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  1. This is a very very good pro wrestling match. Probably a contender for "Best Barbed Wire Match of All Time." - It's really well paced. There is a lot of struggle, teasing, stalling before we get to the barbed wire spots. Once the violence starts, though, it just keeps building and escalating without ever getting totally out of control. - They strike a really good balance between the barbed wire stuff and straight up pro wrestling. - To me, it feels like those two points combined lead to the barbed wire spots having a lot more meaning. Like, every time the barbed wire comes into
  2. Both sound good to me! Literally flipped a coin, it came up: Blood
  3. What I have seen little of and think I'd enjoy: Argentinian, French, and German wrestling, Mexican minis, SWS/WAR. FMW, Toryumon, DDT, pre-Starrcade territories stuff, anything 70s or earlier. Wrestlers I like a lot but haven't been watching recently: Bryan Danielson, Dick Togo, Kikutaro, Terry Funk, Bret Hart, El Felino, Johnny Saint, Kantaro Hoshino, Andre, Terry Gordy, Alexander Otsuka, Aja Kong, Jaguar Yokota... What I always enjoy: Comedy matches. Big Kaiju battles. Brawling. Matches that tell a story. What I would prefer you not give me: Self-conscious epic please give us
  4. I'm gonna go ahead and cross-post this here, in case any of y'all don't scroll down and catch it in the Clubbering thread. Thremedous match. Crazy stuff. Crazy stiff, too.
  5. I'm not saying that this is on the same level as WALTER vs Dragunov. I AM saying that, if you told me that Go and Nakajimmy watched WALTER vs Dargunov before this match and did their level best to try and top it, I would believe you.
  6. Hiromu vs Fenix Ishii (or MiSu) vs Kingston (or Dustin) Khan on the Cobb vs Butcher and Blade
  7. Wait. What? Are you insinuating that every character on Dark and Dynamite is a 'hole? If so, that truly makes your Scouting Report thread a fascinating thought experiment. Also, I'd argue that Aubrey Edwards, Excalibur, Riho, Shida, Best Friends, Scorpio Sky, Jurassic Express, Top Fight, and Sonny Kiss, at the very least, are all pretty much Lawful Good. Certainly I'd agree that you don't want every character to be a 'hole. Then you'd get, let's say, AEW = Westworld and I hope that we can all agree that would be terrible.
  8. I think that what is going on here is that @christopher.anninocombined IMHO (in my humble opinion) with the Cibernetico joke while commenting on a female wrestler's (Abadon's) appearance to make IMHneticoO... then @J.T.... I dunno, maybe he misunderstood christopher's joke and thought that IMHneticoO was the name of Abadon's attractive altar ego, or maybe he was continuing the joke? Also, I know I said that I wasn't gonna comment here and now I'm commenting, like, four posts later. I am Gordi's Shadow.
  9. I was thinking "ar some point" during the whole story, not necessarily "at some point" during or immediately after the actual match. Even I can see that that wouldn't work
  10. That is interesting! I'd imagine that part of the reason that this match in particular is held in such high regard is its importance in a kayfabe sense. Also that it was a climactic point in a long-term narrative that managed to live up to sky-high expectations. Very good analysis overall. I fell like I have a better sense of how this all fits into context after following along on this thread.
  11. Second time in 24 hours I've hit "quote" instead of "edit." Some day, I'll remember. Anyway, I don't wanna overstate my case. It's not like AEW has to be Breaking Bad or The Wire... nor do I want it to turn into a non-stop cavalcade of winking at the camera... but I personally am very happy with the level of kayfabe-blurring and shades of grey that they are at right now. Also, I strongly feel that, for the majority of modern fans, booing the bad guy and cheering the good guy is no longer the point. I think it's more, just, having a sense of community. I really got a sense of
  12. @Jiji And... we all knew that, the whole time, Bryan is an in-real-life terrific human being who was doing everything he could to get Kofi over as a true top guy in the company. To me, it would have been just fine if there had been a kayfabe-breaking moment at some point when Kofi had hugged Bryan and thanked him. People would have been up in arms about it, but why? We all knew the truth of it. None of us really thought that Bryan was evil, even though we all appreciated that he was working that way. If I see a pic of Pedro Pascal hugging Hafthor Bjorrnson it doesn't exac
  13. This is a pretty interesting thought experiment. @Goodear is a dude who: Doesn't really like AEW all that much (as evidenced by the weekly posts in the weekly/monthly AEW threads which tend to be, like, 8 or 9 negative things and 1 or 2 minor positive thoughts). "Only" watches Dynamite and Dark. (as evidenced by his not knowing about the Recruitment Specialist stuff playing out weekly on BTE). Would prefer clear and pure heel vs face storytelling and clear lines between the two, and dislikes the way the good guys sometimes do bad things and the bad guys are sometimes symp
  14. I dunno, man. 1) In real life, and in the "prestige TV" era of entertainment, people and characters are very rarely purely good or purely bad. Obviously: Good people and heroic characters sometimes do bad things or make bad decisions. Unlikable people and villainous characters sometimes behave in a merciful or helpful way. It's certainly more interesting, in my opinion. For example, I am way more entertained by Dark Order as a collection of sympathetic goofs who have joined an evil cult than as the mysterious force of darkness they were originally portrayed as. 2) In pro wrestling sp
  15. I'm sorry, gentlemen, but it is my understanding that... "Wrestling... has more than one... royal family"
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