaller Rockers but when it was time to get some heat they could do that two and still look imposing and credible. A testament to how secure the two were in their talents that they didn't mind letting the smaller Faces get some shine. Evidently they were not secure enough to let Shawn or Marty pin them but that could also have something to do with how disorganized and how day by day the AWA was at the time so a clean finish in a Tag Title match was overlooked. All in all i liked this match Shawn and Marty were good even as young and green as they still were here. The North Dakota crowd were hot for this and it brought the match to a whole other level.
  2. was it just too big of a building for the market? Is Horsemen Country still hard to draw in still? How’d of thought constantly undermining the areas top draw for close to a decade would have lasting effects.
  3. So AEW drew 5,100 to an arena that holds 21,00. I looked it up The Reynolds Coliseum also in Raleigh holds 5,600 for basketball. Maybe they should have ran the Reynolds. It would have looked better on TV.
  4. I wont spam this thread every week but I do a podcast and am returning after a four month absence with my annual year end award show. I'll post it here, have a listen or don't but here it is.
  5. I once heard WOR on Sirius. I was in a rental car that had it. This had to be idk four years ago now.
  6. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/ring-of-honor/roh-announces-supercard-of-honor-2022-for-april Looks like ROH is returning Wrestlemania Weekend
  7. Let’s not say things we can’t take back.
  8. Ok who locked the Battle of the Belts thread as I was posting my thoughts on it now I lost it and didn’t have time to copy and paste it here?
  9. Finally watched, I liked the show. Cole vs Atlas was really good, my first time seeing Jake Atlas wrestle. WWE let this guy go? Really good they covered up the injury nicely. And I do like the idea of an Cole-Cassidy match. Hooks whole presentation is money. They have something big on their hands if they play it right.
  10. im cool with anything. Not the biggest death match fan myself.
  11. You could have Roddy win it and have Hogan win it back at SupwrBrawl with a ton of nWo interference and still have Sting winning at Starrcade 97 but they would have had to have Sting win after destroying the nWo and then beating Hogan I’m a squash. And we know that wasn’t gonna work for him brother. I know they were older and it was more smoke and mirrors but the feud being juxtaposed a decade later with Rowdy as Face as Hogan as heel was a great dynamic and I feel like Rowdy beating Hulk for the belt could have worked as like a brief glimpse of hope for WCW only to be dimmed by the nWo further establishing Sting as the secret weapon. Plus they could have had Flair on the sidelines with the rotator cuff surgery showing a little jealously so their feud in the summer of 97 could have then made more sense.
  12. @Curt McGirt Do you think Piper should had won the World Title?
  13. Fenix’s injury looked nasty as hell. I dug the show over all. Page-Danielson was awesome. Did Jericho dye his hair right before he went out there. Holy shot that was bowling shoe ugly as JR would say.
  14. I'll wait until you watch the match to get really in the weeds about but you know how it ends, I almost think Piper should have won the World Title at Starrcade. Have him drop it back to Hogan at Superbrawl. Shit Giant joining the nWo winning World War 3 losing to Piper at Sould Out when it was up to him to bring the Championship back to the nWo then getting kicked out of the nWo for not beating Piper makes way more sense from booking stand point than joining the nWo winning World War 3 then getting kicke dout of the nWo two months after joining cuz he had the audacity to expect Hogan to defend the World Championship against him after he rightfully the title shot.
  15. @Curt McGirtif you want a match of better video quality
  16. So the last time Wrestling was on TBS it was March 21st, 2001 also a Wednesday the main event was Dustin Rhodes taking on Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match.
