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    Not at all. Jane Austen's Emma, the novel the film is loosely based on, isn't a satire of those things in the slightest (and was written before any Bronte sister was born). Emma is a matchmaker going about setting up relationships between people until she realises that she actually loves one of the men she is setting up, her sister's brother-in-law. The film came up with the weird step-sibling angle all on its own.
  2. Swiftian

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I was against the idea of Kofi Kingston getting a lifetime achievement run with the belt this morning, but goddamn did I want him to win tonight. It was setup perfectly, even if it was just a 3 week reign. They actually had my heart racing because I thought we were going to see something special there. My 9 year old son isn't a huge New Day fan (he likes them but they wouldn't be among his favourites) but he was bouncing around the couch at all the near falls. This is the only time in the three years he's been watching that I can recall him actually being upset over the result of a match - "I know he loves animals, but we needed a new champion!"
  3. Swiftian

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    GelatinousPower VirgilaNTe181 points · 3 years ago If Olive Garden closes down, then what other restaurant would you eat at? virgilAMA 585 points · 3 years ago I be hungry and starve my ass to death
  4. Swiftian

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    Guatemala City, Guatemala Wrestlers and relatives carry the coffin of the 18-year-old wrestler Laisha Cameros, known as La Hija del Zorro (the daughter of Zorro), who was shot dead two days ago. Cameros was a victim of an armed attack in the Limón neighbourhood, where gangs operate. Photograph: Johan Ordóñez/AFP/Getty Images
  5. Sheamus is being discussed in the other thread. I'm fond of him because 1) he's from my hometown, and 2) I was one of 10 people watching him wrestle in a glorified storage locker back in 2005. It's fun to see a guy go from that to then main event the biggest shows in the world. He started out in IWW in Dublin. They toured the country doing community centre type shows with the occasional bigger show, but they also opened up their training gym to the public to put on shows every month called Gym Wars. My brother and I were at the first few. Attendance gradually grew at them, but the very first one was sparsely attended. That day, I counted the 10 of us standing around the ring backs leaning against the wall (there were no chairs) Here's a google image of it now - https://goo.gl/maps/Jg4WdkQbFe72 It was in an industrial estate (the building with the big blue door, the wrestlers' changing room was behind the smaller blue door) but the shows were on Sundays so always quiet. Greg Burridge (then Baxter Burridge) gave us an "alright lads!" as he passed us cycling to the show. Share images of some of the dives you've attended wrestling at. No stadiums or arenas, just the obscure stuff.
  6. Swiftian


    You'll likely get a better response to these posts in the "TV from outside the States" thread. The Detectorists was my favourite show in years. A really gentle, bucolic show but one that had me in stitches too. Mackenzie Crook is the creator of the show too btw (Toby Jones is the other co-star for those not familiar with the show) Beautiful little theme tune too. And I've just seen that it looks like someone has uploaded Season 3 to Youtube, so I know what I'm doing while I hibernate this weekend. EDIT: Except episode 1, goddamn it!
  7. Ha, don't really pay too much close attention to the belts but did they really just remove the colour from the F to make it an E on the skull belt?
  8. Graves and Renee are best buds behind the scenes anyway. It's kinda funny that a lot of people on this board want to see a shoot when it's a work (here) and a work when it's a shoot (Ambrose)
  9. Swiftian

    Daisy, We Hardly Knew Ye - SDL - 1/29/2019

    Kinda shitty that they couldn't find a spot for Asuka on the show.
  10. Swiftian


    Not that WWE ever plays by their own rules, but the precedent they've set here is that you can just beat the crap out of #30 and take their spot, so why don't guys just do that every year from now on?
  11. Swiftian


    The weird thing with Graves was that he mentioned at one point when someone entered the women's rumble [Catanzaro? Kairi Sane?] that his two girls were at home watching and cheering on. So he's doing his horny schtick at Mandy Rose with his daughters watching at home?
  12. I assume this will be taped somewhere this week in front of a live crowd and not be live from an empty Full Sail or Performance Centre? Also, I don't think I've ever watched an NFL match, but my understanding is that with time outs and all that, there's no actual set time for when half-time begins, so there's no way of knowing when this will be on (apart from actually watching the Superbowl?) So just record a 4 hour block of the Network and FF through it later is the best option?
  13. Swiftian


    It's probably a bit too much, but I guess I can see where that description would come from. He comes out with his super toned abs, constantly popping his collar and then flaunts his crotch to the crowd. The actions project a certain type of arrogance in a Rick Rude kind of way to a first time viewer. We know from continued watching that that's not actually his character or demeanour outside the ring (promos, backstage interviews) but I can see where that vibe comes from. Honestly though, "oily slimeball" could describe probably 90% of wrestlers ever.
  14. He was grounded by his mom but he snuck out anyway in a fake moustache and his dad's suit. His golf clap gave him away though and now "you're gonna be in big trouble mister!"
  15. You would likely be better off inquiring about this on the Wrestling Classics message board. They discuss the more historical side of wrestling, particularly on the Lou Thesz board - http://wrestlingclassics.com/cgi-bin/.ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi