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  1. i think battle royales skew the ratings just because like # Of Different Spots Per Match. It's considerably more rare in singles and tag matches. I'll say that length of match can do a lot to raise the rating.
  2. WELL THAT WAS A BAD MONTH+ the part that hurts worst is that now we might finish behind the fucking nats.
  3. I just dumped this in the other thread, so now here's some more words about Go For Your Guns. I started learning bass when I was 11 because of Les Claypool. So, I've always had an up and down relationship with funk. I understand that like a large part of the stuff I like about bass comes from funk, but I always had a hard time relating with it. I tried and tried but I was never able to find anything funk adjacent that drove as hard or fast as any of the rock stuff I really liked. This continued on until last year, where off a random recommendation I checked out Go For Your Guns. And I was like enjoying it alright! It drove harder than some of the other stuff I've messed with. Then this happens. And that's how I started the funk phase that I've been going through for like the last year.
  4. I think the modern equivalent of that would be "AYY, AYY, AYY, AYY"
  5. listen, just... here. learn you some. as for the hip hop thread name: "At Least Two Elements"
  6. So I've been spending the first month of the game downloading people's custom wrasslers because when Fire Promoter comes out I'm gonna use all custom wrestlers instead of trying to figure out who's real wrestlers are any good. My brother's been helping put things together, because where I have the Fire Pro brain he has the Sports Management Sim brain. Here are the fake promotions we've come up with so far. I'm also attaching the styles they'll be attempting to use- assuming it's that much like MOR- and the theme of each promotion. Not A Luxury (Strong, women's promotion) Kamigoye Here Often (Strong, everyone with kamigoye and/or golden trigger) Left Lane Pro Wrestling (King's Road, I asked my brother for "some kind of dividing thing because of the NOAH split" and this is what he came up with) Pro Wrestling RIGHT LANE (King's Road, but has stables) Loudmoufs (Showman, people who spam voice samples and/or have amazing gimmicks) BlownOut (Showman, Must Have Tattoos To Ride) unnamed hustle analog (Showman, The first guy I downloaded was this extremely anime looking dude just named Dennis, he's the Naoya Ogawa, Glenn Danzig is the Nobuhiko Takada, Glenn Danzig totally counts as a fictional character) Minute 2 Win It (Hardcore, people who look like scumbags or who use weapons (think IWA-MS), where the trademark gimmick match is an exploding ring that blows up one minute in) Enmascardo! (Lucha, masks) El Consejo de Caballeras (Lucha, hairs) MRTLRTS (Stoic, either people with shoot gimmicks or people who never goddamn pin ever) if the game makes me make another shootfighting promotion I'm going to download every podcast host I've seen and put them in the cage.
  7. If there's another match as good as Mitakeumi/Takakeisho this whole tournament, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Hot damn that was crazy. also if Tochinoshin is forcing out Ichinojou at under 100%, then I've never been 100% my whole life.
  8. this is a more common thing than you'd hope it'd be. It's why you'll never see a wide release of Panzer Dragoon Saga. It's especially unsurprising for Square though. Back in the SNES days, Square would straight up delete their engine every time they finished a game and started from scratch. So of people liable to completely lose track of PSX source code, I totally believe Square's capable of not only accidentally doing that, but deliberately doing that.
  9. take that up with the noted piece of shit composer of DQ: he forces the western ports to use weird MIDI transposes of orchestrations because he wont license his work for use outside the US because he's Such A Nice Old Japanese Man. EDIT: also, square game. not a sony game.
