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  1. Whoever came up with Hollywood Hogan was a genius. Marvel got no cut from all of the merch.
  2. That title is needed somewhere.
  3. I can go on runs of homebrewing or playing golf. Pulling out VHS from the boxes in my basement can get me back into wrestling. Something labeled as Mexico #87 or GAEA 2001 where I don't know what it is.
  4. Louie went to the hospital. His head looks horrible. Lots of stitches on top of a lump.
  5. She was good well before her adult work. Although its too bad she didn't get much bigger. She would be top if she could do power moves.
  6. He was also calling a rolling savate a rolling sole butt. I'm sure that you were trying to say that everyone but Riho is pretty good but Riho is great.
  7. Gene kayfabed being drunk. I somehow walked into Gene doing a WCW promo on the streets of Toronto. He ended the promo by saying that he needed some adult beverages and walked into a bar. I was so disillusioned when he walked back out right after the camera stopped.
  8. As seen in the magazine photo, Tenta was at a level where he was not yet allowed to to have sumo hair style. Besides that, I wish that there was an English language sumo magazine now.
  9. January 14 Ito vs. Masaya Takahashi had 344,440 thumbtacks. Kasai - Takeda at Korakuen Hall for Freedoms (Christmas show?). Sakuda is fun because he is not too beat up and beat down by the style yet.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZksZ1urrw0
  11. I want to say Killer Karl Kruup claw to the arm in Florida was one occasion, but my memory could be wrong from 45 years ago.
  12. The Congo was kayfabe on top of kayfabe x 10. Voodoo versus Jesus will kill the territory. What can possibly follow that feud? The exotico episode should have included a straight male exotico to fully explain (or confuse) the story of exoticos.
  13. I'm thinking long term about making me a fan and keeping me. I realized when I read his obituary, that I watched Lou Albano's entire run as a manager. The best part of TV back then was the 5 minutes of interviews in the middle of the show and Lou was hilarious. He would be the constant every week for years. His guys changed every few months. His stuff with the Valiants and Muraco was great. Also I realized that WWF has been ruined since Lou turned into a babyface manager for the most part. I will put two together because the timeline and stories are so similar. I found Japanese video rental stores in NJ around 1990. I saw Manami Toyota and Kenta Kobashi go from great youngsters to stars to retiring 20 + years later and was a huge fan of both all of the way. I've gone to Japan many times and seen hundreds of shows. I'll never forget being a ringside photographer when Toyota became 50th WWWA champion. I made a special trip to see Kobashi/Akiyama at Tokyo Dome. They are all gone now. Someone who might keep me watching it for a long time like that is Takumi Iroha. My historical 4 would be Frank Gotch, El Santo, Rikidozan, and Hogan.
  14. got suspended for palling around with the yakuza without giving Yoshimoto a cut of the payment. The Yoshimoto talent agency were the backers for jd' joshi puro promotion around 20 years ago.
  15. Seeing these two back to back to start this page made me think that the topic was 1990, and Casey meant Tom Brandi.
  16. Beer Girls! They carry a keg on their backs and sell beer. The Kirin girl walks across at 4:26. Japanese baseball is really fun.
  17. A different youtube link that worked came up when I Googled it an hour ago. Hell of a match.
  18. They paint over it every few years. So the W*ING graffiti is recent. W*ING fans are forever.
  19. What's bith-ness? I just know Bid-neth.
  20. Didn't Gorilla Monsoon say that he didn't know who Flair was and that he had a fake belt that Heenan gave him? Not quite the red carpet.
  21. First time Riho's last name has ever been given.
  22. Hideki Suzuki is now a chair swinging heel working for boss Abdullah Kobayashi, which I find hilarious. Black tights young boys Kato and Hyodo bring some fire and clubbering. Okabayashi has been on fire on his run to the title. The death side has been down. Takahashi's kind of boring, and Isami is too scrawny to be world champion. Nomura's cool.
  23. The egg was impregnated by Muta's mist, Kabuki was Muta's father, so Kabuki is Akebono's grandfather. I actually spoke about this with Kabuki and he started laughing.
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