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  1. Some of the southern indies would be perfect for this. Maybe give a deal where you just loan the folks out to them, and promise to send bigger names four times a year or something.
  2. The British woman I talk to a good bit about wrestling on discord just loves the Dawsons.
  3. I so want the WK tag match to now be Tekkers vs Finjuice vs GoD.
  4. I'd pay to see Jimmy Havoc staple gun Valentine and Hess. I think the Bruiser's one of those guys who would be unique for AEW, and he gets over. I like most of those names mentioned, though I'd pass on Williams, Taylor, and would only take Black if you get Johnny.
  5. If Mance Warner could play heel , and I think he could, he'd the perfect guy to torment Darby for months. Ryback could work too, just have him be his heel bully character from WWE. The Dark Order of the folks on the current roster could work, but you'd need to get Darby a partner. Havoc is not going to get over as a wrestler in AEW. He's too lousy a standard wrestler, and too small. He can keep doing his backstage stuff, and should become a manager.
  6. One issue AEW has is a lot of their fans won't get cable TV period. I think the shows are going to get watched via the good ship reddit a lot. As long as those folks are willing to attend local events it won't hurt them too much. If they can draw 5-6k in Charlotte on a Wed night that's still pretty good and better than anyone else could.
  7. Sorry for double post, but the Heidi game is why that never happens anymore. In the 1960s, an AFL game was pre-empted for Heidi, and one team made a miraculous comeback and won the game by scoring 14 pts in the last minute. The levels of anger over this were such that it's never done anymore. It's for good reason. Baseball has no time limit on how you can score, so you could have had the Braves somehow chock off 15 straight runs or something.
  8. maybe Tully can manage Brian McCann.
  9. The Dawsons are probably a bit too old to get national buzz, but I'm glad they got some time here. I wish they were building the tags around the Dawsons instead of those two. I've been to King's Lynn, my mom was born there, it's like the British version of High Point, NC if that helps any.
  10. Seen them once before- they're solid. I wanted AEW to pick them up as a midcard team.
  11. This show- I liked some aspects of it, but they reminded me , and I was ok with treating Corbin as a geek (Especially since Becky got to get some licks in), but the end reminded me why I never want to give WWE any more time or attention again. I won't be watching next week. I'd rather watch a Marco Stunt on a pole match than WWE treating folks like geeks who deserve better and pushing guys like Lesnar down my throat. They ruined about 70-80 minutes of mostly good work in 10 seconds. I'd have been ok with Kofi losing if he got some good offense and Brock looked like he earned that title.
  12. Gonna be there no matter what, so I hope they do a good show.
  13. I think the market for 2nd-tier wrestling is saturated right now with MLW, ROH, Impact, and NWA competing for the same dollars. The good news is NWA lacks the baggage Impact and ROH have, so I think there's a shot, but MLW seems to have the best shot of making it. If AEW starts raiding, which I think they're going to have to at some point, one of those four promotions is probably going to go under.
  14. I think by this point, WWE fan and non-WWE wrestling fan have mostly split, and the non-WWE crowd just looks at WWE with total indifference for the most part.
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