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  1. Who on the roster, or with otherwise access to the scene of "the crime" would have most to gain by this heinous act?
  2. Very cool to see Killer Kelly appreciated this high. It was heartbreaking to see her not get a single win on NXT UK, despite abilty, cool look and pardon the pun, killer entrance theme! Any success she gets elsewhere is very much welcomed!
  3. Way to go Supremebve! I co-sign the problem with a very clean diet and the sheer amounts of food you have to shove down your throat to reach your target calories. Oatmeal, cottage-cheese and 100% unsweetened peanut butter may help (unless you are allergic to peanuts). For several years now, I have mixed instant oatmeal flakes, fat free milk, water, crushed fennelseed, soy lechitine and rapeseed oil (olive oil works too) for a super fast breakfast drink before leaving for work. At times I add some chocolate flavored whey protein and that gives me a good amount of energy from some pretty solid sources. Drinking your calories is always easier way to get them down. Also, you may have noticed that there are bottled egg-whites in stores these days. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure that's a super fast way to make an egg-white omelet and that way you don't have to throw away the yolks. Personally, I've eaten the whole eggs this time around, as I don't like to waste food, but I did separate them when I was training in my twenties. And I can identify with the notion of completing a set, moving on to another one and another, glancing at your watch and going "Are you kidding me? Another 30 seconds to go? Dammit!" Keep up the intensity and report back to us on your progress. I'll be reading it, at least.
  4. Is this "Ratings in Name Only" situation? As in: "Well, they don't actually garners what people would call "ratings" per se, but we don't know what else to call it at this point".
  5. I did hear before that the move had a more "scandalous" meaning and from the name I figured it must have been referencing an orgasm. But now I'm more educated about the ways of the world. Thank you for that.
  6. We know that if it was to happen, you would keep us posted with the ratings newz. Well, maybe someday. ...Does Impact HAVE ratings anymore, by the way?
  7. Yeah, it's usually the small things in life that bring us most happiness. I'm going to have to take your word for the taste of any Dr Pepper, though, as I have never had one myself. When other people had soda, I had orange juice or ice water. Never got used to fizzy drinks as a kid, had to soften them up with some alcohol to get them down later on in life.
  8. I finally made it to Winter break! Work was rather shitty, but the riding conditions have improved drastically. Had 4 workouts this week with Wednesday off. Monday was pretty intense upperbody workout with all the usual. Tuesday was pretty much more of the same, but less intense. Thursday was Trapbar deadlift and shrug day. Warmed up with 5x230 and 5x341 (I was able to do this without resorting to using Versa Grips), then 5x429, and 4x5x451. Today I changed from evening shift to morning shift so that was less than 5h sleep, but I was able to churn out a decent bench workout. Pyramid of 5×198, 3x242, 1x264, 3x264 then 5 sets of 5x242, 7x220, 12x198 and 25x132. Some light and later heavier curls between bench sets (using two 44lb plates with gripholes as dumbells at the end). Well, it seems as if I didn't end up running myself into the ground and now it's time for a well deserved rest. I'm guessing the weight is around 188 just as I start to look pretty jacked again, it's time to Jericho myself to close to 200 again! Looking forward to it, though!
  9. To be honest, I thought that was him coming through the mat during Orton vs Alexa Bliss match!
  10. Yeah, and Gym is the only place aside from work where I can listen to music, so I basically call every Playlist a "Gym Playlist", but yeah, I have a rather extensive list of (humorous ) Finnish Gym music. ...To be perfectly honest, I made the list mostly having "getting drunk " in mind more than "Gym" , but it works for both. I just haven't had a single drink since January 8th, so it's been a Gym Playlist so far.
  11. While watching more '93 Superstars I came by a really weird coinscidence regarding Greg Valentine and Owen Hart and Survivor Series: In '88 they are on the opposing teams and Valentine beats Owen (as BLUE Blazer) via submission. In '93 they are on opposing teams again and Valentine (as BLUE Knight) loses via submission (I don't remember if it was Bret or Owen who did the Sharpshooter, but if it was Owen, this would be 100% better). I doubt they meant to have any continuity in that, but it's kinda funny.
  12. While he didn't actually compose any of that particular piece of art, I actually have one of Ludvig Borga's post-wrestling career "songs" on my Finnish Gym playlist. A classical masterpiece, indeed.
  13. Does it qualify as ironic that even when Ron managed Sid, he was an inch or two taller than his client, especially with the hat on? Or is even that just coincidental? Let's see: Sid managing most guys would make them seem as small as Ron made most guys seem. Ron managing Sid made Sid seem like most guys. Can that be considered to be the literal definition of irony, or no?
  14. I doubt anything in-ring by Hillbilly Jim comes close to Khali's NHB vs Taker, the Cena or the HHH matches, but at least he kept his matches short and to the point. Just like his Hall of Fame speech. No, wait! I think Khali will have him beat on that one!
  15. Yeah, Hogan vs Flair at BatB'94 apparently did a huge buyrate compared to previous PPV's, but that's not to say that 1994 was a profitable year for them overall. Which is too bad, because the first half of the year was amazing, quality-wise!
  16. I know what I did to end up there, have you figured out why you are here? I mean don't tell it here, obviously, but just figure out what particular sin was this serious! ...I figured it must be the sleaze thread that got us all into the same hell loop as Orton! I mean I read through the whole thing! Some of you posted! You know who you are!
  17. He may be stuck in his own personal hell loop and isn't aware of it. The real problem is that it seems like we are stuck there with him.
  18. Because Vince is all like "They will boo who I tell them to boo, dammit!"? ...Which has been surprisingly easy inside the Thunderdome. Let's see how that works out with actual live people in the crowd for a change?
  19. I'm sure I can think of better examples, but the first wrestling match I have ever witnessed live was Billy Kidman pinning John Cena. I'm sure that match must have made it to some B or C level TV show in 2002, if not SmackDown!
  20. Yeah, and it seemed like the judges knew better than to doubt him, as they praised his promo ability and character (as I recall) and cited those as "proof" that this guy couldn't be just starting out. If anything, they doubted someone could get that far in such a short time.
  21. Yeah, I saw this back then. He wasn't found out by the judges, so he did very well for himself.
  22. I just saw a Bob Backlund vs Iron Mike Sharpe squash on '93 Superstars. Sharpe challenged Backlund for the (W)WWF title somewhere in the early 80's. Can you think of other examples where a former World title match is later reduced to a tv squash? And let's flip the question while we're at it: Have you seen squashes where the participants later ended up wrestling for the World title? Aside from John Cena vs Brian Danielson?
  23. This is probably in jeopardy with Burch's injury, but knowing Regal, we may get Dunne as a substitute for the night. But seeing as though Lorcan just recently almost single-handedly beat Balor & Kross, he may actually take Regal up on the usual "you can defend the titles by yourself" offer, that Regal tends to give to heels when someone ends up injured.
  24. I don't know about Drew's homage to football fandom with that face paint, didn't look cool! He was probably referencing that Mel Gibson movie, you know The Passion of the Christ? Or was is it What Women Want? You know, since he's yelling about freedom and shit, it has to be What Women Want, right?
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