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  1. I mean, we had cartoons of WAY more kid unfriendly properties lol. Like, yes, we all watched the Police Academy, Rambo and Robocop films as kids, but how they got greenlit for Saturday mornings blows my mind.
  2. So at the end of Supergirl, J'onn puts up the emblem for Sentinal among what I assume are supposed to be the other Paragons from Crisis? Or is it just supposed to represent their makeshift Justice League? I didn't recognize a couple of the symols honestly. Like, I can't tell if Alex replaced Supergirl and the emblem on the left belongs to Superman, or what the deal is.
  3. I didn't even identify Piesse as Beru tbh
  4. Should I jump to conclusions about a blonde white woman being in the cast? That said, I feel like this is going to deal VERY heavily in flashbacks if she's playing who I think, and the inclusion of Hayden.
  5. I honestly kinda dug it. I like that Gordo still has a thing for single hockey moms. I can see this going the Ted Lasso route, where the team honestly just stinks the entire first season, and it's about them figuring things out. It didn't feel like a blatant nostalgia grab, which is good, and I'm looking forward to finding out what soured Bombay on everything post-D3.
  6. They haven't explicitly stated, but my theory is that Crisis may have altered something and aged them. Speaking of Crisis, I'm wondering if they are going to specifically say if this version of Lex is there because of it, or leave it opened ended. I'm sure this show has lots of viewers who don't follow the larger Arrowverse.Tbh with Supergirl ending, they may never need to address it. Flash already feels better having closed out the Mirror Master story.
  7. The Ray Leonard fight is more famous, but Hagler vs Mugabi, Duran, Antuofermo, or Minter are all great fights if you want to see what his skill level was.
  8. Marvelous Marvin Hagler has passed away. My favorite fighter ever, and probably my first sports hero as a kid. He meant as much to my fandom of boxing, as Hogan did for me with wrestling. RIP.
  9. As far as OG Wells is concerned, the car accident probably just happened 5 seconds ago. That is certainly a bold angle for them to take, but it seems to me that the show is just going all in on being really effing weird, so whatever. "Speed thinking" felt like a borderline jumping the shark moment tbh, so I'm glad it got paid off quickly. Superman, of course was great again,but they are doing too many "Jordan lashes out and tells his dad he hates him" moments. I feel like there are two in every episode. I'm glad they got the Stargirl special effects budget too. All of the fights and
  10. Not for nothin', but I still want Lance Reddick to play live action Thrawn.
  11. So Superman was great again, but man Flash just felt weird af. I think having Cisco and Kaitlyn missing gave it an empty feeling. Not having a Wells will be weird.
  12. I think you'll really like the Vader stuff they do. It really hit hard for me.
  13. Count me in on liking S&L. I was worried it would be too much like Man of Steel in the first 10 minutes, but this ended up having WAY more charm. Most of that has to do with Tyler Hoechlin being a pitch perfect Clark/Superman, but also because it felt really grounded in a good way. Seems like focus will be on the family side of things, with the superhero stuff being a nice compliment. Hope we see some of the Supergirl cast make an appearance, as I think Kara would be better at helping the kids understanding things than Clark would. Also I'm not ready to lose some of those characters.
  14. Kinda cheating since I was on commentary, but the Trevor Lee/Roy Wilkins 105 minute match. Discounting stuff I was on the call for, I'd go Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho - Fall Brawl 97 Also the El Generico- Kevin Steen street fight from Mania weekend in Miami was really fucking good.
  15. I don't know why, but I'm pleasantly surprised that the Superman pilot is getting a ton of praise so far. I'm actually excited to see it now.
  16. Actually really digging the tone of the Superman & Lois trailer. Looks like it will have a bit more weight to it than I expected.
  17. After last night's game, I will only discuss my second favorite team, the Hornets, since they aren't completely fucking miserable.
  18. Newest Batwoman was actually decent. I liked the portrayal of Victor Zsasz, but I still wish they'd stop talking about Kate every episode. Liked that they changed the suit to work more for Ryan.
  19. I'm going to give Batwoman at least until mid-season, but this show has gone off the rails. I'm hoping it improves once Ryan is fully Batwoman, and they stop mentioning Kate every 5 seconds. That is just a writing blunder. If you want viewers to think a character is gone, you don't mention them often, if at all.
  20. Batwoman was this past Sunday. Flash isn't back until 2/23 along with Superman. Supergirl and Legends are sometime around the late spring or summer.
  21. Batwoman felt....idk....weird. Like, any momentum the show had at the end of last season just feels stuck in the mud as they figure out what the hell they are doing. It feels like they don't know what they are doing with Ryan's character yet, or what they want her to be. If she's legit off her rocker because of all the trauma, then that would be a fun wrinkle, but otherwise it feels like the show is back to square one.
  22. So do they try to move Drummond or immediately flip Allen?
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