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  1. Carmella was never blowing the roof off, but audiences have been responding to her long before the dance break bit she does now. Her association with Enzo and Cass got her over in NXT. When she got called up her angle with Nikki got some decent heat. The Elsworth angle was terrible but it got over. She and Alexa struggled to pull consistent reactions at times on the main roster, but both had been kind of slow cooked in NXT to give them something to work off of. Not the same for Lacey. Lacey hasnt been involved in anything other than maybe a dozen televised matches and segments in NXT. Some of those were duds that fell flat trying to get over that shitty "womans right finish. She didnt have the time to get momentum or anything to really draw the crowd in.
  2. I'm not getting the Lacey push either. While she may arguably look better in the ring than Carmella or Alexa, at no point has any audience really connected with her like they have the other girls. Full Sail never quite warmed up to her and she never had a career defining match or anything. The little walk out segments aren't getting reactions with the live crowds on the main roster and I'm willing to bet when she finally gets in the ring the crowds still wont be invested. I feel like Embers time is coming. I agree too that she got a great reaction at Evolution and usually when there are battle royal/royal rumble matches she gets noticeably warm reactions. Her issue is she doesn't consistently draw that heat with live crowds and her matches have been fairly short and forgettable since coming to the main roster. Her character isnt that hard to figure out for me. She's a warrior. Battle hardened through the "flames". There are animal skins, warpaint, and she is a beast in the ring. The same mysticism that powers Asuka's character, but not as convincing. I just hate her in interviews and segments when she loses that edge by trying to sound like the girl next door. That's where the disconnect is for me.
  3. Its definitely a loss, but Tenille's absence due to health kinda makes her irrelevant when looking at what issues there are with the division overall. I agree that there's talent out there, I also agree that the booking and company could be a little more focused and supportive of the product. Hopefully she does make it to AEW and we see the door open for someone else in ROH. I think they can keep the wheels turning with Klein, Mayu, Sumie, Jenny, and Mandy until they can bring in a fresh face or big draw.
  4. I knew nothing about Rhea pre-WWE. I found her forgettable in the 1st MYC, she wasnt used on NXT TV, and then in the MYC 2 she got pushed heavy with a new look and character. Her matches that time around were more memorable. I think she looked pretty solid with the ring work. Nothing too fancy outside of a new finisher, just a mean bruiser. I do remember her selling in the Kacy match was kinda over the top, but they were doing some cool stuff and she was noticeably feeding off the crowds energy so whatever. What happened with Knox was unfortunate and I was bothered too with feeling like I had to buy Rhea even more because it happened. There was nothing subtle about her change in attitude and push, but she ended up looking out of place imo because the show had to go on. Nxt UK is a great place for her. She fits in well and continues to produce solid matches with different opponents. I think she and Toni had OK matches. I feel like they kinda held back in their last encounter when Toni retained. I'm excited to see how she works with Piper.
  5. The changing landscape definitely threw some wrenches in the WOH title scene. I knew, but feared, they were going with a Klein rematch. Not that I feel Mandy should be in the title picture, but what's her status? Is she injured? Is she just hanging around as a TV personality now?
  6. A lot of people called it. I imagine there will be some upward movement from where she kinda hung out on the cards. I just want to see her get better. Not sure if working stardom full time will make a difference with that as she has been a staple there for the past few yrs already.
  7. Yep, I think she continued to appear with Yoshida's Ibuki promotion until it closed. For the first couple of years Matsumoto used her Argentine gutbuster and later her Backdrop driver as finishers. During her stint in NEO when she tagged with Kyoko for a bit she started breaking out both a jackknife and ligerbomb, both of which Kyoko had been using at the time to finish matches. I know... it's hard to claim she took a "powerbomb", but I dont recall those moves in her offense prior to her time there. I remember one tag match where that was story; who can put the opponent away with powerbomb.
  8. I'm aware she initially trained with Yoshida, but she spent time in NEO (Kyoko Inoe) early in her career and often associated herself with Nanae's projects. They definitely took her under their wings. Her offense expanded, incorporating their signatures, after her stints in their promotions.
  9. Stylistically, Matsumoto reminds me of so many other joshi and you can even tell who she trained under at points. I see Etsuko Mita & Shimoda in her, Nanae, Kyoko, Aja. Yet she manages to separate herself by blending them together so well. The first couple of years I was not a fan. She was kinda clunky and unsafe.Though not purposefully, she did legit KO several girls with her backdrop driver. Also seemed like she was having the same matches over and over. It took some time before she got into a groove and then she was the hottest thing on the scene. I feel one drawback is she is from the era of free agents that hopped around so much that you kinda lost track of their work. The MYC was a great showing for her. I agree with the thought that she quickly got fans to buy into her. Without throwing everything at you, they managed to establish her legitimacy. She had been scouted by the WWE years ago. I recall 2 different occasions where she had tryouts. Being a big tough girl I enjoyed her encounter with other brawlers/bruisers like Yoshiko, Meiko, Kansai, etc.
