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  1. Oh, so instead of discussing in good faith, you were just looking to be rude to liven up your day? That's fairly poor behaviour when everyone else was engaging in a reasonable discussion. I made a decision a few years ago to only ever be polite in online discussions. There's too much argumentative behaviour online and I didn't want to add to it. You can continue to goad if you wish but note that it'll be a one sided affair. Enjoy the new year.
  2. Are you incapable of engaging in civil discussion?
  3. You failed at not coming across as a jerk, OSJ. I still don't understand why the tip is based on the price of the food and there wasn't a satisfactory explanation in there. Why does someone get paid more depending on what I decide to fill my belly with? If I eat just a $20 salad, then a 20% tip would be $4. However, at the same restaurant, if I eat just the $80 lobster, then the waitress should expect, at minimum, according to you guys, a $16 tip. Literally the same actions... taking my order, relaying it to the back, bringing my one plate of food to the table and then bringing me the bill at the end, checking in on me in the middle. One waitress should get 4 times more money from me depending on how hungry I was? That's ridiculous, and some of you guys in this thread have just bought into it without giving it much thought. (I was incorrect in describing the restaurant as upscale in my earlier post. We only eat out a handful of times a year, so not totally familiar with descriptors. Their website says it's a "refined, traditional steakhouse experience")
  4. It benefits my team this time, but holy shit I really dislike the offside by millimetres VAR decisions. Yes, technically if we're dealing in absolutes then yes, the Wolves player was offside, but it just feels like a really cheap decision. The precise nitpickiness of it all has taken some of the fun out of the game. I look at the Wolves goal and think "fair enough, that's a goal"
  5. I was going to create a thread on tipping but there's already one so might as well just bump. I'm surprised to see so many people say their standard restaurant tip is 20%. Mine is 15% and I consider that to be close to my top end. Probably 18% would be the highest I would ever go. Am I cheap? Of course, I'm not from NA so have had to get used to this silly system over the years. I don't agree with it but I do always tip regardless (I don't think I've ever had a terrible enough experience to warrant giving nothing) The reason I've brought this back up is because I'm a little sore over the tip I left last night. It was a special occasion so we went out for a family dinner at an upscale restaurant. There was 5 of us and the total came to $275. Without thinking about it I plugged 15% into the machine to give a $40 tip. The waitress could've been a bit friendlier but otherwise no complaints about the service. However, the $40 was more than any of our individual meals cost (excluding appetizers, drinks, desserts) so I essentially paid for six mains for five people. My question is why is the tip commensurate with the price of the food? The waitress didn't work any harder than a waitress at, say, a Denny's. In fact, the latter probably works harder given how busy breakfast places can be. Yet one gets a $40 tip and one gets a $15 tip. Do high end restaurants pay their staff less on the understanding that they'll get higher tips?
  6. As a Liverpool fan, I'm still too scared to get truly excited even though if any other team was 13 points clear with a game in hand, I'd consider it done and dusted.
  7. It does seem like everyone is falling all over themselves in trying to outdo each other with extreme bad reviews. "It made me vomit uncontrollably and then my head fell off. AARGHH!"
  8. Wasn't Bray Wyatt technically homeless for a while?
  9. I just did a quick search. Why the fuck aren't The Rougeaus in this thing yet?
  10. Or TIL I guess. Did you know that 10th President of the United States John Tyler (born 1790) has two grandsons still living? Those three generations have spanned almost the entire history of the country.
  11. It's funny that McIntyre was brought up because I was just thinking about him during Raw. He really hasn't had any kind of push since he came back to the main roster. A couple of forgettable tag title runs and no singles title which makes him worse off than his original run in that regard. I should like him. I think he has a great body, his moves look very hurty and yet I zone out whenever his music hits.
  12. Kind of a bizarre atmosphere in the Merseyside derby. It's 4-2 at half time, but Everton's goals already feel like consolation goals even though they're obviously still in contention.
  13. I thought Tommy Dreamer might qualify but he doesn't appear to have had a WCW jobber match.
  14. Are there any wrestlers who have worked a match (rather than worked backstage) in all 5 of the recent big companies in the US (WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA/AEW) I would think the closest is Jericho but I'm pretty sure he never went near TNA. Did Billy Gunn ever work WCW and ECW (even the McMahon reboot)? Speaking of that reboot, did Dustin Rhodes work there? I think he might be the guy.
  15. "He's dragging him to the depths of hell!" doesn't really work when we've seen a billion times that it's just where they keep tables, chairs and bottles of Gatorade. The coming up through the ring spot is so overplayed too. Second time this week at least. Though I am curious as to why it's that particular part of the ring.
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