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  1. "No Remorse Corps" wasn't exactly a shining beacon of creativity. That entire period was the death knell for my love of ROH.
  2. I'd like to see Apollo try using that old Scott Steiner backflip fallaway slam dealie for a bit. He couldn't do it to everyone obviously but there are enough guys he could use it on.
  3. http://www.cagematch.net should have what you need.
  4. John Laurinaitis is engaged to the Bella Twins' mother. This is amazing and Christmas and Thanksgiving will be incredible.
  5. But Nancy can tell us about Snuka's days running as a member of the Horseman and his epic feud with The Grunge.
  6. God was Bryan an asshole this week. He comes off as one most weeks but fuck tonight was ridiculous.
  7. People acting like Vince was on his hands and knees scrubbing up blood from the carpeting is really amusing to me. "God dammit, pal, couldn't you have done this on tile?" I need sleep.
  8. Isn't the NOC gimmick that all the belts have to be defended or did I make that up?
  9. He also smeared shit and urine on the outside of the PC.
  10. Rosa got hammered on a flight because her boyfriend was abusing her, I think. Cameron did get a DUI and said she worked for Goldman Sachs or something.
  11. This is the one that caused his girlfriend to post Seth's penis on the internet.
  12. I'm dying to know if he ever noticed the giant fucking swastika on her bedroom wall. Did she cover it with a blanket or something? Did he decide to overlook it? These are things we need answers to.
  13. Kinda curious if WWE knows Kana cosplayed as an undead Nazi zombie clown off and on for a year or so. Totally different situation to Zahra's but I could see it costing her if they inexplicably have no idea about it.
  14. Of all the things they have vets teaching kids at NXT no one thought to teach them not to stick it in crazy?
  15. I'll go to my grave defending Cursed as a good werewolf movie.
  16. Except that wasn't the story they told with Taker/Brock. He wasn't pissed he lost he was pissed that a year and a half later Heyman and Brock still bring it up and continue to rub it in.
  17. I greatly enjoy that the same people who scream Vince is out of touch continuously prop up Cornette and JR as being brilliant minds who can "fix the biz".
  18. Seconded. They beat the shit out of the white hot, black tie, and Floridian uniforms. Those would be awesome, the black set is great.
  19. Track down Dawkins' biography "Chocolate Thunder". It's such a ridiculously fun read and loaded with so much bullshit you'll finish thinking he should've been a wrestler. It's awesome.
  20. His write off last night plus he changed his Twitter handle to his real name and said he was going home to England. People thought he was gone but he just has a WWE film booked apparently.
  21. Cena has so rarely even gone to bat for himself that I find it hard to believe he'd do it repeatedly for someone he barely seems to have any affection at all for.
  22. Sting/Seth is going to be far better than it has any right to be. The crowd tonight was very much different from Takeover. All 3 shows in Brooklyn had very very different crowds, it's really quite interesting.
  23. Alicia Fox is like the 3rd/4th best worker in the division.
  24. At some point we need to look at the possibility that it's the gimmick that causes the botches like some kind of curse.
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