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  1. I’m prone to coughin’ I’m always wheezin’ during summer, hard of breathing.
  2. In other news I’d like to reform my little league team and have a shot at next years World Series.
  3. I totally read that in the voice of Serge from Beverly Hills Cop
  4. Ibushi vs. Hook - Chip wars. Book it TK. Also, those guys with their chips and those bodies. Come on, Those bodies aren’t the bodies of hardcore chip eaters. Clearly they are playing to their audience!
  5. I love how Hook does everything by technique. He looked tiny next to Bronson but used his technique to rag doll him on those suplexes. I didn’t mind the no sell at all.
  6. Taz is a proud father seeing this. “That’s my boy”.
  7. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but as someone who doesn’t care for Twitter, could all wrestlers please let their beef play out on TV? That’s where I mostly pay attention to things. That would be swell.
  8. God I forgot how much the spelling of “The Corre” messed with my OCD.
  9. If AEW ever has a “Tracey Smothers Riot” that might be the cause of it.
  10. Adam Cole literally needs to beat the crap out of Schiavone in the middle of the ring, one of those beat downs that take way too long, so the fans turn on him for 1) beating down Tony and 2) taking way too long. Only problem is I’m 99% sure Tony can take him.
  11. Oh Lord, Jericho’s latest episode is “Jimmy Rave - The Last Interview”, I am not sure I want to listen to that. Even the description is sad as hell.
  12. I think the simplest answer to why Owens re-upped is. 1) He is a natural heel 2) Re-upping with WWE is the biggest heel move he could have made in the eyes of some fans. And also… 3) Somehow, someway, this contract extension will lead to a beat down on Sami Zayn…. Because that’s just what those two do.
  13. Heartbreaking news. One of the highlights of my Indy wrestling viewing of the 2000’s. RIP Jimmy.
  14. The Simpsons “that guy in the white suit hasn’t done anything yet, and you know when he does it’s going to be really cool” meme come to life.
  15. That’s 100% it, I couldn’t work it out myself, but that’s it. He’s like one of those characters that appears in a modern version of Street Fighter after you haven’t played the last 5-6 versions of the game.
  16. All I want from Hook is for him to duck a clothesline, slap on a tazmission, get the win, pick up his bag of chips and leave. Like Jiji says, an evil, badass version of Orange Cassidy.
  17. All the Peruvian necktie conversation leads me to believe their is a family owned business in Lima who have been hand crafting the finest Peruvian Neck Ties for 200 years, and their Google algorithms are all messed up because of the UFC. Also, Cody probably owns one of their fine, fine Peruvian Neck Ties.
  18. MLW really is the island of misfit toys. Court must have been that one kid, that when you went to his house all his toys were broken. “Hey let’s have a fight between Optimus Prime with a missing leg and Ultimate Warrior with his arms removed”. Also, Teddy Hart would just continually be at Courts house for some reason.
  19. Just caught up with SD. Brock and Sami’s opening segment was a lot of fun. They make a good odd couple.
  20. Jade’s music is peak 1996 Nitro and I love it. Jade might be the best packaged wrestler AEW has put together from scratch. Everything works, her look, music, Mark Stirling, her attitude. Once she progresses in ring she’ll be really really great. I like her a lot.
  21. I’ve said it before but Tony Nese is modern day Paul Roma. Great body. Nothing obviously wrong in ring. But there’s just nothing to him. That being said I still want the Nese / Comorato Power and Glory 2 tag team.
  22. I think promo skills are “same but different” depending on the culture. Each country has their own way of dealing with it. Brits are traditionally a more reserved people so would appreciate the understated tones of a tough working class northener telling the bad guy how he’s going to “knock ‘is bloody teeth down ‘is throat this Saturday in Blackpool” In all the world of sport I ever watched I don’t think I ever really heard any of them raise their voice above a stern lecture, but they were all exceptional at delivering what they wanted to say…. Just very politely. I believe Big Daddy et all was a bit more “American wrestling” in his presentation. Americans are generally perceived as loud, brash and over the top and it 100% comes through in wrestling promos. Maybe wrestling promos are a gateway into the soul of a nation.
  23. My prediction is he finally gets a new gimmick, gets promos played saying “coming soon to Raw” for a couple of months. Debuts. Gets purged the night after.
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