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  1. Just to repeat what other said, watching Taz laugh his ass off at -1 telling Excalibur to be quiet was just amazing. AEW Dark is a *weird* show in some ways, but I like it even if I don't watch all of it.
  2. Apparently Dana was ok, but whoever cleared Nia Jax to do that chokeslam should be chewed out as there's absolutely no need for her to be busting out risky offence in a TV tag match.
  3. I don't really like bodyweight squats, or rather my knees don't like them - just too many reps, too much wear and tear. I generally use step-ups, and then somewhat lower-rep banded box squats - the bands do more for the back than the quads, but I have 'soccer legs' and it doesn't take too much to keep them reasonably swoll. It just feels like it is going to be 6 months, and all the TRX in the world isn't going to preserve your squat max truth be told. But yeah, on the other hand, at this point I have a large amount of light-weight, light volume equipment that I can pretty much take anywhe
  4. Whilst I do not think Xavier Woods is responsible for whatever went on between the couple he played with, we know from Paige's comments that she felt that she was taken advantage of as a 'young girl' in the relationship. The relationship itself definitely belongs in the #MeToo category. Though as I say, I don't think that makes Xavier responsible. But I suspect he probably regrets being involved in that, and not because it got out.
  5. I thought the Fight Pit was a bit disappointing, but at least it didn't get lost in the shuffle of a special. I'm torn between thinking Karrion Kross is trying to actually be a heel now and actually just concluding that the act is getting stale already. I really like the midcard of NXT now but I find the main event scene of Kross, Balor, UE and Pat McAfee's orphans to be dull af. I feel Thatcher may eventually take Kross in the Fight Pit, but that could be a long way off.
  6. Cody does seem to be in a weird place at the moment. The Sting story has hinted at the notion that Cody is being replaced, but it's bigger than that. The Young Bucks are still fairly central to BTE and have the tag belts, Omega is back to being the guy, Hangman has a long arc but he's on that arc and is obviously going to continue to be one of the most over guys. Then yeah you have OC who is now a main-event guy. And Cody....is a guy who can't go for the big one, has already had his run with the TNT Title, and is left feuding with a woman whilst leading a pretty crappy (sorry Dustin) Nightmare
  7. Video update on Ciampa/Thatcher and Dusty brackets.
  8. With the new 'British strain' of Covid having a R of circa 4.5 if left unchecked, I am beginning to think I won't see a gym until maybe May/June. I am slightly depressed about this. Realistically though, I can't justify getting a home setup where I am right now. I set up a 'deadlift' the other day, where I had two 45kg bands around my neck and underneath my feet, stood on some rolled up yoga mats with a 35kg band underneath that to pull on bands. It mimmicks the pattern to a point - but it's a bit desperate. I have a calisthenics outdoor area about 10 minutes away, and I purchased a
  9. Yeah I mean wtf...I saw a bit of it and thought it looked like Harvey from The Deuce - it never entered my head that it was actually the guy. I am ambivalent fair to say.
  10. But it means someone can say something pithy like - "From the A-Kid to the Z-Man......." So....I mean they bring out Sha Samuels as Ed Harvey only for him to declare he's Sha Samuels.....why? Who are they ribbing here?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsEHtpoQxyWVibIPerXhug/about Outside 'the obvious' it will be interesting to see what else they put out there. Come Down Dawn is probably 'Chill Out', which I loved turning heads with way back when (and is on YouTube illicitly anyway). But we will see. We deserved a better class of art criminal, and the KLF gave it to us......
  12. Has anyone mentioned the KLF yet - finally arriving on streaming services? (Wrestling fans may know Ricardo Da Force as the voice of the FBI's ECW theme)
  13. RIP Gerry Marsden #YNWA Gerry wrote Ferry Cross The Mersey of course, and appears on this version made after Hillsborough (it also features Paul McCartney, Holly Johnson formerly of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and The Christians)
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