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  1. They couldn't even manage to do a proper turkey suit match. TNA I'm disappointed in you. Just realized I got my holidays confused- I'm ready for this year to be over, just like Dixie's accountants.
  2. One name, Iceman King Parsons. I think he would have done better in mid to late-90's than he did in World Class. Always felt a lack of size held him back in the 80s.
  3. I think your forgetting the breakout hit that was The Hurricane. Helms was over huge in the late summer/fall of 2001. Now that was a lot of fun. WCW folding killed Helms momentum though, because he was massively over in WCW by the end... he was going to be a bust out star for WCW if they stayed open, and he had to start from scratch as Greg Helms in WWF. I really thought he was going to be world champ in a year or two in WCW if it had stayed open. He was that hot. I thought he was going to be bigger than he was- but you can only do so much with a comedy gimmick, even if it means easy money.
  4. If what Larry Zybsico said about TNA is true- you could have the Food Stamps on a pole battle royal with all the X-division types.
  5. Put John Cena in Sting's position and Sting in John Cena's position, and you'd have very similar careers/fan reactions. A 2009 Cena/1992 Vader strap match would be awesome. prime Sting vs Umaga would also have ruled things.
  6. Jack Swagger today. He feels like he belongs in early-90's WCW
  7. I'll go so far as to say they're the best 6-man unit in the US since the Freebirds.
  8. He's one of those guys I can mention to my old friends who used to watch wrestling, it takes a second but they always remember him as someone they found fun to watch.
  9. I'm ok with Crying show- he needs to look like a bitch to not overshadow Bryan. Last thing you need is the fans clamoring for Show. (no offense to show intended- I like him, but he shouldn't be in the title hunt at this point in his career- he should be basically Big Daddy without the suck)
  10. I like the general idea- my issue is really, Bryan is being booked as really stupid. The burn is slow, and I don't know if that plays out well today, but as long as things change soon, I think we're ok. Show being booked as a whiny sellout is ok, even if the fans won't have any sympathy- they shouldn't- Show has been booked as a loser mostly, and he shouldn't be the cavalry, it should be someone newer. Bryan needs to be outsmarting them every now and then. He can pay for it later, but he needs to get one of them once in a while. Bryan should be booked like Lawler vs a large stable, not Sting. I'm ok with the roster not helping Bryan- it's established that most of them are cowards that the fans don't give a crap about. Would be nice if a heel broke ranks and aided Bryan.
  11. AJ would have to screw Bryan over to get booed right now. Even then the fans might still cheer her.
  12. Fantasy booking: One thing the faces could do, bury the WWE title, call it worthless, then Bryan beats Del Rio, calling him the real "World Champ" and Orton just holds a "prop", leading to title vs title down the line, as Orton faces nothing but jobbers as the roster just refuses to give him a match (they walk out of matches, HHH says you walk out you fired, they get DQed, etc) Payoff would be a unification match at WM.
  13. Why couldn't Jericho get a TNA-like deal from Spike or someone else? I suspect we'd see some fundamentalist Christian-influences, and Sting and Ted DiBiase having prominent roles. I think Jericho would go old school, but with flying dudes. I could see it doing slightly better than TNA.
  14. Titus has always come off as a naturally nice guy to me. I always wanted Titus to have a cop gimmick- not Big Bossman cop, but like Hightower from Police Academy
  15. They are a great tag team who I have missed so I don't give a fuck, though a part of me wishes Generico was a member of the group just because I guarantee it would have triggered fanboy rage. They can have him show up as the third member and pretend he looks just like them. Make him the Tokyo Magnum to their Dancing Fools.
  16. Does that include wanting to see Daniel Bryan hit his finisher on a woman? I think things would have been helped if Bryan slapped Steph then stretched her before security came out. One or two weeks of the Corporation power show is fine, I just hope they don't go with this for more than that- I don't think they can put this on too much of a slow burn.
  17. I wouldn't mind seeing them turn face as part of team Bryan for surivor series while HHH forms his Evolution 2.0, and Heyman gets his Heyman guys, with Punk stuck in the middle hating everyone and getting his ass kicked regularly.
  18. I think Divekick is on PSN+ sale as well- has a character that is kinda wrestling-based. (Jefailey) If not this week, next week.
  19. EU4 comes out next week. (that's their biggest franchise) Personally, I like Stardock's stuff (Fallen Enchantress series is good now, GalCiv II was excellent in its day- and I suspect they'll announce GalCiv III next month.)
  20. I skip even watching Raw in the first place and go to youtube. If I'm watching wrestling on Youtube- these days it's often old memphis stuff, not WWE.
  21. Freeman, McCann, Chris Johnson, Laird. Plenty of slugs on the Braves- none with bad wheels though.
  22. I just don't see Sting working well WWE-style at all. That said, post-WCW, Sting would have not liked the full schedule, and would have been forced heel and buried. It's best he never worked for Vince. I do think a Sting/Cena feud early in Cena's career would have been something special.
  23. http://www.drunkduck.com/Essay_Bee_Comics_Presents_Fusion/ Pretty good superhero webcomic.
  24. I think CNN had a link that said he tried to attack Big E Langston as well. Next thing you know dude will be complaining about his air bill.
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