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  1. The lines for the bathrooms behind home plate and down left field were so big that they met in the middle during this match.
  2. My access code stopped working, and now they are trying to trace the call.
  3. Fight Network is in US too. I have it. About the only difference between Canada and US is that the UFC programming is only shown in Canada, and usually is replaced in the US with some old TNA stuff. Since Anthem owns everything it does make sense to be on FN too.
  4. Raul Mata died. I wish that I could find video of him as the giant killer in LA against Ernie Ladd. He was big in EMLL, Olympic Auditorium. Then later was just a guy in Florida who would pop up on TV, and I would be confused. I really liked the Olympic shows on mi canal favorito (Canal 41) de Spanish International Network.
  5. I'll go with Riki Choshu and POLICE.
  6. My old man vision has me reading Gagne rather than Gage.
  7. His 5% improvement has been offset by being 25% more annoying.
  8. The sign says All Japan school student kickboxing event.
  9. Do north and south even have signs? If they do, they only get 1% of heads smashed into. Asbury Park Convention Hall was good for ECW PPV and WWWF and was even better as a concert venue.
  10. NY, Boston, and Toronto are all less epic today, unfortunately. The updated MSG lost that dark entrance that Bruno (and much more famously Willis Reed) came out of. I agree with the OP that new arenas don't have much of a feel. The lighting that has the seats and people all looking blue, green, red or whatever is really annoying. Where's the gondola and King Clancy in Toronto? Get off my lawn!
  11. KBS Hall in Kyoto is special. The old Olympic Auditorium, Budoukan, and Sumo Hall are square, therefore much better for a ring because they are not hockey shaped.
  12. AKA Tomas Marin, WWWF undercard guy. Somehow seeing him live 40+ years ago sticks in my mind.
  13. The Kohaku music show has half of the country watching. This is the competition trying to cut into that. Fighting has worked sometimes. Then it turned into 3 different fighting shows at the same time with Kohaku retaining the NYE championship. My friend had 2 TVs set up for the night most years. The only fighters that his wife and daughters would pay attention to were Akebono and Bobby.
  14. The invisible camera that can go anywhere and wrestlers that don't know things that were shown on TV last week just kill wrestling for me.
  15. Kawatosan showed up on Lucha Azteca TV for the first time this week. Looks like Kaho Kobayashi with that hair.
  16. 30 years of Double Inoue makes me feel old. Time goes by fast. I still think of Sato and Nozaki as young girls. The tournament matches are 10 minutes. In case of a draw, the younger team advances. That's how Kandori and Jaguar won't have to take a loss.
  17. Anniversario will also be shown on Samurai TV starting 9/30.
  18. Abdullah the Butcher got over as a face in Puerto Rico by dancing. That can work for any monster or crazy heel. Your unlikable asshole heels might not get the same results.
  19. Yes, it was just a slight grudge and they went to Shea. If there was a real Italy vs. Puerto Rico war it could have gone on for a year with big business. Perez, Rivera, Denucci, Parisi and keep going.
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