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  1. I think Darby just got released.
  2. With their ego, you would think they’d call it the McMahonsion.
  3. I guess we're going to get a Dark Side Of The Ring episode devoted to him in season five...
  4. This. I like both of them but this was an awful match.
  5. That's exactly what I thought of. I gave up on the Jazz game around the third period and switched over to see Dolph working the worst MMA style stuntman brawl ever. I hope it leads to some sort of WCW Backstage Assault parody.
  6. This. I think he's the guy that I'm most excited about seeing regularly on the show.
  7. That sounds reasonable. When/if MLW starts running shows again, I wonder if he would be brought back.
  8. Brazil was written out during a backstage attack by Contra Unit.
  9. Never heard that before. But now that you mentioned it, I can’t not see it.
  10. I was at that show and that is a exactly what happened. Remembering table little that I remembered from first aid in Boy Scouts, I was horrified that they moved him in a table. I think everyone there thought Lince was dead. On a lighter note, everyone was asked to stay in the building because they were waiting for an ambulance. I wound up chatting it up with Dr Keith and he was a cool dude.
  11. Part of it was because I really never saw the Road Warriors, but I never thought that Demolition was anything like them as a kid. In fact, I thought they were wrestlers trying to be KISS.
  12. Well, he is the face that runs the place...
  13. Dude I have the same size fitted hat as you. The struggle is real. You can never walk into Lids and get anything.
  14. I'm going to let you guys decide. I'm doing a Pandemic Purge, and I found a bunch of old ECW/WCW tapes from the late 90s till the end in a box. Is it worth holding on to them or should I just trash them?
  15. I think this was the only time they had a televised WWE match. I remember being disappointed by it.
  16. I haven't in years. What's good on their side?
  17. That's the same reason I loved Lensar/Rollins at last year's Mania. It was quick, the whole crowd was into it (I was there) and felt like you were watching a Street Fighter 2 matchup come to life.
  18. Just saw that. I guess they're on more friendly terms again with NJPW?
  19. But is she a Red Dwarf fan? That's the real question...
  20. Watching wrestling twitter's meltdown might be worth it.
  21. Admittedly, I would love to see that as well as how a Japanese crowd would react to Enzo.
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