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  1. I don't think Danielson ever wins the platinum. TNT or tag run possibly, I think he'll be upper card threat but fall short. Having great wrestlers Goto themselves helps the prestige of your belt.
  2. Pillman might be Lance Storm's worst trainee that we know of.
  3. WWE stayed away from Greensboro for the crime of killing Miz for mispronouncing Guilford county. The Triad is as thristy for wrestling as Max is for MJF, with fewer options, it's always been the better wrestling town.
  4. Tay is very bubbly, she's an uber-natural babyface who does badass and vulnerable really well. Anna's the Luger to Tay's Sting.
  5. Tay and WWE were the worst possible fit.
  6. Luchasaurus and Pillman Jr have been around long enough that I don't consider them green, just mediocre.
  7. Apparently Fenix got super-duper lucky, it's just a badly dislocated elbow instead of a break. Probably still out for some time, but not catastrophic to his career.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if that ending was an audible and they're having to rewrite a bunch of things now. Fenix gonna be gone for a good while, and Penta's going to be doing singles and looking for buddies to fight Malakai. That world title match was NWA x NJPW style in the best way. Best bits of what made both of them great.
  9. Calibur. They were demoing it at CEO that year. The game also developed a community that kept me sane during the pandemic, and I found a Dark Order-esque that helped me stay sane throughout the pandemic (I kinda ended up the nondescript but solid Reynolds of the group)
  10. That Jebailey signing got me back into fighitng game events. A year later, I made semifinals in a game. All because I wanted to see Liger and Kenny.
  11. Sammy should just be glad he isn't in NJPW. Ask Taichi or Honma.
  12. Lethal should be a lot higher on the card than Nese.
  13. I think the threshhold for AEW and where you can work is some sort of COVID protocol, and not having your own TV to compere with AEW. I doubt any AEW talent will get to consistently work for ROH for example, and Mox wasn't allowed to work any US NJPW shows. Tony Khan deprived the US of seeing Taichi in action, that can only be forgiven if he gets Dangerous Tekkers through the forbidden door to face FTR or Mox/Eddie.
  14. It's not like Brian Cage can't earn money on the indies on top of his AEW contract. If he lost his AEW contract, at most NJPW/WWE would open up to him, but neither of them would be interested. No one's career is hurt by being signed by AEW. Sonny Kiss is someone (and it pains me to say this) who shouldn't be renewed- though the door should be open for her to return if she tears it up on the indies. Janela has his scouting/connections, which are his real value.
  15. It also helps a lot that those who aren't on Dynamite are still getting a check, and they are still working indies on the weekend if they want. I suspect the women's match placement on Dynamite might be a TNT corporate decision- let's hope it changes some with the move to TBS. I do have some worries that AEW is choking off their low-card talent with all these signings!
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