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  1. A bit more than a week ago, I ordered a birthday present for my wife online. It arrived promptly, but I didn't have the time to myself in order to open the package. Yesterday, as I finally opened it in order to wrap the gift up, I noticed it was not what I ordered. Close, but still wrong. I divulge this to my wife when she gets home and she implored me to contact the customer service and see what, if anything could be done before Friday. I sent back the product last night and while it will probably not be back in their hands until next week (or tomorrow at the earliest ) today I received an email stating they could replace the product by tomorrow morning, delivered to our home address. The Finnish postal service is not without its faults, but compared to the shit going on in the US, that is peanuts! It sure saved my day today!
  2. From what I have heard, it was not anywhere near the level the given participants would suggest. I've seen it once and it is in the Hidden Gems on the Network. Just a match.
  3. You're not allowed to say "suplex" anymore? Oh, c'mon! Anyway, plenty of awesome versions already mentioned (Dragon, Northern Lights, Deadlift German) I'd add Cobra Clutch suplex to that list. Yay for wrestling with G.I. Joes, BTW! I do think that "throw" is a suitable replacement for "suplex" if there needs to be one! This would have been my suggestion in Finnish translation when it came to subtitling SmackDown into Finnish. At one time that was to be the subject of my thesis, but that never ended up happening. For the record, the translator at the time did exceptionally well for himself for something that had never been attempted to be translated into Finnish prior to that.
  4. Guys, don't get me started on co-workers not pulling their weight, but I can tell you I know where you're coming from! I refrain from posting this on any of the wrestling threads, as it has very little to do with it, but I read an interesting piece of news last weekend. Here in Finland, in an attempt to curb cyber bullying amongst school children, they have apparently created a new font, which automatically alters negative phrases etc. into something kinder. It also blurrs obscenities etc. altogether, automatically. They used the sentence "I hate you" as an example and said it was corrected into "I disagree with you" (wouldn't it be so much cooler if it was "we are very far apart on this one" ?) This font, affectionately dubbed "the wussy font" (no, it isn't really, it did have a name, but I forget) is meant to make the writer in question reflect upon the message about to be sent, before actually sending it. I found this interesting. I wonder if it will catch on? The idea is wonderful, in fact, but would it actually make a difference? Try anything, at this point. The cause is worthy enough.
  5. Thank you! It's all clear to me now! South Park to the rescue. "Ok, granpa!" Yeah, I deserve that. ..
  6. So this is what it feels like when people think you are someone who was on the board with a different name. I was Midnight Express Fan on Wrestling Classics and some Finnish wrestling board, but that was a decade and a half ago. As far as DJ's go, radio hasn't been my thing because I like to choose what I listen to, but I do get that the question was rhetorical. Tying this back to wrestling, I wonder if they still even have room for PAC once he's able to return, with this amount of high end talent on the roster? I'm concerned, since he has been one of my absolute favorites since like 2014.
  7. To each their own and whatnot, but if this is a thing (and I suspect it very well may be) is it really a wonder that the children born today will probably not have functioning civilization or a planet to live on by the time they would be our age? I mean there is obviously million times worse stuff going on everywhere and that is hardly malignant in comparison, but I'm obviously well on my way to becoming even more obsolete than I already am, if this is the shit people get around to, in 2020. It's good that there are still ways to make a living these days, but I'm just amazed that this is a service someone would be willing to pay money for, especially considering all the services people seem very unwilling to pay anything for! Anyway, sorry for getting sidetracked, show seems like it is moving in the right direction. The roster starts to be really stacked as people have already mentioned. Do carry on.
  8. Yeah ALCOHOL was the one everyone agreed on, so far (I think?) There has been confusion over the deadliness of different kinds of (other) drug withdrawals.
  9. Yeah, that was super awkward. Emma sort of celebrated and then Charlotte attacked her and put the Natural Selection on her to get her heat back, even though she wasn't even involved in the decision. It came off really weird and botchy.
