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  1. Based on that crowd, if DVDVR March Madness were held tonight, the winner would be
  2. Speaking of Cole, according to him, Bray Wyatt was in a "sinister rocking chair."
  3. The Irish are the new Samoans.
  4. And Mike Trout will probably STILL have added more runs to his team above average than Cabrera does to his...
  5. Now I want to see Kofi try to turn heel just because.
  6. Why'd you let him off? (I kid I kid)
  7. Erm, well if the ASB came at exactly the midpoint in the season, that'd be correct, but with 37 HR in 96 games, he's on pace for 62.
  8. Speaking of no-hitters, in his first ever major league start, Boston rookie Brandon Workman has taken a no-hitter through 6 against the A's.
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