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  1. AEW referenced him this week, mentioned Drake was trained by him.
  2. Rosa might be busy with NWA commitments- using part-timers can put things out of your control. Will Hobbs is mostly doing dark, he's rather do that than sit at home, and it's better to have a Will Hobbs in reserve than nothing. Also with COVID, you don't know if half your roster will test positive and you end up with Main Event of Fuego Del Sol vs Ten. During the early days of the pandemic, AEW deliberately had half their roster in reserve just in case the main roster had an outbreak so they'd be able to keep putting on a show, for AEW that TV money is what keeps them afloat, th
  3. All Out should be Bucks vs Silver/Reynolds, Good Brothers vs Uno/Stu, and Kenny vs Hangman to blow off a DO vs Elite feud. have -1 cane Callis as part of the blowoff as well. Also maybe have Colt beat up Nakazawa on the pre-show.
  4. Caster/Page was sloppy, but I was impressed by both of them knowing how to cover for the botches really well, outside of the top rope spot. Got the impression they were really off, but knew how to handle having an off-night. I'm still pretty high on Caster. I like the gimmick, though I'd like to see him go more into the ballshots- he does those as well as Naito. I'm going to say Caster had an off night at the worst time. (Also, Bowens is supposed to be the Billy and Caster the Road Dogg of the group , and Caster is a lot better than the Roadie) Tay made the Bunny look awesom
  5. EVIL felt like Gedo was taking all the bad ideas from Memphis that he absorbed and put EVIL on that cross. EVIL's turn felt like how someone would change in Memphis or WWE going from face to heel, and it's one of my least favorite things about American wrestling. At least Jay despite all his weaseling, only came off that way once, and that was vs Ibushi. Outside of that, he always looked like he was a badass who was weaseling because he could not because he had to. And it took angry god Ibushi that surpassed Tanahashi to do that to Jay, which made it forgivable. A
  6. The Baker Squash was entertaining Max vs Colt was a great WCW Pro main event setting up a bigger match for Dynamite.
  7. Those shows were allowed to go over the cap because they sold the tickets, the cap went into effect afterwards. NJPW made that clear on I believe 1/3.
  8. Is the 5k hard cap for any venue still in effect in Japan? No point in running the Dome until you can put at least 15-20k in there. But yeah, NJPW's golden run is over in my eyes. They did kinda have to elevate Finlay and Henare this year, if only to keep them (Finlay especially would have had options)
  9. WWE non-mainline titles are really good. It's the mainline ones which are awful.
  10. The Ibushi belt to me is a sign that NJPW is in decline and that the 2nd golden era of NJPW is over. It's kinda the symbolic nail in the coffin for me. The Strong openweight makes sense- that's like an NXT title to me, it's a developmental championship. As long as you don't have it going over to Japan too often, it's fine. The US belt is stuck on Mox for a long time- at least until COVID is over.
  11. I think Cody's gonna get booed when crowds go fully live. I could see the Bucks booed vs Best Friends or Silver/Reynolds. I don't think this is a problem though- tweener characters are fine as long as they keep getting reactions and make sense. A NJPW-style sliding scale is more interesting to me than straight cheer the babyfaces and boo the heels.
  12. This is why Tana's 2019 run was so awesome to me, he kept using different finishers. Also why I enjoy ZSJ matches- you got a good chance of some unique and cool roll-up being the finish (not so many subs these days) Tana-ZSJ was my favorite NJPW feud
  13. It was the clear the headbutt was nowhere near his head. That was as safe as it could be,to the point it didn't look all that sensical (not that I"m complaining given the circumstances) I was so expecting the Bucks to superkick Mox there.
  14. I think the real thing they're building to is not Shida vs Bunny but Shida vs Tay. I do think they should strike with Tay while she's hot and give her the belt at the next PPV.
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