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  1. It probably ends in a schmozz, or just doesn't even happen.
  2. It's kind of a two part question. 1. What film would you consider the quintessential portrayal of your city or state? It doesn't have to be a perfect representation. For instance, a serial killer film may be set in your city. That's not to indicate that your city has plenty of serial killers but maybe there's great coverage of the downtown streets or local scenery. 2. Have any films actually been filmed in your neighbourhood and/or were set there too? DUBLIN I've always found moments in Roddy Doyle's books that perfectly captured moments in my childhood, so it's no surprise that the filmed versions of his Barrytown trilogy (The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van) are practically documentaries of northside Dublin in the late 80s, early 90s. He also wrote a TV mini series based on his books (The Family) which had scenes filmed in my school and used kids I knew as extras. Sadly, for an almost exact portrayal of my neighbourhood (it was filmed in the neighbourhood over), see Cardboard Gangsters, a local drug dealer crime drama. CALGARY Calgary is a different story. Lots of big productions are filmed here or in the region (Unforgiven, The Revenant, the Fargo TV show) but rarely is Calgary/Alberta ever the place being portrayed. They're always stand ins for somewhere else. The two most common set in Calgary films mentioned around here are Waydowntown, a group of office workers make a bet to spend a month in downtown office buildings without ever leaving (Most of the skyscrapers downtown have bridges connecting them so you theoretically could do this) and Fubar a comedy following the lives of two mullet haired headbanger stoner types. I've seen neither film so can't comment much. If I was being uncharitable, the film which best represents Calgary for me would be Radiant City, a mockumentary focusing on suburban sprawl and the sterile neighbourhoods that get built there.
  3. I watched the WCW untold show and they showed a newspaper article from 2001 detailing Bischoff's deal falling apart and it mentioned World Wrestling Entertainment a couple of times. It confused me for a few seconds until I realised they overlaid World Wrestling Entertainment on top of World Wrestling Federation but in a smaller font size so they could fit it in. That seemed like an unnecessary change.
  4. Swiftian

    Table for 3

    Have they been broken up or they're just not on TV much?
  5. Thank God! I was beginning to think I was the only one here with an average working life unsullied by junkies, sex offenders and ex cons.
  6. Swiftian


    Agreed with the other guys on the dialogue. It's been years since I watched the show but I instantly thought here that it felt overdone in an artificial and showy way. That's not a complaint, just that I felt it drew attention to itself this time around. There was a strange feeling for me when Doc and Al first meet. It felt a little Westworld like in that I got the impression that these characters hadn't existed for the past 13 years, that they had just been rolled out of storage to interact with each other again. Apart from being greyer, wrinklier, Trixie being pregnant and Sophia grown up it didn't feel like their world moved on much in the intervening years. I didn't love the movie. I loved being back in that world, but it didn't feel like it resolved much. In fact, the ending just snuck up on me when I could've sworn there was probably half an hour left.
  7. And they can just hire Brian Lee for those shows.
  8. Nope, it was still a really cool moment. Don't put the actions of their government on the shoulders of the average joe. If we were doing that, Americans would have a lot to answer for. Doubly so because Americans get to choose their numbskulls.
  9. DVDVR was an influential site back in the day, though probably not as much anymore. I'm surprised there was never a DVDVR Hall of Fame. Who would make it in? El Dandy, Mark Henry, Bunkhouse Buck and Ken the Box would surely be immediate picks. Also that guy who was #1 and the best who's name is slipping my mind.
  10. All that drinking has ruined your memory. Red Bull was only created 32 years ago in Asia, slowly trickled through Europe and didn't enter the US until about 20 years ago. The internet suggests that Jager Bombs only became a thing about 15 years ago.
  11. Haha, yeah fucking nerds! On an unrelated note, anyone know what airport that was at?
  12. He looks like what Chris Jericho imagines he looks like.
  13. I was out of town for the weekend and just watched Raw after driving back this morning so maybe I'm just too tired but I'm surprised many of you liked this episode. I thought it was very dull. Almost every segment began with an in ring promo. Show opened with Reigns/Shane/McIntyre to lead into the tag match. Then Miz TV just to lead to Lesnar arriving. Then Becky/Charlotte/Lacey Evans into the women's match. Then Mysterio/Joe and an arm wrestling bit, and then finally a match (Cross/Royce) without a lead in. Of course then we get Rollins again, HHH/Orton and Undertaker. 7 promos. Huge overkill. Didn't need Rollins twice, didn't need the opening and probably didn't need the women's.
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