  17. Dylan played Alias James Corburn played Pat Garrett and Kris Kristofferson played Billy the Kid
  18. I'll watch 'em both, i'm hardcore ... Black Terry Vs Mr Condor I know nothing about these two guys are the promotion or anything. There's a bunch of Semi Tractors in the background it looks like this is taking place at a truck stop or a street fair or a street fair at a truck stop. I'm gathering this is in Mexico. Mr Condor comes out to "Back In Black" by AC/DC wearing a skeleton mask. Black Terry comes out to "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath and has a Flash T-Shirt he made into a muscle t. Immediately Condor ambushes Terry and they are swinging on each other in what looks like to be a Junkyard. As if these two had procrastinated on sending in their Junkyard Invitational audition tape in and realized 22 years had past. There is obviously a storied history between these two men they brutalize each other like the have disliked one another for longer than they ever liked each other. Condor stabs Terry in the head with a broken beer bottle. Terry bleeds all over the place. They brawl all over the ringside are with a crowd following them. They are on the outside for a good 5-6 minutes. They have a standoff with broken beer bottles, Condor is bleeding. They finally end up in the ring and it just gets even more bloody. Condor with Terry with a sheet of glass which gets an instant replay. They end up back on the outside beating the shit out of each other. I almost prefer the two on the outside. It's like the two toughest of the toughest old fucks who hang out at the bar got into it, it went past words and now they are in the parking lot fucking each other up to the amusement of the other patrons who have filed out of the bar to watch the spectacle. And a spectacle it is. It's like 10 minutes before any really wrestling moves other than chops and punches are done and by that point both men are so fatigued that i don't even know if i would call them moves other than one guy toppling over the other. But it works for this cuz it isn't as much a wrestling match as it is a fight for survival and wrestling moves shouldn't be applied or look polished and smooth when applied in a fight for survival. This was 1000 times better than the the Junkyard Invitational I'm glad they didn't get their tape in on time. Who doesn't two aging warriors of the rings who hate each other going to town and expressing their disdain for the other by recklessly teeing off on the others head with their fists? Black Terry wins with a sunset flip i think. The crowd is happy with the result. Condor grabs the mic I don't speak Spanish so i don't know what he was saying. It seems directed at Terry and I recognize a swear. Terry gets on the mic and he says some things and I don't think it's over between these two men. Rey Mysterio vs Jushin Liger Funnily enough I watched this match shit almost 4 years back when it was announced the rematch was gonna happen at that Strong Style Evolved show in March of 2018 which was headlined by The Golden Lovers vs The Young Bucks before Rey got hurt and the match never happened. I haven't watched this match in that time since I watched it last in February of 2018, but it does stand as the first match iIve watched before in this Secret Santo. There's two big takeaways from this match for me are 1. That this is early enough into the nWo angle that the commentators are actually calling the match and not going on and on about the nWo and what Hogan is up and 2. This match is a lot more chain wrestling and working over a body part then you would think there's a lot of down time between the big movez i'm not complaining it just took me by surprise I remember Rey from this era jumping all over the place. I can't get over over how big the crowd reacted to a teased dive to the outside. I don't think the moosault Rey does to Liger on the outside later on in the match got as big of a pop as the teased outside 619 with no guy on the rope did. Tenay calling the dragon screw leg wipe gets a pop out of Dusty. He dug the name. There's some sloppiness and botched spots and overall there's something missing from the match. it's not a bad match but not the best match these two could of had together. MAybe nashville wasn't the place for this match. Liger wins with a Liger Bomb.
  19. If ya’ll haven’t listened to Days of Thunder you should these two guys Dave and Lee review Thunder in all it’s wackiness. It’s one of my favorite podcasts https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/tmkUhRS5LuTbiHzK8
  20. @Curt McGirtI posted a question about Bam Bam Bigelow in the January thread so I thought i'd give you a Bam Bam match
  21. I’ve been thinking about it and I have a question for everybody. Why wasn’t Bam Bam Bigelow are bigger star? What I mean by that is why was he never a Top Guy for any period of time? Why was he never a World Champion? Why is his name never brought up when talking about the best to ever do it? ECW and New Japan seemed like the only places they understood that he worked best as an asskicking heel. The guy had a distinct look he could move like a man half his size, him and Lawerence Taylor main evented Wrestlemania, he had main stream appeal he was in Major Payne, the flash in the pan run with Goldberg was exciting shit it’s still exciting to watch his first month in WCW 23 years later. It’s a shame
  22. I remember watching it live. Umaga kicked the shot outta those guys. Steve O really pissed him off. Here’s the clip if no one’s ever seen And if found a video of Steve O and Pontius talking about the incident
  23. Here’s my Brock rant why does Brock always have to be booked as far superior to the rest of the roster? I understand the idea of booking someone super strange to have somebody their building up beat that super strongly booked person but when is that gonna happen? They could have booked this match 100 different ways plus it was only 8 minutes. I didn’t dislike this match it was fun until the ending. If they don’t book Lashley vs Brock after this match they are dumb the crowd was eating their interactions up. I don’t like that Big E took the jump they could’ve had Lashley spear Lesnar Big E runs in and hits a standing drop kick or something on Lashley then hit the Big Ending on Brock 1-2-3 and Big E is the Top Dog. That crowd would have lost it had Big E pinned Brock. It made everyone look weak and stupid when Brock unleashed at the end and won. It’s so predictable. Who wants to see Brock as Champ again?
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