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  1. Rocky's Reward is one of my favorite movie pieces ever. I actually prefer "Conquest" from Rocky II over Going the Distance by quite a bit.
  2. I've had this one in my head a lot lately. I've always loved this track because it has a hint of heroism to it, but sounds so sorrowful. It really conveys Peter's feelings on Spider-Man being both a blessing and a curse.
  3. Super bummed about Quack having to pull out, because I believe he was going to work on Night 2. and it has long been a goal of mine to call one of his matches. RE: Freight Train, I actually worked with him multiple times. Even did a few spots in the CWF Rumble with him one year. Yes, he is a sweetheart of a guy, and there was never a moment where I felt like he didn't know the score on how things were. He was just so over the moon to be there. Not for nothing, but he remembered his spots with me better than Amber O'Neal did
  4. Dylan never really calls SCI for more than a match or two, since he's so busy running the show. Last year was me and Dan, and the year before was me, Dan and Brad Stutts.
  5. To be fair, most of the first season of Arrow was pretty bad too, and they did ok. Stephen Amell, much like Ruby Rose, has never been a great actor, but he grew into the role and made it work. Hoping she does the same. I really want Batwoman to succeed, but I feel like it may take a season to hit it's groove.
  6. O'Shay actually relocated to Baltimore recently, and though I'm sad I don't get to work with him as much, I'm glad he took a chance to better his career. You are right in that he is way too talented to be working outlaw mudshows. One of my big regrets upon my exit from CWF is that I never got the footage of his match with Trevor Lee before I left.
  7. When they announced the Harley Quinn show, I cringed. Then I saw that trailer and I was ALL the way in.
  8. Ok, we are a little more than a week out, so who all is going to be at SCI this year? I'm excited to be the lead announcer this year since Dan "The Dragon" Wilson retired, and this is always the most fun wrestling weekend of the year for me.
  9. Was waiting for the rest of you lot to catch up lol
  10. Season 2 had that god awful episode where Eleven joined a gang. The best parts of S2 were Hopper's dance, and Murray with that amazing line of "how was the pull out?" Also the incredible chemistry of Steve and Dustin.
  11. Dustin has always kinda been the 5th wheel anyway, once Will was back into the fold. He's the definition of the elementary school friend that you just kinda outgrow, loveable though he may be. You're right about Jonathan and Nancy. They didn't really add much this season, after kinda being the anchors of season 2. There were a couple of nicer video stores in the 80s, pre-Blockbuster explosion. I remember there being a decent local store when I was growing up in Meridian, MS. Used to rent a green tape that had episodes of M.A.S.K.
  12. I agree with Jae in regards to Murray. He's a decent character in small doses, but they leaned a bit too heavily on him here. I did like his banter with Alexei(who was just adorable tbh) though. One thing I forgot to mention, is that it was cool that they didn't have Eleven to rely on to beat the monster this time. I was worried they'd go that route again, and it'll be cool to see how she copes without powers going forward. Jim's face here sums up everything about this scene....
  13. Mavs kinda had a downer of an offseason, but I think Delon will work well in Carlisle's system. I'm depressed that Seth, Boban and Delon Wright were the best we could do lol but there is alot of room for someone to move up in the West this season.
  14. Actual incredible season of television. Love all the love letters to Dawn of the Dead, Red Dawn and Terminator. The whole season was a fantastic allegory for that moment when we all had to grow up and leave part of us, no matter how much we love it, behind. I was a kid that moved a lot and had to say a ton of goodbyes, so the ending of this hit me REALLY hard. Steve going from repugnant douche to lovable dope is one of my favorite character transformations ever. The final episode is just a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed. I ugly cried. I was terrified. The "Neverending Story
  15. Maybe it's just me, but the Jazz are my sneaky favorites to win the West, as it stands right now. I feel like they had the best offseason in the league, as far as complimenting an already decent team with better additions. On an unrelated note, the last hope the Mavs have at a decent free agency is Danny Green and Marcus Morris. I say that knowing that Luka/KP(if healthy) is a deadly af combo. I also like that we kept most of our support guys from last year. Not used to Donnie and Cuban actually placing importance on continuity.
  16. Bobby Portis: Hey guys, I'd love to stay here but I want 16 mil--- Wizards GM:
  17. My face at all the people that thought Trae Young had a chance. Luka didn't fade nearly as much as people like to suggest. I can say this having watched literally every Mavs game this season. He did have some fatigue issues down the stretch after 4 of the 5 starters were all traded, and he was expected to carry the entire load, but he still maintained or improved all of his averages during that time. Trae was REALLY good in the back half of the season, but Luka was still really good during that time too, plus it wasn't even a contest before that.
  18. The smart thing wold be for the Lakers to take that remaining cap and get as many B-B+ players as possible. But, since it's the Lakers, they are going to do everything they can to blow it on one guy and have zero depth. That management, nor their fanbase give a shit about role players.
  19. People still post about wrestling here?
  20. Yeah, she wasn't erased from existence, her future just changed.
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