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  1. On a sidenote, that statue is awesome. I loled when I actually discovered it.
  2. 1. Lower rating than 2 weeks ago, despite putting on a pseudo PPV. 2. NXT has a title match next week and AEW does not.
  3. So whilst it's subjective with regards whether Fyter Fest is a flop, they got beat in the ratings this week and we can pretty much guarantee they're getting beat again next week.
  4. Jim Cornette didn't call Roberts a pedophile. #SpeakingOut has definitely claimed a few members of Corny's shitlist, but the remark about Roberts was just a throwaway off-color remark and it was clear it wasn't an accusation.
  5. It was a big win for NXT though. I mean I know it's the demographics that really count, and yes AEW still win in the 18-49 range - but it was their worst performance in that range. Very easy to try to project one's own feelings onto that number, but I tend to think AEW's audience is more precarious than NXT's - especially in light of #SpeakingOut.
  6. Good job that never happened then. That's just defamation plain and simple. You're being ridiculous.
  7. Ok. One other thing. Don't want to turn this on Sasha per se, but worth remembering her cousin pretty much built a career on misogyny. Something to think about next time her entrance plays.
  8. Right, but in one post he's like 'don't worry he'll be gone a while and when he'll be back it'll probably be on Dark' and in the next he's like 'relax, he'll be back pretty soon'. So yes, it's a bit gaslighty and I think it's bad faith argumentation - like telling someone to 'relax' ever works lol. To clarify, I will not watch AEW until Sammy returns to main programming.
  9. You're kind of talking out of both sides of your mouth. A bit gaslighty tbh.
  10. Guevara didn't beat up his wife. He made an off-color remark a few years ago. For which he apologised. Taxing him, sending him to sensitivity training and taking him off TV for a couple of weeks - sure. But this indefinite suspension feels like way too much for me. I believe in progress, I've read plenty of stuff...but trash opinion or not this is where I am with this. I'm not going to watch AEW until he's back.
  11. https://tweetdelete.net/ I can see a lot of media being deleted in and out of wrestling. Family Guy syndication could soon be down to about 9 episodes.
  12. Not going to move a closed topic here but worth noting that they have new management - not clear whether the company is being bought out by them though. At management level, they won't be linked to WWE UK so explicitly. But owners remain Jon Briley, Jim Smallman, and Glen Joseph. But I think they will need to change actual ownership to have a chance of surviving. Of course, ROH got past Feinstein (though as Bob Barnett loved to point out, Feinstein didn't actually stop being part of ROH for quite a while after his exposure)...but at the time it felt like ROH was still getting going and there was a will to keep it going. Progress....already felt like it had peaked. Guess we'll see.
  13. It's the only formal system we have, yes. It feels like you are expecting societal judgement to resemble that - not very likely. I'm probably veering of into questionable territory here, but I tend to think we need to look at non-criminal ways of dealing with many rapes - I take my cue from work done in New Zealand several years ago. Yes, this means essentially having perps agree to take sensitivity training to avoid trial and conviction. (Yes, a bit like in Fleabag)
  14. It would take a long post to deconstruct everything you have said and show how I believe it leads to what I wrote, which I'm not going to do. But quickly 1. You probably know that what comes after a but is emphasised over what comes before it. 2. Noone is convicting per se, but you are equating other forms of judgement with that word and rendering them illegitimate if they are not accompanied by a criminal conviction. That does essentially delegitimise victims coming forward, there really isn't any two ways about that. I can explain this in more detail if you really want. ExposeWrestling was kicked off Twitter pdq so I'm not sure there's much mileage on dwelling on that.
  15. The problem is that what you are de facto saying is that actual victims shouldn't be able to speak out, or at least that it's wrong for them to do so.
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