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  1. If anything, they were using Shamrock to help elevate Rocky in that feud, not the other way around.
  2. What I meant by my comment is that everyone on tv acts like an asshole, even when they are the "good guys". Except maybe Phil Dunphy.
  3. The people behind Twilight mostly likely believe they are above being made fun of.
  4. You know, talking about Repo men being heels or babyfaces or whatever. In all fairness, there are no true babyfaces on television anymore, wrestling or otherwise.
  5. I'm shocked Virgil still had it. I fully expected him to pawn it off the day after Summerslam.
  6. All I know is that blue mask seems pretty lousy.
  7. I don't know about the pec implants, but he absolutely had calf implants. I was mostly just trying to turn a joke earlier.
  8. The Bossman's history of prisoner abuse?!?!?! How about the Mountie's? That's some Abu Ghraib Zero Dark Thirty shit right there, man. Bossman wasn't a defenseless inmate like Nailz though. Heenan was right, Bossman would have kicked the shit out of Mountie with that nightstick, if given the chance. The Rock had all 3 done and still works out. What a maroon.
  9. Oh, I gave up a long time ago, it's not my problem anymore. I just like to see what others are saying sometimes. My point stands though.
  10. I just wanted to give my two cents. I didn't watch the show, full disclosure. But I read a few comments, and some were confused about where all the negativity for the angle is coming from. It's coming from the total lack of trust many of us have in WWE to book a storyline with a satisfactory payoff. They've given us no reason to in years.
  11. I think the Mountie would have had more jurisdiction than Bossman, for sure. I think had Bossman's history of prisoner abuse had come out in time for that match, he would have been taken directly TO jail.
  12. The NYPD arrested him. for what it's worth. Under who's authority though, I have no idea.
  13. Not for nothing, but those KTMA episodes are pretty bad. The show became so much better when they started scripting it. Either season 1 or 2(proper) had one of my all time favorite jokes, but I can't remember the film. Guy in the movie: "Hey, I don't want any trouble" *picks up pipe wrench* Crow: "So I'm gonna come at you with this pipe wrench"! Also.... "What do you know, Trumpy"? "Food. Eating. Theatre".
  14. Just heard, myself. I always wonder where he would've ended up if not for his illness. I thought he showed flashes of being really good.
  15. I think it was on a commentary for the 20th anniversary DVD, but someone said that when Welles came in, he said "I understand I'm playing a planet". For some reason I love that. It's a good thing that Tom Selleck ended up on a pretty decent TV show, because I'd hate for his last memories to be in those Jesse Stone films.
  16. Maybe I need to tell you about the joys of beating the Heat in the playoffs Because we both already know about the suffering that comes later :/
  17. That is simultaneously the most honest and dishonest ad I've ever seen.
  18. So apparently Bernard Hopkins wants Kovalev. This maybe the closest we ever get to Creed vs Drago in real life.
  19. How about the Hobo Army bring in a woman from outside the world of wrestling? Rebecca Hobo?
  20. Question I posed to Stuttsy earlier, but he wasn't sure. Was there ever an Eaton vs Gordy singles match?
  21. Didn't it supposedly come out that he got checked again and didn't really have HIV? I never heard a followup to that until just now.
  22. I guess I'm an asshole or something, because I REALLY can't stand watching ADR. I will admit that this possibly comes from my throbbing indifference to WWE programming.
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