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  1. It's funny that McIntyre was brought up because I was just thinking about him during Raw. He really hasn't had any kind of push since he came back to the main roster. A couple of forgettable tag title runs and no singles title which makes him worse off than his original run in that regard. I should like him. I think he has a great body, his moves look very hurty and yet I zone out whenever his music hits.
  2. Kind of a bizarre atmosphere in the Merseyside derby. It's 4-2 at half time, but Everton's goals already feel like consolation goals even though they're obviously still in contention.
  3. I thought Tommy Dreamer might qualify but he doesn't appear to have had a WCW jobber match.
  4. Are there any wrestlers who have worked a match (rather than worked backstage) in all 5 of the recent big companies in the US (WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA/AEW) I would think the closest is Jericho but I'm pretty sure he never went near TNA. Did Billy Gunn ever work WCW and ECW (even the McMahon reboot)? Speaking of that reboot, did Dustin Rhodes work there? I think he might be the guy.
  5. "He's dragging him to the depths of hell!" doesn't really work when we've seen a billion times that it's just where they keep tables, chairs and bottles of Gatorade. The coming up through the ring spot is so overplayed too. Second time this week at least. Though I am curious as to why it's that particular part of the ring.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/nov/29/run-for-the-balls-west-ham-team-up-with-iron-maiden-for-new-kit
  7. I haven't complained about the sound issues before because mostly it's been limited to not hearing the commentators when someone's music is playing. Not a big deal as I tend to tune the commentators out anyway. Last night I could barely make out the Jericho segment and missed some good lines based on the audience reaction. Too much echoing and that needs to be fixed. Overall not a bad show, but it did feel dull and skippable.
  8. How many films were previously required in submissions? 100? 50? For me personally, in either case I think my lists would be composed of a lot of filler. I just looked through my Letterboxd and have a definite top 5 films I loved (though not sure of order) a handful of others that I wouldn't have a problem being in my top 10, but then everything after that is up in the air. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like fewer and fewer films resonate with me. Don't know if that's to do with growing older, seeing more and more films and TV, or being bombarded with media and attention is thus divided more. Sure, there are quite a few films I enjoyed at the time and rated accordingly on Letterboxd, but looking at them now they haven't stayed with me in the way films from previous decades have. It must be a memory imprint thing because I find the same issue with say, wrestling for example. I could name you matches from the Wrestlemanias of my childhood, but couldn't name more than a match or two from this year's edition. So, in short, I could get to 50 with a bit of effort, but 100 is a bit of a stretch. Plus, does anyone care what someone's 78th favourite film of the decade was?
  9. Very good show overall. It's smart of them to turn Rollins quickly when the fans are booing him instead of trying to swim against the tide, and also smart to use his perceived whiny internet stuff in there too. Everyone just walking away was kind of dumb though. I enjoyed the focus on lesser used talent throughout the show too even if some of them were just job fodder.
  10. Is there not going to be a takeover in conjunction with the rumble next year? Or are they increasing the frequency of them?
  11. I doubt it's that simple. I imagine the contracts are pretty airtight and say something along the lines of "I understand that I am an independent contractor and not an employee, however I agree to enter an exclusive contract with WWE and agree not to work for any other company within the period of the contract unless authorized by WWE" Genuine question because I don't know... how do other companies like AEW and TNA do it? Are the wrestlers employees or contractors? And how did it work historically in the territories? Did the Mcmahons come up with this? Are there equivalents outside of wrestling?
  12. Is it safe to say that he probably did sign off on that crappy t-shirt as WWE said, and then he changed his mind once he decided he wanted to get out of his contract? Haven't been following it that closely.
  13. I haven't been paying as much attention to the ranking stuff as others here, so this may have been explained already, but... how does it work? So, Jericho has a singles record of 5-0 or 6-0 or something like that. I assume that's the best record in the company. If he loses the title, he goes to 6-1 let's say, so a record of +5. Let's say, the next guy is at +2. Is Jericho then automatically the next contender for the next few times until someone catches up to him? So Jericho could eat a couple of losses and still be the #1 contender? It looks like Scorpio Sky may challenge next, but I don't think his singles record would put him in that spot. Are they doing a thing where pinning the champion gives extra points?
  14. I believe they're counting the Nottingham match (at least in commentary) so that would make last night's match the 4th match.
  15. Punk stepping into the shadows to deliver his line to camera was a subtle nod to his DVDVR spokesman.
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