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  1. I thought they turned the corner pretty well with Manchester Black on Supergirl this week. Made him much closer to what he's really supposed to be. Top tier episode for the show this week. Lena went from a character I wouldn't care about if she wasn't played by Katie McGrath, to one of the better parts of this season.
  2. Does anyone know if they are replaying the Turkey Day marathon today? I don't have much interest in binging the new season today(I haven't even finished s1 tbh).
  3. Will offer one VERY used Wes Matthews for Bradley Beal. Who says no?
  4. What makes Luka more dangerous is the fact that his outside shot is alot better than any of us expected. That stepback 3 is something.
  5. Honestly, that was my thought until the mention of the other Felicity, but you are likely right. All it takes is one encounter with a speedster or the Legends and William goes back in time. We don't even have to see it happen tbh, but I'm with you in thinking that William is the fake Green Arrow. You think it's possible that the flash forwards could be in the same timeline where the Legends met Connor Hawke?
  6. Ok, since Black Siren briefly mentioned the Felicity from her Earth, am I to believe that the stuff we are seeing with William and Roy is from that Earth? That plotline has gotten very confusing.
  7. Launch Wes Matthews into the sun.
  8. I was loving all of the little callbacks to seasons 1-3 on Arrow this week, and the show as a whole is still delivering this season. The slower, more methodical approach is a breath of fresh air. Still feels weird not having Quintin around tho Legends was suitably nuts, again. The gd fairy godmother breaking out in song was an all-time moment on the show.
  9. They looked good against the Raps, the Jazz and the Spurs. Felt like two of those were winnable games, but until they get Wes Matthews the fuck out of town, or dial back his usage, as well as shore up things on defense, those winnable games will be losses.
  10. Oh, I'm very excited about the future, but in the back of my head, I felt like we had a playoff team this year. I'm over the moon happy with Luka's play, and DSJ has shown the proper growth. Even Deandre has shown great things, specifically his passing. I think my disappointment comes from the fact that we all pretty much known this is Dirk's last year, and I wanted him to go out with a better showing. All that said, having Barnes back will help once he has his legs back under him, because we'll have 3 scorers who can put up 20 every night.
  11. Watching the Mavs through the first 7 games.
  12. It's weird, but a huge chunk of my enjoyment of the crossovers, is getting to see all of the friends reconnect once per year. It doesn't feel the same if it's different versions of the same people to me. Maybe I'm just a sucker for friendship lol
  13. Everything I've read about Elseworlds gets more and more confusing, tbh. I'm not sure WHAT to expect there or how they handle it.
  14. I can't be the only one who is completely stunned that Oliver is still in jail 2 episodes in, and doesn't look like he is even close to getting out. Part of me is wondering if the flash forwards with his son is indicating that he's in there for a good long while? I know with the crossover coming up, that might be impossible. Everything about the first two episodes just feels like an entirely new, fresh show in it's structure.
  15. Of COURSE Nate and Ray are Bronies
  16. So Legends will be batshit insane this season.
  17. It just dawned on me that they have a new show runner, so yeah, I imagine the overall tone will feel different.
  18. Can't put my finger on it, but something feels different about Arrow. Could be the effort to cycle out old characters, or the fact that they brought back the previous season's villain. Not sure, but it feels different. Are they doing time travel???
  19. Using my shoot name, I see. It's good, just lmk. If the spot is open, I can def have it filled.
  20. I'm in, and a couple of my mates from work are interested in joining. I can draft pretty much any date after 7pm EST.
  21. In one half of preseason play, I am ALL IN on the Luka Doncic hype. Also, turns out that Deandre Jordan is actually a pretty damn good passer.
  22. Of any kind Seriously though, the only wrestling we got in the mid-late 90's in the greater Jackson area was Deep South(which I can't find ANY footage of), and an occasional WCW house show. I know WWE started running more than in the 2000's. The population boom of Pearl and Brandon since I moved has probably made it easier to run events like this.
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