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  1. There is a mystery new character scheduled for the next season of SFV DLC. Very, very unlikely since Capcom doesn't do guests the way other franchises do (my fighting game of choice has 3 guests) , but just saying...
  2. Before. The arm break was to write him out of in-ring. I think he's come back but it still pretty limited.
  3. It's a 1-day ban normal for first strike from what I've been hearing.
  4. Remember, Okada was huge friends with the Bucks and yelled Scooby Doo in a match- this is going to be stupid as hell. Okada has the soul of a DDT wrestler, and probably secretly wishes he could have been around for HUSTLE's heyday so he could give birth to Yoshi-Hashi.
  5. Apparently the TV deal allows them to break even right now.
  6. it goes seem to have a millenial fanbase- a webcomic I read that is very girly loves Orange Cassidy. (They had a girl named Cassidy with an orange color scheme that might have influenced things)
  7. Parka's kids are more likely than Parka. I wouldn't mind seeing Wagner's kid in AEW though, he seems to be better than Parka's kids.
  8. Also Puig tested positive, so he's not signed.
  9. I thought the NWA's Lucky 7 concept, minus the fact that draws counted as wins and the 6:05 time limit, would be great for the TNT belt, and a way to get around Cody's stip if needbe. How I'd do it, perhaps after Cody loses it: Every week , folks interested in the shot enter their names, a name is drawn from the hat (can still be someone "not in AEW" if you want to debut someone) That person gets announced on Dark, the match is on Dynamite 20 min time limit, you win, it's 1 notch towards 7. You draw, no time limit rematch to open the show the following week. You get 7 wins, you get to automatically face the champ the next opportunity that's avaliable and you vacate the title (so if the champ has a match scheduled the following week, you get it the week after, though you still vacate the belt) A vacated belt is decided in a battle royal the following week.
  10. NJPW considerations might also come into play- Mox prob has to drop the US belt at some point as well. I'd talk to NJPW and ask maybe some exchange/concessions could be made. Mox drops it to Jay or KENTA on a NJPW-USA show, maybe AEW gets Narita for a year as Narita's excursion (NJPW-USA can still use Narita for Lion's Break shows too) , something like that? Treat Narita right, give him lots of ringtime on Dark and some on Dynamite to build up goodwill? That's what I'd offer if I was Tony Khan.
  11. DDP just announced on youtube he had COVID.
  12. To think Embry really hated his Memphis run...
  13. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    I kinda feel bad for Jay a bit, I suspect EVIL was given would what have been Jay's if he had been able to be there.
  14. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Will, that main event was something. Dean's gonna be happy for who popped up mysteriously.
  15. alstein

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Also SANADA has beef with EVIL as well, if anything I might do SANADA chasing EVIL after this.
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