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  1. With all that talent in NJPW right now, some guys are going to run into a glass ceiling. I could see some defections to AEW from NJPW- not of the pushed guys, but some solid folks. My gut says SANADA jumps if he isn't pushed soon because of his desire to work in the US and English speaking skills. As for how an alliance with AEW would work- it would be mostly special appearances, and AEW stars doing NJC/BOSJ/G1 and tours between being featured. Allows for rotation of talent and fresh matchups for both. Also excursions for young lions. What you wouldn't get is ROH jobbing out their champs to Henare (you know they'd give Henare the TV belt if they could)
  2. R3K is doing an indy show in Charlotte with Rocky the following afternoon, so some ROH dates are likely.
  3. I was looking forward to ZSJ/Minoru with Zack scoring the upset and starting the end of Suzuki-Gun, the WTL preview of that was intense and ZSJ would have to learn to get dirty. That said, Suzuki-Gun is a family like LIJ so that isn't their style, it's not like BC where they kick people out left and right.
  4. I think they need to stick to B-shows. Stuff like New Beginning USA and Lion's Break are fine. They might have to go overseas for G1 in 2020 due to Olympics some.
  5. I don't feel like Mox is a lock, he's the 3rd most likely winner after Naito and White. Naito has his story which can carry to the Dome, and White is pushed that hard (I think he deserves his push , but there might be others like Ospreay who could carry the banner just as well if not better)
  6. Sho's music was playing at the end instead of R3K's- I thought when Sho was pulled off the apron tonight it was him turning on Yoh. Also some lady stuffed a bill down YOH's pants.
  7. It's more he needs to be built up over a year, not that they don't want him to be the guy. Page is the most important guy AEW has long-term, if he doesn't pan out, they're in big trouble once Omega turns into a worst parts of Ibushi-Tanahashi hybrid in a few years.
  8. alstein

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    I'm of the belief you should once in a while tinker with the formulas of match structure/finish, just to keep fans on their toes, and to let them know that the things they expect aren't always guaranteed. Okada winning with a roll-up is great, as would be ending a match before a hot tag a couple times a year. Fans would probably be upset in the short-term, but it would pay off in the long-term.
  9. I don't think anyone wants to tie themselves to ROH long term right now if they don't have to. MLW and AEW are clearly better options. I feel bad for Lethal, but he'd get a good deal somewhere if ROH went under.
  10. Jericho is a heavy evangelical (I'm reluctant to call evangelicals Christians anymore) - he got it from his time in WCW and the influence of Sting. Also, Jericho and Benoit were very close, so throw those together, and if it gives Jericho some piece of mind to believe a demon was in Benoit when he did it- I can sympathize. I think it was CTE.
  11. alstein

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    The best solution would be to use both if that's possible. AEW might be a better place for excursions, given the flexibility in promotions and midweek TV.
  12. I'm more likely to run into a bear than a person at my job in between shift changes.
  13. I always thought it was a five-count for illegal use of the ropes.
  14. The fighting game crowd is pretty knowledgable about wrestling for the most part, she'll do well. last year pretty much everyone NJPW got a good reception- even Chase (lot of it was everyone had their working boots on, not just the main)
  15. I was really impressed with Ace Austin. Airwolf- I keep unfairly comparing him the Waltman in his Lightning Kid days for some reason, even though they're not alike at all. MLW is primed to get raided by the bigger fish in the food chain (ROH/AEW most likely), so they are going to have to succeed by building up new talent,or getting enough financial backing to get to ROH's level. The MLW stuff (alongside Muta) is making me want to hit Wrestlecade this year again.
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