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  1. I get it's in TX and they need people but DAMN!! You couldn't do Chaz or Tugboat Taylor. You know the times are hard when you have to go with Sharmell.
  2. Per Virgil, Scott has passed. I had prayed for a miracle as I know all of you did as well. Sad day. Scott's work will never be forgotten.
  3. RIP Scott Hall. Virgil posted it not long ago. Sad, sad day. The guy was a legend and involved in so many iconic moments. ? Prayers with his family.
  4. AIW never got the credit they should have for being one of the first big Indy promotions to run all female shows. Their Girls Night Out shows were solid at the time and when you look back at the talent it's even more impressive now.
  5. maybe the promoters are jealous of how much the ladies are making at their merch table. I was set up next to Renee Michelle every time she was booked with us and every time she had a line bigger than every guy including Shane Douglas, Buff Bagwell, and Brutus Beefcake.
  6. It's been so long I can't remember if they upload the shows same night or when they get back from Mania. I'm almost positive they upload them the same night they happen or on a 24 hr delay. Sometimes they even have 2 different feeds. It wouldn't be on Fite or IWTV though it would be on Highspots.
  7. pretty sure they have been on Highspots streaming network in the past. Usually they put the show up a day or so after it happens.
  8. A few WWF PPVS tried this. My friend had a tape of Royal Rumble 89 and 90 as a kid and 1 of them had an intermission. Pretty sure he also had SummerSlam 89 on there which may have had the intermission too. I always used to get pissed about having to FF the tape.
  9. would be good to get a day one WWE game on Gamepass though.
  10. if people knew just how many actual wrestlers were/are gay/bi they would be floored.
  11. Cornette? Watch it be HBK wouldn't that be a kick in the head.
  12. Really fun show overall. I don't mind a 4-5 hour show but start the ppv at 7pm instead of 8pm EST. If you have the Buy in at 6pm EST and end the PPV at 11pm it's not nearly as bad. Wonder how many tired kids will be in school today because of the late wrestling show. Wasn't a fan of the Layla Hirsch-Statlander match. I saw quite a few botches and the chemistry just wasn't there. The 6 man tag was fun. Do they keep Redbeard around this time? Not a huge fan of the I do my spot, you come do yours in a 6 man tag. It's easy to see what's going to happen next. The tag title match was just there for me. So many great teams in AEW but this was just flat. Jurrasic Express as champs when you have Bucks, FTR, Red Dragon, Acclaimed, is a questionable move too. Punk-MJF was fun but when Punk gave multiple promo's expressing how badly he would beat up MJF and then he left in worse shape than MJF it made little sense. Once he had the ring he should have punched him repeatedly. Ground and pound until the ref stops it and awards Punk the win. Moxley vs Danielson was a good match and Regal was a great surprise. He will be a great learning tree for the whole AEW roster Swerve Strickland. Meh. He is good but where do you put him? ROH maybe? Tay-Jade I actually thought Tay had a shot to win this. Glad she didn't as Jade has been improving match after match. Professor vs Jade? Yes please!! Thunder-Britt eh? Not as good as their previous stuff and way,way overbooked with run ins. Guessing Rosa wins it in Texas and defends against Brit 4/20 in Pittsburgh STING!!!!! Not upset about no Jeff Hardy.
  13. I knew he did this spot before but couldn't remember when!! Thank you!!
  14. I've been echoing these statements for years. I am hoping he gets the win tonight. Wishfull thinking probably but if it came down to it Wardlow could more than hold his own in a feud with MJF.
  15. UFC had a huge PPV last night. AEW wasn't going to compete with that.
  16. Pretty sure Sting said Wed night that nobody can interfere in tonight's TV title match or they are fired/suspended. Should be a good match regardless.
  17. Yeah not a letdown at all!! Hope to god he puts the complete library with original music on HBO Max. @Gormancan finally be heard by the millions!!
  18. I just don't see Britt/Rosa as the main event to a ppv. The match they had with the blood was great but it shouldn't overshadow Page/Cole or dare I say Punk/MJF or even Mox/Danielson. Wouldn't be shocked if they open the show with Britt/Rosa.
  19. Very curious about which company this will be. They seemingly only work with NJPW but it could be a mexican run CMLL (why!!!) Interesting.
  20. I'd been on a couple shows with Brandon. He was always a different kind of cat. Didn't really go out of his way to talk to anyone else and really kept to himself. He was pretty good in ring before he became a deathmatch guy. I am sure Highspots On Demand has some of his older stuff and I know IWTV has his VOW stuff before he became a DM guy. He also had the huge feud with Cornette over the t-shirt he made. Suffice to say I wouldn't be shocked if the allegations were true. But the thing with pro wrestling is that you could literally kill someone and a promoter would still book you.
  21. It's going to be Terry Funk kicking the shit out of Kevin all while screaming "Fight Forever Fight Forever"
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