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  1. Getting squashed like that won't be impossible for Sonny to come back from but Sonny has a ceiling as well I think, I just can't buy them being a main eventer. More potentia than Janela, and plenty of time. Hangman loves apron bumps too much, and Penta/Fenix is always awesome.
  2. If anyone should stick with Jericho- it should be Sammy. Hager will never be accepted as a face by the AEW crowd- I suspect he's one of the folks a lot of the fans feel is a wasted spot- somewhat because of his politics, but mostly because of a lack of anything really great. As for Okada, I suspect he will end up full-time in AEW if it's still around in a few years. He's friends with the Bucks, and if he's going to be pushed down the card, why not go to America, do a nostalgia match with Omega, and be treated awesomely?
  3. I wonder if it's NRS? You can see a lot of non-WWE wrestling references in MK, and Kenny was a fan of Slam Masters- so a fighting game/wrestling game hybrid might be something he'd go for.
  4. Rock already got COVID, so he's prob got immunity long enough to do something.
  5. Why am I getting the impression Will Ospreay might be of average wrestler intelligence these days.
  6. I don't think a loss to Brodie hurts at all. Cody got squashed by Brodie, Brodie's a legit main eventer in AEW. OC is not at that level yet- and might end up being the AEW equivalent to Yano, a good you can have beat or lose to anyone and stay over. OC's got a great spot already, he sells a lot of merch, he's over, and he doesn't have to take as many bumps as most folks.
  7. During the start of the COVID era, they were doing this. They kept certain folks at home, because the idea was if an outbreak occured, they could use the backup folks and keep the lights running. It was revelead that AEW needed to keep running shows to stay in business, beause their main source of revenue is the TNT money. AEW's roster is deep enough that they can keep a reserve team.
  8. Well, at least they got tested and found out. AEW is apparently adding a test after shows at the home now in addition to what they were doing. Even without a sloppy shop you're going to get some positives unless you do a full bubble.
  9. Yeah, Ivelisse should be dropped- she isn't signed full tiem so just quietly stop booking her. I was willing to give her a pass on the supposed "shoot" last week, but two bonehead incidents two straight weeks given her reputation/experience is too much.
  10. Archer caught COVID. He believes it was through his vet.
  11. It's been reported that MJF was just making $100 per show in MLW according to Tony Khan. Janela was also reporting about the low pay (I think about Pillman Jr getting 125 per show)
  12. I suspect that's just bad selling, that looked a lot worse in slow-mo than what it was. Given Ive's reputation it might be unfortunate.
  13. Ivelisse vs Taya streetfight at Wrestlecade a couple years back was just as good. 2nd best match I've ever seen live- and the best had Naito, Hiromu, Kenny, and Ibushi in it.
  14. https://www.rohwrestling.com/current-tv-episode They put it up on their website. Really enjoyed both matches. Gresham vs Yuta was particularly good, and I wish more folks used what Gresham did to finish the match- it was a cool and violent way to end it. I think Castle is never going to be 100% again though, not even 5 months off helped all that much. If I was ROH, I'd consider changing ROH to a pure rules fed, and have almost all the matches be under pure rules from now on. It would give them a real identity, and it's not that limiting, you just lose blatant p
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