  10. and now instead of attempting to yell at anyone, I bring you a dramatization of how I feel about the turn Sony's 1st party games have made recently. "hey sony how's it going" "VERY GOOD, WE ARE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED" "oh yeah? for what?" "EVERYONE LOVES 'DAD IS AFRAID OF NOT BEING GOOD PLUS MURDER'" "oh" "IT'S BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEN WHO REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT OUR INDUSTRY'S CRUNCH/BURNOUT DESPITE HAVING FAMILIES" "that's weird, it seems incongruous to the entire point they're trying to make. does it have anything to say about the mothers? that is also part of raising a child" "THEY ARE EITHER DEAD OR SMOTHERING SHREWS WITH PERFECT HOT UNSMEARABLE SMOKY EYES" "tight. what else are you working on" "PETER PARKER IS A COP NOW" "what" "YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDERMAN WORKS WITH THE NYPD" "why have you done this" "LOOK HOW EXCITED HE GETS BY TREATING DRUG DEALS WITH BRUTALITY" "well, that is what a pig would do. sooooo it's an open world game? what are the towers" "HI-TECH SPYING SYSTEM THAT YOU'RE REPAIRING THE SIGNAL TOWERS OF" "...huh. didn't the NYPD just get caught actually doing that." "TOTAL COINCIDENCE, NO REASON TO BE AFRAID, DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE IMPLYING" "hey uh sorry I forgot I have a... swim... union meeting tomorrow. I gotta go." "ALRIGHT SEE YOU NEXT YEAR FOR 'HIDEO KOJIMA SKIPPED THE PART OF TWIN PEAKS WHERE THE VICTIM GETS HUMANIZED' AND 'THE HAVE CAKE AND EAT IT TOO OF US'" "for sure! fooooor sure" thank you
  11. Kazunari Murakami sure did a hell of a lot with not a hell of a lot. Dude is like a facial expression and kick pads, and he turned that into being memorable enough that pretty much every promotion took a run at making him one of their big stars. At the same time, I don't think you could ever accuse him at being good at the nuts and bolts of pro wrestling. He was just a totally natural character that could only work inside pro wrestling. then again, slightly biased: my favorite match is Murakami Vs. Yuki Ishikawa and I went and watched a bunch of him the other night (did you know he wrestled in Georgia in 1999? I didn't)
  12. Turns out today they surprise-released the record all these songs are from.
  13. Brief initial impressions of Dragon Quest XI -It is EXTREMELY Dragon Quest. The first enemy I saw that I suspect is new to the series is a raven holding a skull in it's feet. It was called the Stark Raven. -The voiceacting is mostly fine, occasionally very stilted, and always very british. -I am concerned about the levelling system because it seems to be a combination of the DQ8/9 Leveling system- which I am Down On- and something not unlike the Sphere Grid. We'll see. -I'm gonna play the shit out of it.
  14. Hi! Yves Tumor might be one of the best songwriters in the world right now. Noid Licking an Orchid (f/ James K) Lifetime Economy of Freedom (f/ Croatian Amor)
  15. Dragon Quest XI is going to be here tomorrow and I'm damn near convulsing over how long this wait feels all of a sudden.
  16. @Tromatagon So I've been downloading a lot of random people's random original wrestlers and shifting through them to find good ones, and it's exposed me to the reality of a bunch of people who are playing this game without really thinking things through. Millions of Kamigoyes, dozens of finisher-only movesets, no one taking advantage of the priority attacks, et cetera. I downloaded your wrestler last night and ran a match between yours and mine, and five minutes in your dude went for a pinfall directly after a low blow, and I almost fucking cried with joy and relief.
  17. Come try your luck against Handsome Ol' Me: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/8421 The mask is an attempt to make like a lampshade mask, where the bright strip is the shade and the rest of the mask is the light generated from the bulb
  18. BADBADNOTGOOD with a fuckin' Filthy beat for this
  19. I am 100% down for DVDVR Fire Pro League. I got the PS4 version so I can do creative stuff with other people, because the PC version is where all my weird shit lives
  20. with the understanding that it's not a finished product... jesus the writing in that is horrific. judging by the trailer, cyberpunk 2077 is a game about me begging everyone to shut up.
  21. I was about to make a point about how good Capcom's PS2 run was as well (Onimusha, God Hand, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, the ports of their great Gamecube stuff, as well as all those fighting games) but all that's done for me is re-depress me about the garbage fire that is Capcom Fighting Games in 2018.
  22. as someone that started stockpiling PS2s, copies of FPReturns, and Capture Cards, it's still 100% more New Fire Pro than I thought I was ever gonna get so I'm like completely willing to let that stuff go. Honestly the only real downside to it is that it means the Carlzilla suite is gonna be on standby for a while. then again I am buying two copies of it for PS4* because I am a lunatic so I might not be the person to ask about that *physical and digital deluxe, so I can have the physical copy but play the digital one so I don't put wear on the disc** **i know*** ***i know
  23. This is a huge door to open because a lot of his material is flat better in live settings, but this is one of my favorite songs from my favorite album of his so I figure this is as good as I can do in a single video.
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