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  1. I only hope that Andre wore matching gear to Shawn & Marty like when Steen teamed with the Young Bucks.
  2. The first card I saw was WWF at the CYC in Scranton, PA with Volkoff facing Pedro Morales (subbing for Kirschner) I couldn't find the full card online, but here's (probably) the NEXT one I saw live: WWF @ Scranton, PA - CYC - July 27, 1986 Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Brickhouse Brown Lanny Poffo defeated Les Thornton Bob Orton Jr. defeated King Tonga George Steele defeated Adrian Adonis via disqualification WWF Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake Tito Santana fought Harley Race to a draw
  3. update on Piper's Podcast: He's no longer on Podcast One, now found here: http://www.soundcloud.com/piperspit. There is an episode there where Will Sasso impersonates Stone Cold which was pulled off the Podcast One feed. credit to the great Joe Gagne for this. Go check out his Voices of Wrestling Podmass column every Friday http://www.voicesofwrestling.com/author/joegagne/ and his most recent 'Joe vs. the World' covering Eddie Gilbert's 1990 run in USWA http://www.thecubsfan.com/2015/07/03/joe-vs-the-world-79-eddie-gilbert-uswa-1990/
  4. Bunn's indie stuff is good to great but his Marvel stuff has been good as well if not on short runs: - Fearless Defenders - a more extended run on Venom (surprised no return to the cliffhanger ending in that book) - Wolverine (following Aaron) - Magneto (dipping it's toe into great) - the glut of "Deadpool Kills" miniseries - caveat emptor
  5. Full list of things here: https://imagecomics.com/content/view/july-2015-image-expo-announcements-revealed Oh my poor pocket book
  6. Joe Gagne does one every week. Updated every Friday: http://www.voicesofwrestling.com/author/joegagne/
  7. I was just lamenting on Twitter yesterday that the trade collecting the 'second feature' of Manhunter in Streets of Gotham. Other recentish trades DC solicited but cancelled: - new printing of the first trade of Impulse - new printing of the second trade of Suicide Squad - Sparta USA (David Lapham Vertigo book) - the last trade of the most recent run on REBELS still hurts...
  8. He would on Halloween
  9. The toughest pick for me...it pains me...I have to go with Nakamura...DAMN....
  10. Dusty was always good about Eddie Guerrero as well. Multiple times saying he reminded him of a young Bruno Sammartino.
  11. Someone teach DB how to write comic books. For some reason, I'd be OK with this
  12. Which pales to his first-rate Dusty commentary as Rio Rodgers Less we forget his stint on the waning days of All American as the Wizard. Bad times
  13. Especially if rumors are to be believed, JBL was a locker room bully around and after that time.
  14. It's really worth it for the Sullivan solo show and the weekly Cornette bonus show. Not sold on the rest, though...
  15. Catching up on the Sullivan MLW podcast and there are some great tidbits that I never knew: - they had to change Beefcake from 'the Butcher' to 'the Zodiac' because they got sued by Abby! - Ron Reis got the 'high profile' gig of the Yeti since he had the trademark on the name 'Big Sexy' It's great!
  16. No matter how mishandled Sting may or may not end up in all this, one skit backstage where a heel asks him for help/advice/whatever and Sting just says "Not This Time, Pal" and walks away will make it all worth it.
  17. I hope Steve gives him a mini telling off like he did Daniel Bryan. Only means we're one step closer to Luke Harper being on
  18. I know who to give those click throughs to...
  19. Today is the last day to subscribe to Marvel's Unlimited digital deal for $30.00 off, usually $99.00 a year. It's (pretty much) their entire back catalog and about 6-8 months behind on new releases.
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