  10. But why cant it just be for the reason she said she was given by coaches and not such a topic of speculation about rumors? She has been asked the question several times about her tryouts and work with WWE. Never seemed like an uncomfortable discussion for her. Id say what they told her was fair. Tessa Blanchard from 2014-2017 is not the worker we see now. I dont think it was that they didn't recognize talent, they just wanted her to be further along.
  11. Even if those isolated events signaled attitude issues they happened before the MYC. The WWE obviously didnt care, she got invited back for a huge event to work Kairi's debut match. I think it's like she has said. They (Regal) told her she needed to go out and wrestle more and get into better shape. If she had walked into her tryout as the wrestler and athlete she is today I'm sure they'd have signed her, but the reality is she has indeed grown leaps from 2-3 yrs ago. She said she had never lifted weights when she had her tryout in 2014. Now she is pressing other girls over her head. It just sucks that they weren't willing to see ALL of her potential come to fruition at the PC.
  12. When I hear attitude issues I'm usually inclined to believe that the rumors spur from an issue with production, agents, etc. She's a focal point for several televised companies and gets a lot of work on the indies. Her peers seem to be very supportive of her. I think that speaks towards professionalism backstage. With social media something would have seemed uncomfortable from one party or the other if there were issues. I'm aware no one pointed to her being unprofessional or anything like that, just trying to reiterate that an attitude issue doesn't quite fit the description of why the WWE saw nothing more than enhancement talent in her. If she has had issues in the locker rooms, that can be just as damaging, but I've heard little more than what has been mentioned with Iveliese. Not an "attitude issue" imo though. Again she seems to be respected and supported by a lot of men and women who work in and out the ring.
  13. Never heard the attitude issue rumors. In an interview she said she was advised by the WWE to "find herself" after she got candid and asked them to be straight with her. Kinda makes sense. There are so many 2nd/3rd generation wrestlers around now that it's getting harder and harder to coast by on family names. I cant say she was the same woman pre MYC that she is now though. Visibly more confident and comfortable. Definitely knows what works and where to go when she wants to experiment with something new. Cuts a damn good promo, has a legit character, and seems to connect with fans and audiences quickly.
  14. The main event tag was good stuff. I'm completely unfamiliar with Walter but I see myself becoming a big fan. Not sure if he'll ever translate over big onto the main roster, but he's certainly a star for the NXTUK brand. I need more Jinny and less Candy Floss. KLRs debut was kinda meh for me. Worked the arm and then the finishing sequence. I feel KLR is going to struggle amongst the core NXTUK females if the crowd here tells anything. The roster keeps getting deeper and I cant see her picking up the momentum she needs.
  15. Black/Ricohet vs DIY was pretty awesome. Still felt like a sprint even up until the ending with Gargano. I can really only take the nasty battle tested veterans that are Ciampa and Gargano when they're together. It's a shame. Bianca and Io was pretty good too. I like Belair. I'm a fan of her placement in the ranks. At just shy of 3 yrs she is amazing and I think she fits in well circling around the title waiting to swoop in on Shayna, Kairi, or Io. Shayna is a good heel and her dirty reign has been the only thing to make me kinda forget about Asuka's.
  16. Tessa and Havok were having one of the best matches in the shows running until the ending. Great cliffhanger to end the season. Stiff shots, Tessa turned into a machine for the end stretch. Great stuff, I'm interested if they've met outside wow before. Kobra and Khloe was kinda bad, but it was still Khloe's best work. They definitely could have found Kobra a better opponent. The tag match was here and there. Princess Aussie, whose gimmick I hate btw, can take a beating. I didnt feel like she had enough support from the crowd to really build that hot tag and she should have ate the pin instead of Azteca. Never really liked Holidead, whose gimmick I hate btw, and I'm not a fan if Vodoo. They work as a team though for the sake of building teams if they're planning on bringing the tag titles into the picture. Glad to hear they were picked up for another season. I think they're going to be good about the feedback they've received, but its a pretty good format they have working now. Hope they can bring in some more good wrestlers. Iveliese, Melissa Anderson, Shotzi, and a few other west coast girls would fit in well. I'd like to see a Japanese talent too.
