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  1. Rovert is saying it fwiw. (And I apologise for being the millionth person to post about Balor liking Seinfeld lol)
  2. https://www.si.com/wrestling/2020/09/22/wwe-nxt-finn-balor-pandemic-seinfeld
  3. Good on Kyle, he's definitely the kind of guy that benefits from a 3rd Brand. But this show looks pretty weak right now. Finn Balor has charisma, obviously, but....I dunno....what's he all about? Like back in the day, he had the video packages (remember the video packages?) and we knew. I mean yeah there are oblique references to his New Japan/Bullet Club days, and he scowls a lot.....but it's kind of like he's gone darkside but there's no real payoff in sight. Like with A.J. Styles say, he went kinda darkside in TNA/Impact, but then kind of integrated his shadow and got the title (and th
  4. Sabian's definitely had an upgrade when it comes to tag-team partners.
  5. Bit of a bugger. Not sure what they do with the tag match. Put in Shawn Spears hahahahahaha.
  6. You have to say which WWE Superstar you think should have their own wine.......there is only 1 answer really.
  7. Well suffice it to say that in football and other sports, the Granny rule clearly allows people to play for a country that isn't their own. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Republic_of_Ireland_international_footballers_born_outside_the_Republic_of_Ireland Personally I think there's much better mileage in him leaning in to his Jersey background. He can call himself Bergerac Carter and be an offshore financial guy - the BTE material basically writes itself.
  8. I appreciate a slightly more nuanced discussion about Ben Carter's homeland but HE'S NOT BRITISH!
  9. It took a while for them to win me over, but I love the Dark Order now - I don't really like that you kinda do have to watch BTE but I'll live with it. I hadn't seen Uno's finish ('Something Evil') before - indyriffic af but it actually looked pretty hurty. Daniels salvaging the Moonsault Press was nicely done, but obv he needs to retire that move. It's a shame AEW probably wouldn't want to get the footage needed to do a decent tribute to the guy - but I hope they give him a retirement segment when the time comes. He hasn't always been everyone's cup of tea, but Christoper Daniels is
  10. And they had Lana get mauled by Nia again, let's not forget that.
  11. Aces & 8's were basically awesome by any realistic standard, and figuratively didn't hurt anyone. Re: Nexus. Vince gave them all contracts on TV then they immediately beat him down. Retribution is pure WrestleCrap and has almost become worth watching for being so lame. Chelsea Green might get herself into the Guinness Book of Records for longest sigh of relief.
  12. New Day managed to stay together because a) all three are pretty strong-minded and b) they were willing to spend a year do nothing but get pancakes over. I feel like an idiot fantasy booking this stuff, but if they must turn Tucker than they could have had him slow-burn the turn by not having him do different facial mannerisms yet but just have him be like 'I'm with you, but I don't know much about this legal stuff, I just know my names not on those papers'. As is, he may as well have come out with new facial hair.
  13. Tucker's impending heel turn isn't exactly subtle.
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