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  1. My guess is they'll do weekly TV, and farm out their house shows to indies- with some weekends being reserved for tours/specials/PPVs.
  2. Depends on the fed as well- throw her in AEW, Chikara, or NJPW crowd she'd be a face. She'd be a heel in most low-rent southern indies.
  3. Last year's event delivered. CEO is just a great overall experience. If you like watching fighting games, get the spectator pass for CEO as well. I noticed last year a lot of the women at the wrestling show were watching and even trying some of the games on display (last year it was Soul Calibur- which was excellent and still is, Fire Pro World, and Fighting Layer EX- and that one I won't say anything about)
  4. I enjoyed Bret's WCW run a lot as a kid. Wish he hadn't gotten concussed, I wonder what it would have been like if he had a few more years on his career. The closest I can think of to Bret in the little things is Tanahashi during his last hot run this past year.
  5. Bully Ray/Flip was good angle-wise, but Flip was already over. The Elite connection+ BOSJ got Flip over. I think it's quite possible Cody/Kenny/Bucks will screw up, because they'll overdo things, but I don't think they'll be way too selfish. I happen to like Kenny as a wrestler , but I'll be the first to admit he has his flaws wrestling-wise. I want AEW to succeed because I think it's a promotion run by good people in an industry that needs more of them. I just have a bad feeling it won't be what I want. (I like NJPW's style the most out of anyone right now- it's the closest thing to what I liked about early 90's WCW)
  6. I think even if they had been able to stay in NJPW or if AEW hadn't become a thing, the Elite would still have been split off into another faction. They were big enough to stand on their own. I do think Chase or Yujiro would have been thrown into the Elite and not come back so they had a jobber.
  7. Always saw it as the rulebreaking stopped before the five count, so it's valid for a pin unless Red Shoes is the ref, then he just doesn't see it.
  8. AEW would drop AAA like a hot potato if it meant working with NJPW. Agreed on NJPW being better off going it alone and just contracting guys out themselves- maybe have individual agreements with guys.
  9. Bundy was still doing indie dates. Also I don't think he died broke- unless he spent all his money on cats, but he did have a few acting gigs.
  10. Why aren't the Obama exchange platinum plans a good deal for wrestlers? My guess is they'd pay around $1k a month, but have $500 limits on what they have to pay out in a year? Obviously indy guys can't really use those, but low-end WWE guys probably could. Do ACA plans not cover pro wrestling?
  11. alstein

    G1 Supercard

    Why not just get it on NJPW World instead?
  12. If Matt Jackson really wanted to end Nakazawa's life, just put him in a hotel room at CEO that is a 24/7 Smash room without a gas mask.
  13. alstein

    New Japan Cup 2019

    If that's the case, who challeges Jay at Dominion? I'd like it to be Minoru as his last hurrah as a main eventer- especially given how their G1 match went.
  14. alstein

    New Japan Cup 2019

    Juice/Chase did have a lot of shenanigans. It was a Memphis style match with NJPW-style workrate. It was a match for folks who love that hybrid, and it's probably my favorite style of wrestling when done right, and this was done totally right. Juice does best against cheating heels, I want a Juice/Taichi feud at some point now so much.
  15. alstein

    New Japan Cup 2019

    Just hope Juice vs Chase isn't buried by the NJC final. That was an incredibly good match. Juice and Chase have ridiculously good chemistry. It felt like a great WCW match from 2019 if WCW was still around. Dreading Juice/Fale though, Fale is so terrible these days. Juice might not be great enough to drag something out of him.
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