  17. Jacqueline and Ivory as well, no? Molly's time is coming. It has to be. In fact I'm surprised they threw it to Wilson before Molly and I'm saying that as a fan of both. I love Torrie. She made sense at a time where the landscape was very different. Never the greatest in the ring, but her stretch as the female face of SD for those years produced noticeable results of improvement. I believe the old rumors that the Divas title introduced on SD was very close to being created yrs before McCools run for Torrie. She was a draw though. Made the company a lot of money. Huge promotional/marketing tool, never had to struggle to get a big reaction, all of the T&A/Diva stuff she did got over, great as a valet. It's good she is getting recognition. Something to cover the stain of Sunny. Nakano is an international legend. She parted ways with the WWE on shaky terms though, so it could be a toss up.
  18. Aliyah came into the company with a few years under her belt and has been at the PC for a few yrs, so it's funny how she has found her spot amongst the newer trainees that dont have extensive wrestling backgrounds. The fact that she doesn't look as solid as the other girls is just disappointing. Not sure what they intend to accomplish pairing her up with Vanessa, who also struggles with consistency. I'm also not feeling ANOTHER female tandem playing off superiority complexes.
  19. Good show. They featured the stronger wrestling talent, continued storylines pretty well, and there was even a cameo by Grable. I like that Havok isnt real a focal point but is quietly brewing in the background. Temptress and Fire worked out well. Hot crowd for Fire as usual and Temptress milked the heat. Amber and Jungle Grrrl was ok. Again Lana's timing for interference is way off but I love her character. Kobra vs Azteca was a bit of a surprise. Not as crisp but definitely a solid effort working a faster paced match. By the way they've used Azteca and her positioning on the cards I thought she was a home grown WOW talent so I was puzzled when Dave mentioned she was trained by Lance Storm. Did some digging and I'm assuming she is Giselle Shaw. Giselle was on WWEs radar a few years ago. Good looking girl and decent athlete. Glad she found some work. Glad Kobra was able to branch out and work for WOW too. Always liked her.
  20. If both women are signed than, yes, I feel both potentially are Toni's biggest threats. I can see her running a program with Isla or Jinny as a lead in to either of those 2 chasing the strap.
  21. I've been laughing at wrestling news sites "reporting" that Lacey is in line for a major push. One even stated a "Roman Reigns" level push. I cant see it. They've told this lady to get dressed up with a church hat and pocket book and walk to the end of the ramp and back without saying a word for her last few TV appearances. That's not someone I see them investing that much in. It screams flavor of the month to me. Twitter is dragging the act through filth. So much so that I wish I had Twitter and knew how to meme so I could join in.
  22. Not a fan of Toni nor Rhea, but they worked a pretty decent match. It didnt feel "big" maybe because they've clashed several times before and the crowd wasnt that hot, but it was snug and I bought into their hatred thanks to Rhea's intensity. I hate Toni's German suplexes, her headbutt, her dives, and her tiger bomb. None of it looks crisp, hurty, or impactful enough for her to convincingly work her opponent down and put them away with that stuff. I think Rhea works smart, her offensive choices fit her style (love that Kondo clutch), but her selling can be a little annoying because she overdoes it and looks kinda goofy at times. Not sure where they go from here as they've built Toni up so strong that I cant see Jinny or a debuting Kay Lee being serious contenders. Speaking of Kay Lee Ray, jeez that accent is thick.
  23. Mia Yim is a mixed bag for me. I get the whole Blasian Baddie thing, I just dont like it. Coming out with her fitted cap, baggy pants and bouncing to hip hop. I kinda cringed. Her new finishers name was possibly an homage to Wu-Tang Clan and it looked kinda cool. In the ring she is quite solid though and works well with inexperienced girls. I do wish she would ditch that corner cannonball. Xia Li is interesting. Unique offense, shows a lot of intensity. Not technically sound though. She didnt seem comfortable working from the lock up through those exchanges. Wasnt it said she knew nothing about pro wrestling until she got invited to that big tryout in China? I was happy to see she was savvy enough to cover up that first sunset flip attempt with the school boy. Post match attack from the 3HW served its purpose though I hope we dont continue to see Mia being associated with MJ and Lacey.
  24. Stardom is running a WOH title match for their Mar 3rd show with Mayu defending against Konami it what's expected to be the semi main. Only seen a little of Konami but she works a kicker/shoot gimmick too.
  25. For him to leave WWE, wait out whatever non compete he has, wait for AEW to get a TV deal, and then pretty much have to reinvent himself for the idk, umpteenth time... I hope to not see him in the main event picture either. He's had a fun gimmick and is recognizable to wrestling fans but I dont think anyone really cares that much to see him be a prominent player in AEW.
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