  10. I don't believe this has ever come up in a conversation, even once! ...I could be wrong, of course.
  11. Yeah, and it was no more than a few days ago (week, whatever ) that there were more than one heartfelt plea for more civil conduct amongst the posters, since there is more than enough bad behaviour and negativity IRL and outside this board. I have a hard time believing we have all forgotten about that already, surely we have not? Now negative things deserve negative or harsh reactions, but let's not let that mean we need to lash out at each other, right? Not my beef, but just pointing this out, as if it needs more pointing out.
  12. Emma won a 4-way match on NXT that Charlotte was supposed to win, because someone didn't kick out for whatever reason.
  13. If WCW really wanted Rude as the Black Scorpion, it could have been possible at least in theory, since Rude left WWFsometime before Survivor Series and Starrcade was in late December. They would have to bring him in the minute he became available, but they could have pulled it off. Really interesting idea. I wonder if Luger never wins the world title in '91, if Rude is already there to step in as the top heel, when Flair is fired? A topic for the What If thread, I guess?
  14. Maybe they were trying to be on the safe side legally, so that the producers of Pringles don't get pissed off at them for showing their product in a negative light and demand compensation? Or, maybe even those shitty Pringles looked like a treasure for young starving Ilja and they were trying underline that notion? He did say that it was the first glimpse of the fact, that there could actually be something better than he was experiencing at that point. I don't think Pringles is one of their current sponsors, are they? They weren't just promoting the hell out of them because of that? "Pringles, so good that even eaten from a dumpster, they still taste like heaven!" To be honest, I have no idea why that was, or why it was necessary to show Pringles at that point, as if people didn't know what he was talking about if they didn't? Apparently, someone did think it was a good idea, however.
  15. Absolutely true on Foley. Especially, considering Dewey. Nash would probably just laugh straight to their faces so hard he'd tear a quad, but not back down. You'd think Foley is pretty much as set as Nash is at this point, but he has to think about his son's career, too.
  16. Wouldn't surprise me! Foley would probably be really bummed out about that, but Nash I don't see giving a single solitary fuck about losing his HOF status over this.
  17. Fortunately, I scrolled back enough to catch that, but I was away when that, and everything leading up to that happened. Very glad that things worked out and hugs were shared. That's the way to go!
  18. I am aware that there is a thing about not wishing death upon other people, but when I say that in order for things to change even a little bit for the better, Vince needs to die, I really stress the NEED part. Of natural causes and old age, obviously, but it needs to happen. Just watch this being the first time it doesn't happen, ever. Just because.
  19. I suppose this goes without saying, and I'm being quite the captain obvious here, but I'll say it anyway. If Vince would ever get duly cracked down on his shady practices and forced to do right by his work force, THAT would be the time he'd say "I don't like this anymore" and sell the company ( if there was a company to sell, or any takers for that matter) rather than make the necessary changes. Kind of like in Bojack Horseman, when the people in power were facing the options of having women carry handguns in order to feel safe, abolish guns altoghther or make legislation that helps women feel more safe without having to carry guns, they chose abolishing guns altogether. Because they just flat out refused to do right by women, so much that they didn't even consider that an option. Same with Vince, most assuredly.
  20. Great idea! And while you're at it, tell him to make a pitstop at the Garganos' house when Tegan Nox is coming for dinner, because I have a feeling his services are going to be needed badly over there, also! I'd call him myself, but I have no idea how to get in touch with him, so no go.
  21. Why does this make me think of BoBo the Angsty Zebra?
  22. IWGP belts have been glorious since that one that got kinda ruined by Brock from the get go. That was another one that I was in awe of since the first pic showed up. They may have only improved since then, but when it first showed up it was so next level that it was hard to imagine anything else living up to that.
  23. I felt so bad for him, when all he wanted to do was work and show what he can do and they weren't using him even on house shows. He had that insane match with Dijakovic on World Collide and still, nothing. I'm very selfish in not wanting guys to leave WWE, because I want to keep on seeing them, but I was so happy to see him GTFO and just get a chance to do what he was literally begging to do. Let alone this level of rebirth! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (I mean the coffee helps, too, but still)! Not filing for Dark Order membership just yet, but I can see the are an altruistic bunch, despite the rather misleading name. May I suggest something less gloomy? Then we'll talk.
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