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  1. Fuck off, Scouser! (You're welcome)
  2. I'm gonna guess he bitched and whined for Spurs to sell him because he wants to make the World Cup squad, and he's sure as shit not making it playing in the Reserves league. Not with the way the 2nd tier wingers were playing in the GC. Be serious. Klinsmann is not replacing Dempsey with Graham Zusi or Joe Corona under any circumstances. If Dempsey has two functional legs next summer, he'll be on the squad. End of. Portland's ahead of them in the allocation table, though. Not sure how they get around that. He'd pretty much be automatically the best player in MLS. There's no reason he can't go to Everton or some other mid-table Premier League side. He'd be on one already if someone had bothered to cough up a couple more million. ...you do realize Dempsey isn't solely (or even primarily) a winger, correct?
  3. Why, though? What is the incentive from the perspective of a current MLS owner, especially one who just shelled out $40M for a franchise fee, to risk relegation?
  4. Yeah but try explaining that to WWE creative. We all know this but they either don't/don't care. That's why they had the belt on other people from MitB 2011 to Mania this year?
  5. There's no reason to think MLS has any interest whatsoever in engaging in a pyramid system of promotion and relegation with NASL or anyone else.
  6. Not to try and steal Cornette's shtick, but it's a wrestling show far more than any of WWE's televised product.
  7. For that matter, how do you know "everyone" did greenies?
  8. Congrats. You guys win the "Our division is shit" award.
  9. The Brazilian side that beat Spain in the Confederations Cup Final had 10 players with European clubs and Fred. The Dutch side from the 2010 World Cup final had, at the time, only 3 players in the Eredivisie. If you're going to insist that MLS needs to be as good as top European leagues for top American players, I think we need a better argument than "Spain is really really good."
  10. For the most part, those players are in England or Germany. Make MLS better, sure, but if we're going to compete internationally, Europe is where our players SHOULD be playing.
  11. Translation: Giancarlo is desperate to get out of Miami, and his agent thought this was a good way to stimulate interest.
  12. Intra-division trade as the Angels send mediocre futility infielder Alberto Callaspo to the A's in exchange for 25 year-old AAAA susprospect 2B Grant Green.
  13. Sky Sports reporting Real have made an £85M bid for Bale.
  14. Unless the BBWAA undergoes a radical change in the time between now and A-Rod's eligibility, there's zero chance he's making the HoF regardless.
  15. Awww, those "Homotype" chants bring back memories.
  16. Good thing Donovan completely whiffed on that goal, otherwise Shea would have Nani-ed the goal away.
  17. Prove it. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  18. So far it's only being reported on somewhat fringe-y sites that are pretty openly leftist, so take it with a grain of salt. All the stories seem to originate from the following article: http://newsball.com/exclusive-pictures-of-the-family-that-george-zimmerman-saved-from-a-burning-car-or-was-it-staged/ It's a rather poorly-written and chaotic piece of journalism in my opinion, but if even half their claims are remotely true then Zimmerman is a great big fat phony. The key piece there would seem to be that person's unnamed source for saying a call was made from the officer to Zimmerman just after receiving the 911 call about the accident. If that's the case, then the conclusions made seem reasonable. If it's not the case, then the article is the hoax.
  19. Limiting "major SummerSlam role" to the four people in the two main events, Brock's not on the tour, Punk and Bryan are highly unlikely to get hopped up on anything, and Cena (also not the most likely to have an incident) would have to run over some pedestrians before WWE punished him.
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