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  1. The October batch of classic 1993 Superstars just dropped (or I just found this out today) , so I'm good for a week or two!
  2. After last week's big gains on my trapbar deadlift, it is time to scale back a bit. Monday was the usual pull ups, dips and reverse shrugs with extra weight (only 20lbs this time) ,followed by flies (using resistance bands) for chest workout and lat pull downs, using the same bands. Some light shoulder workout to finish the day. Took Tuesday off because I had to be at work earlier than usual, so today I figured : Bench and deadlift. Very light workout on the trapbar side, more shrugs than deadlifts and no more than 220lbs on the bar. Bench was a nice surprise though. I have gone volume over heavy lifting for a good while now, but I figured I do sets of 5 and add 20 or 10lbs until I get to something worthwhile. So I go from 5x132lbs to 5x265lbs in 9 sets. As I've said before, I hardly ever go beyond 220lbs for safety reasons. I got a co-worker to spot me on the 265lbs, but ended up completing the set without assistance. Then I go straight back down to 132lbs and do a set of 45 reps to get an actual pump going. Some more shrugs and I'm done. This may be it for the week, due to work stuff, but at least I'll try to keep my calorie intake as high as possible. Night shift again next week, so we'll see if that goes as well as last time, or not?
  3. This would be good conversation over at the general fitness thread. I was sad that no one wants to talk about workouts with me, so I figured there must be like bodybuilding message boards somewhere. I didn't know where to look, but remembered something about Lars Sullivan posting on one of such. So, I reach out and ask him about it. The fucker gets all weird about it and bans my ass! The nerve of some people! (Ok, that never happened, but I would like some more discussion on that one thread for reals!)
  4. I was thinking Undertaker fuckery, but probably not.
  5. But hey, if Sami manages not to tear his rotator cuffs between now and the PPV, the actual match between the two should be better and more competitive this time around. I mean, it has a bit of a "do-over" value, if nothing else. We get to see them go at it closer to a 100% than last time. I thought Lashley was walking a bit funny at HiaC, so I don't know if he's 100% or not at this point, but whatever.
  6. I don't believe they have ever even attempted to explain it, and I don't know if her current accent is southern or not, but I was kidding about her being from Georgia. Either the real one or the fake one in Eastern Europe.
  7. Now, for anyone closely following WCW at the time and since Windham's return, your assessment on his standing at the time as far as title contention, makes perfect sense. I've never, to my best recollection, watched GAB'91, but when I saw the cover of the home video that said Luger vs Windham, I was like "It's Barry Windham" and no further build-up for title contention was needed. To me, Windham could challenge for the World title at any time and I would not have a problem with it. Of course, I only saw any WCW at all from 1993 onwards (got Capitol Combat and Starrcade'90 on VHS).
  8. They said she's actually not quite from Russia, but Georgia instead, so that would explain the accent. Yeah, no they didn't. But I guess that was just a phase, like the denim outfits she wore when she was with Ziggler for 2-3 weeks back in 2015?
  9. I may be wrong, but I always thought that Lex started going out with Liz after his marriage went to the shitter after the Sting disclosure that's being discussed.
  10. Yeah, so that was unexpected. I'm sure there would be a perfect soundbite somewhere of JR yelling about anatomy not being supposed to bend that way. Hell, even the By Gawd, he's broken in half isn't THAT much of a hyperbole for this one!
  11. Well, that's actually so much better, because Owen is awesome. I was debating whether this was Bruce or Owen, but went with Bruce against my better judgment, due to his history with Pillman!
  12. Bruce looks like Johnny Lawrence here, while Pillman looks like JOEY Lawrence, although he later had a look that made him resemble Joey WAY more than in this particular photo. Whoa.
  13. Well, he did find a much better place, either with or without Hellwig, though!
  14. And he has never figured a way to make them smaller! "I'm at the end of my wits here. I went a month without even raising my arms and those damn things just keep growing and looking huge! I even considered not eating spinach anymore at one point, but that seemed kinda silly."
  15. Oh, no you didn't! I was going to reference some New Romantic/Wave bands or lyrics, but I probably won't. Yet, for some reason "Don't you want me" by The Human League is playing inside my head.
  16. I would assume that is a phrase one doesn't hear nearly as often as, say "Less clown stuff! Hate clowns!"
  17. You have NO idea how much this fascinates me! Whatever this is.
  18. Very good and positive message by Cena, but I can't help but to think that when he says "I hate how my (something) looks!" , he's thinking about his own nose and we have Rollins to thank for that one!
  19. Dat physique on Ziggler, tho! Until like 2013(?) he was quite the specimen! At some point he must have figured no matter how jacked he gets or how hard he bumps, they will not push him to the very top. Then he eased up on whatever he was doing back then and slowly started resembling the Ziggler we know today.
  20. Oh yeah, no! Tyler can't be much more than 5'3 or 5'4, if that. He stood along side Seven and Dunne behind the merch table when I bought Dunne's "Everything Is Mine" T-shirt and a DVD and if I'm not 5'7", neither is he.
  21. Yeah, it must really have sucked if you cannot improvise a heavy workout, somehow. But I mean there are things like high volume hyperthropy workouts with just a shitload of reps and sets with whatever weights you can get your hands on. And then pig-out like there's no tomorrow! Well, easy for me to say, as I've been able to use the gym at work, which is used by something like five other people besides me, pretty much one person at a time, during the pandemic. So I have been very fortunate and understand there are a ton of people without such luxuries!
  22. It's like "Tell me that was not a sound of the table breaking under my weight I heard just then!"
  23. This is absolutely true and this is why someone like Dennis should have used half of his down time on a bulk and THEN cut back down. He's a smart man, he should be able to figure that out by himself.
  24. NXT UK time! Yay, Eddie Dennis is back! Not to bodyshame anyone, but he looks like late era Giant Baba and Paul Orndorff's athropied arm had a lovechild! There is very little fat on him, however! Oliver Carter is reason why Ben Carter should stay away from this brand, to avoid confusion in the marketplace. Dennis rules! And is quite the shit-stirrer, too! Oh, so Joe Coffey's suspension seems to be over. And Devlin returns. Wow, it's like they are TRYING to piss people off?! They wouldn't do that on purpose, now would they? Amalie vs Samuels at least have a bit of an issue for this match. They are giving Samuels more than I ever thought they would, all the while Killer Kelly couldn't BUY a victory when she was around. Life sure isn't fair sometimes (well, ever). Ok, Piper Niven is going to destroy her, so it's another "build her a bit in order to knock her back down again"-deal. Like many others, looks like Trent Seven spent his down time in the gym. Doing plenty of whatever move it is that makes your pecs sag like that. I don't think I've ever tried that one, but he mastered it, apparently. The point of this match eludes me, because you either eliminate the wild card right off the bat, or take out one of the only names in the whole tourney? Seven with one up seconds left into the round, but Williams recovers with one of his own. This could go either way! Seven wins! What an absolute waste of the wild card. Good match, and I wanted Seven vs Mastiff out of this, so we're good. I saw the WALTER vs Dragunov from PROGRESS and if that was any indication, then we are in for a treat with the title match next week. With Ilja getting the win in the tag match last week, I don't really like his chances. But if he wins, I wonder if he gets some fresh Pringles to celebrate? Wow, that escalated super quickly! Well, if this beating was any indication, we are in for a war! I don't see the title changing hands on a regular episode, but Ilja could be the one to do it, though! Decent episode, but loses some of its lustre when watched sober on a Sunday morning.
  25. I assumed that was just a tribute, but I'm sure someone can tell you for sure. I haven't heard announcers point that out as a fact, or anything.
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