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  1. I was going to pass, but buckled and got Fantastic Mr. Fox, Throne of Blood, and Foreign Correspondent
  2. You serious, Clark? Bryan beating HHH at Wrestlemania >>>>> Bryan beating Orton for the championship at Wrestlemania. Surely you all understand that. Orton didn't "screw" Bryan 6 months ago, HHH did. In fact Orton hasn't "screwed" Bryan at any point I can recall, HHH and his cronies have. Why would he want to wrestle anyone else at Wrestlemania?
  3. Finally got it working well. Watching WCW Greed and so far, so good. Stream is solid and the video quality is A-OK. I've never watched this show, but it's amazing how much it seems like the biggest show TNA has ever run.
  4. Hey, Chad. I had sex with Katie too, man.
  5. Am I the only person who didn't FF through Big E's post-match promo? "I hope they have diapers your size because this Sunday your mouth won't be the only thing that's full of crap!"
  6. So, I thought the Carcosa spouting nutjub wasn't Reggie Ladoux, because he was supposed to have a spiral tattoo on his back, and that guy had a giant inverted pentagram. What am I missing?
  7. World building just kinda gets strung along for the ride like everything else with this show. It's simultaneously very methodical and balls-to-the-wall, unlike any other show I could point to. At 8 hours, is this more mini-series than series? How do you define that, and would subsequent seasons chance that opinion?
  8. King in Yellow is free on Kindle. I read the first short before tonight's episode. This show is so fucking awesome, and it's going in an entirely different direction than I expected at the start.
  9. The recreation of the paramilitary in the killing fields, with the children reacting in authentic terror, was almost too much. Such an amazing and horrible film.
  10. My understanding is that Taco Bell is one of the more stable and successful chains at the moment.
  11. Weight had slowly crept back up above 300 lbs. over the last few months, so my wife and I decided to try a juice fast. Today is day 3. I'd say smooth sailing so far, although I definitely feel a little hungry all the time. The worst part is how much time it takes to juice for the next day each night. About an hour right now, but I'm sure it will get easier as time passes. I think I'll try to ride this out for 10 days before I take my first break, but I'm excited about the possibilities for short term health and weight loss.
  12. That is my jam. I'm so out of the loop with Japan right now, I don't even know if the young guys are still at it, but this match made them seem like can't miss superstars. Also, CHOPS. http://youtu.be/F-7IGJ2G90A
  13. I haven't felt this stupid since I read through the entire Zimmerman trial thread. I got OTE in a tape trade 10 years ago. I appreciated experiencing the historical event. I don't give the first shit what anyone who isn't married to me, or who gave birth to me, thinks about me. I hope we all open a thread to watch it on the network ASAP.
  14. I really want to like Cristobal's post, but I don't want to get fucked with Burgandy's chainsaw.
  15. All the reminiscing in the banned thread made me feel like I've never contributed anything. At least I answered MADCAP's question
  16. I remember that vaguely, but not the detail. The old school ROH board was a ton of fun.
  17. The more I think about this, it's tremendously fortuitous that there have been so many rebirth/purge/revolutions with the board. I really don't need to read any opinion I had about anything when I was 20.
  18. Some of this HHH talk is silly. Insecure? He's going to own and operate the sole-survivor and winner of the United States Scorched Earth Wrestling Apocolypse. Do you really think he's got some kind of hang up on the Bionic Redneck? Don't get me wrong, they've really undercapitalized on the last 6 months, but that's not the same as complete failure. I just don't think it's because HHH has some kind of malicious vendetta or historical insecurity. He just makes bad decisions sometimes, like everybody else.
  19. Say what you will about Scott Keith, but one of his books is what pulled me through the looking glass back in 2000. Then a year of reading Lords of Pain (HAHAHAHA) before I stumbled over here. I bet I still have that Keith book somewhere. I should dig that out for a novelty read.
  20. DVDVR is the great beacon in the sky by which we navigate the darkness of life.
  21. The Median age of 112 responding members (and some of you are vague, obtuse fuckers who are very proud of how clever you're being) is 33. The average age is 33.545. I'm 31. And bored at work on a Friday.
  22. Liddy was so great. The avatar just tied it together so well. I've slowly grown to identify so many members by their avatars, but Liddy was over the top.
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