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  1. I also feel Crews' Nigeria gimmick is offensive and yet somehow doesn't really quite go far enough to be entertaining.
  2. It's pretty much 'classic bodybuilder' vs 'modern bodybuilder' aka v-taper vs x-taper. That being said, Cage's lower body strength definitely has sport-specificity. The only dives Rude had to worry about where ladies diving onto him. Cage is basically a leaner version of the Warlord, which tells you quite a lot really.
  3. Hahahaha that's crazy. But yeah they are very sweet. I myself drink one (budget supermarket) energy drink in the morning most days so I stay used to them but I know Coca Cola tastes insanely sweet if you go a while without drinking it - and Dr Pepper is sweeter. But I guess this is more food thread stuff.
  4. This is minor news, but I enjoyed an imported can of Dr Pepper Cream Soda today. It was my first non-Jamie Oliver'd Dr Pepper in about 2.5 years, but man I think it's actually better than standard Dr Pepper. Made me very happy.
  5. Tonight's UK main-event was sort of spoilt by NXT. A bit of a shame. Trent Seven definitely looked leaner, credit to him - don't think he should be wrestling cruiserweight anyway.
  6. Mastiff being a happy, smilin' jobber kind of sucks. I know Tyler Bate is still booked as somewhat of an 'Ace', but it still makes me sad.
  7. Re: Shawn Spears - I think there was a lot of disappointment with his grudge match against Cody. I'm not planning on rewatching it, but I think that disappointment was largely based on comparisons with the Cody/Dusty match. At that point he was doing a kind of psycho gimmick that wasn't really him, but regardless he didn't get the push to go with it. Once he went back to being goofy, I thought he had been doing a lot better and the crowd was reasonably into his matches - but the loss of the crowds messed that up, along with #ASearchForSpears. And then the thing with Dustin at DoN happened.
  8. Marshall vs Fuego was surprisingly epic.
  9. Not to pre-empt the upcoming CoachTonyK Christian vs The World poll series, but Christian isn't Sting. They need to put him in the ring and show what he can do sooner rather than later. Yeah they went cinematic at the PPV, but it looks like Sting can handle a 6 man tag so you build towards Team Taz vs Sting/Alllin/Christian in a few weeks and you can do Christian vs Starks either before or after that. If he's really good to go, like proper good, then have him do a series where he takes on a bunch of guys. Let him just work through Chuck Taylor, Caster, Butcher, Wheeler, Harwood, Silver,
  10. Scorpio has his title match tomorrow. I think he more or less has to win, but we'll see what they do. I don't really see much in him, but we'll see I guess. I'm not sure where else you go with Best Friends and Miro right now. I'd almost be inclined to take the former off TV right now. Would I really build to MIro losing to Cassidy. I don't think I would.
  11. If Shane McMahon wants to cut long, rambling, pointless promos with weird tangents....he needs to learn from the master:
  12. We really now should do a series of polls: 'Is 'X' a bigger star than Christian?' That would be the most meta thing ever I think.
  13. Tony Khan's Internet Response Analyst: So the headline is that people liked the show, but the dud explosion at the end did a lot to hurt people's overall impression. Tony Khan: Forget all that, what are they saying on Death Valley Driver? Tony Khan's Internet Response Analyst: I can't really tell, they seem to have decided to talk about Greg Valentine and Koko B. Ware instead: Tony Khan: IT WORKED!
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