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  1. The Jr.Tag title match had enough shenanigans to make Vince Russo proud. Blech. ELP is starting to get Chase Owens non-hair.
  2. Only if we get Chris Brookes as well. Just pretend he's Kip Sabian if you have to.
  3. It would be catered to the Western fans, who would absolutely shit on it. The Western NJPW crowd cares about these issues- it's why Elgin got canned, they couldn't use him outside of Japan. I was at the show where that match was set up. It was a huge pop.
  4. That last idea is pretty much how Minoru Suzuki is protected in NJPW. It looks like he could choke folks out all he wants, but he has to hit his Gotch, and folks know that. And yeah, Marko would suck as a wrestler even if he was a foot taller. He'd still be a good singer.
  5. I would like to see a few more squashes mixed in, even of name guys on occasion, like Brodie/Cody. Also would like to the occasional 2 minute-style rollup match like KUSHIDA/Hiromu. Those add to the unpredictability of the product. I want my wrestling to surpise me on occasion, so I don't tune out like I sometimes will for the first 10-20 minutes of a NJPW main.
  6. I think that's what part of Dark is for- to build up records so matches look like they're between pushed talents more. Generally, folks give a lot to folks lower on the card in AEW, but folks rarely trade wins and losses, one guy usually always beats the other unless there's a growth arc.
  7. Also if they do this to Kip, I think Kip is destroyed credibility wise. I think Kip is limited, but not so limited that he should be a total jobber.
  8. I wish at some point we could have gotten a piledriver match between Lawler and Minoru Suzuki in the mid-South Coliseum.
  9. I was really hoping Conti would win the belt last night- so I know she's won me over now. Deeb helped that match out a lot, but Tay's improving rapidly. She's proof some folks just need a different environment. Darby at some point needs to retire Sting though. I do notice the in-ring storytelling, such as Darby learning it on his own, has a real NJPW-esque (maybe puro in general) influence to it, which is a good thing. I like such in ring storytelling being told long term rather than just rotating spots, but I don't think you can do this with everyone on a weekly TV prog
  10. I'm fully expecting Shida to do a Yang from RWBY Cosplay outfit at some point with the Rooster Teeth Crossover. I'd more interested in Acclaimed vs Top Flight myself. Private Party seems like the distant #3 to me behind those two.
  11. Has anyone gotten a win on Dark and not gotten a contract yet? Limelight probably has interest from NJPW as well which is a factor.
  12. At least the first two look like they could hurt the other guy. Marko's only redeeming asset is his signing voice.
  13. Archer said he got it through his vet.
  14. Tay's offense looks really unique and distinctive. I thought they might pull the trigger on her tonight, and would have been happy if they did. Becoming a fan of hers rapidly. Anna and Tay are going to be a big part of AEW's future.
  15. That only works for Ishii, and Brody's no Ishii.
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