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  1. If you're making a Japanese wrestling video game.
  2. This thread is moving fast. Samoa Joe is absolutely a dumb name. Think of the equivalents - America Terry, or Canada Bret. If they had brought Cesaro in as Switzerland Claudio you'd all be laughing your asses off.
  3. On the subject of names, Dolph Ziggler is likely the best example of a successful career (whatever anyone here thinks) despite being saddled with a shitty WWE name. Is Samoa Joe the best example of a successful career despite saddling himself with a shitty name? (Dunno if he gave himself the name but he likely could've changed it at any point early on)
  4. One of the things I've been kinda enjoying about WWE in the past few years is them not being so strict in renaming guys who've made their name elsewhere (Ricochet, Walter, EC3 for instance) I like that acknowledgement of a wrestling world outside the company. I can see why they changed the War Machine name, but always thought War Raiders was shite. Of course, this new one is far worse. Who was the last main roster callup/signing to get a name change?
  5. If I was making up that Lesnar story, I would've had him leave the stadium in a jetpack. "I'm outta here bitches!"
  6. Holy shit, yes that's the one! Though I see they've improved the look of the site. Thanks
  7. Yes, very possible. This image in particular rings a bell I honestly don't think the blog exists anymore and am thinking it was run by Foywonder. I believe it was hosted on blogspot and can remember them doing a series of reviews on Nick Millard and Bud Spencer's Extralarge films. If I can't find that kind of stuff reviewed on a blog, then I assume the blog doesn't exist anymore.
  8. Oh it's not that important so don't go digging up old laptops! I just felt like browsing it again.
  9. Years ago, there was a guy who posted on here who also had a shitty B-movie VHS blog (the blog was good, the movies were shitty) he ran with another guy. I used to read it all the time, but can't find it now and can't remember who the poster was. Any ideas? I thought maybe it had been Scott Foy (Foywonder) but if it was him, he no longer appears to have the blog.
  10. Best line of the night from some guy in the crowd during the Miz/Shane brawl - "Where's your Mean Street Posse now?!"
  11. The women's 3-way needs to be a messy, potato throwing brawl at this stage. Doing just another WWE style wrestling match here would be a misstep I feel.
  12. Are people perhaps reading too much into the head movements of Xavier Woods? To me, he's just rolling his head around because his neck is stiff. I've done the same movement myself many times. If he had done the same movement during, say, Bret Hart's speech, would anybody even think it was suggesting disdain?
  13. I didn't see the original broadcast but it looks like they edited it out of the repeat I'm watching. The tone of the crowd suddenly changed and Bret's hair is all mussed up.
  14. Regarding the $600 TV appearance money... Is that for wrestling a match, or is it for appearing in any capacity? Is Lacey Evans getting $600 for walking around a bit? Does Mojo get that for talking to himself in a mirror? Does Tyler Breeze get that when he appears in a random backstage skit?
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