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  1. We never got cool shit like this when I lived in the Brandon area in high school
  2. I am glad you are getting out now, knowing all of this. I don't talk about it often here, but before I became a commentator, I had a 10 year career in the ring. I've always dealt with anxiety and depression in some form or fashion, but around 2011 or so it started getting magnified. Not coincidentally, 2010/2011 were years where I took some pretty sharp blows to the head, both from bumping, and guys who work a fairly stiff style. I would have never connected the two until you posted this honestly, and has prompted me to want to get checked myself. I wish you all the best, Mike. You're a solid dude.
  3. I didn't think the decision was as egregiously bad as the first fight, but I still feel like Golovkin kinda got hosed. Some of those rounds really were close, but I do think the deciding factor was GGG not being able to get Canelo on the ropes even once in the fight. I'm fine with this being a two fight series, because GGG is going to be another year(at least) older, and I don't know if he has that Juan Manuel Marquez ability to go out there at an advanced age and be effective.
  4. I'm with Ryan. Dude served his time, and he was very pleasant to be around at SCI. I can't speak for his overall demeanor elsewhere, but my interactions with him were good.
  5. Marko is DEFINITELY a "live crowd attraction". He's a good worker that has good matches, but his appeal is in his absurd amount of charisma that you can really only appreciate in person. I didn't "get" it either until I saw him at SCI. Speaking of which, SCI is on Powerbomb.tv RIGHT NOW. I'm sure if you look around hard enough on Twitter, you'll find a promo code.
  6. We'll have him at CWF on September 8, just fyi.
  7. Nick Gage having a moment with a bunch of children post-show is one of my favorite memories ever. But even Nick Gage was shook up by the SCI Prom. I need to find the photo of poor Dylan Hales watching helplessly as Gage and Kerry Awful destroy this high school.
  8. Absolute highest recommendation for the SCI tournament. Everyone needs to watch this when it drops. PCO vs Joey Lynch might actually be my MOTY, and is among the best live matches I've ever seen. Curt Stallion vs Joey Lynch, Cain Justice vs Gary Jay, Jay vs Jake Parnell, and Darius Lockhart vs 2 Cold Scorpio were all standout matches, with everything else being damn solid.
  9. If I recall, they had last year's show up within days on Powerbomb.
  10. Man I am so hyped up for SCI this weekend. I'll be rolling into Chattanooga tomorrow night. Plan to make myself available for everyone over the weekend. Will be calling the tournament with Dan "The Dragon" Wilson again, and I'm hoping to be around for the Future Showcase tournament too, so I can take notes and hopefully bring some guys to NC.
  11. Here is a raw cut of a match I loved between Trevor Lee/Chet Sterling and The Carnies.
  12. Honestly, whenever I look back on this match, I'll always remember the crowd. It's rare for a Full Sail crowd(or any WWE crowd these days) to be so on the edge of their seat. It's like they knew the result that was coming, but were hoping like hell they could will it the other way. Some have suggested that Ciampa's "heat" is just the crowd playing along, but if they are, I'll still fucking take it.
  13. Outside of the bloated match in Chicago, Ciampa has been god tier this year. Outstanding match, and easily Black's best in NXT. Great fucking match.
  14. Did Riddle double book himself in Brooklyn AND PWG?
  15. So I've been VERY quite around here for the past 6 months. 99% of which was caused by me being legit homeless. Either way, just wanted to drop in to let everyone know what's going on with CWF(if anyone cares lol). We obviously went through a lot of changes and turmoil at the start of the year. The loss of Brad Stutts and Grant Sawyer, plus putting out a pretty badly produced string of shows after that, really nuked our momentum that we gained in 2017. I have taken on a bigger role in the company(beyond commentary) since then, and I'm hoping to really put out something that people are excited to see again. The biggest change, is that I have taken over as technical director/producer for the Worldwide show. I had to put out a couple of barebones episodes the last two weeks, due to having lost some footage, but going forward, I'd love to hear any feedback you may have, if any of you keep watching. I've never done any kind of major video editing,so I'm somewhat learning on the fly, and I'm clueless on After Effects lol. So any and all constructive feedback is welcomed and encouraged. On a sidenote, I hope to see some of you at SCI in a couple of weeks!
  16. Idk, on paper, this isn't a bad trade. The only thing is that the Spurs lost a ton of the defensive end of the court with this.
  17. Frankly, playing for Carlisle and with guys like Dirk/Wes will help him immensely. He's lucky to be going to a veteran, no bullshit team(outside of the front office).
  18. I'm happy to have Luka(and his alarmingly hot mom) on the Mavs. We didn't have to give up much to get him either.
  19. Most people don't know that he gets clowned by JJ BAREA at least twice a year too.
  20. I like the idea of Team Arrow: Wolfpack and Hollywood. Will be interesting to see which team is more effective before they inevitably just all end up doing whatever Oliver tells them to anyway. Flash and Arrow both having non-conventional villains this season is such a refreshing change of pace. Enemies that they can't just outfight or outrun. Tbh this is the best season of Arrow since S2.
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