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  1. I have temporarily conquered my depression and I have played some video games and like twooooo? threeee? people have found my perspective helpful, so Have Some. PIXEL PUZZLE COLLECTION [4] "ok so what is this" It's picross on your phone but made by Konami so the puzzles are all old Konami sprites and music. "oh god, Konami. so how much does it cost" It's free. "lol free to download but how much do all the games cost" No, it's free. "lolol ok but how many ads are in it" None. "does it play like crap" Nah, it's kind of perfect mechanically. You like poke the part you want to fill in, and then you can drag your finger to fill in the rest of the lines, and it'll like count how many squares you've filled as you're dragging so you can put down exactly as many as you want just by touching, dragging, and letting go. "... so konami put out a good game that plays with it's own heritage and no part of it is walled behind fifteen tons of bad business" Yes. "how" lol idfk "lol" DAUNTLESS [3] Basically, it's Western Monster Hunter that's totally free to play and has complete cross play across all systems it's on. So, it feels like the future. For a lot of people, this is going to be totally awesome and a lot of fun. Stop reading now and go enjoy yourself if you think you might be interested and are not a veteran Monster Hunter player. I'm coming to this from a lot of experience with Monster Hunter, and a long history of being extremely particular about action games. From that perspective, Dauntless isn't doing it for me. I understand why they made every choice I don't like- Free to play games do better when they're cartoony, MonHun is WAY too punishing and arcane, they're Epic so of course they're just lifting the battle pass wholesale... the real problem is that it feels empty. Like, because everything is so convenient and sped up, I don't get any time to relish and I don't get any time to just relax and hang out in the environments, aside from the hub area where everyone just spits punchy quips all day (DEAR GAME INDUSTRY: STOP DOING THIS). What it adds up to is that I have felt no sense of accomplishment from beating bosses. Like, compare and contrast- when you beat an enemy in Monster Hunter, fanfare plays, you loot the monster, you get like a full minute to dance around and be a real dumbass with your friends and maybe pick up parts you missed or items in the area. In Dauntless, when the monster dies, a stinger plays, a bunch of cloudy orbs fall to the ground, it says "(name of monster) slain!' and you get maybe five seconds of running around before it slams you into a result screen and a screen with eight pounds worth of bars to fill up. It feels empty and unsatisfying, like some kind of fucked up productivity app strapped to a game about controlling the Enormous Gila Monster population. and i miss the fucking hunting horn. what is the point of hitting dinosaurs if I can't do it with a 12 foot tall bagpipe.
  2. Aoki was a shining light in declining NOAH, and was someone I always went out of my way to see. This bums me out, but it gives me a reason to stop pretending like AJPW doesn't exist and go catch up.
  3. but they're pointing in different directions so they must be different trailers
  4. Sonic Mania is fuckin great, it's the 2D one that was made by a bunch of fans.
  5. Bumping this because 1) all of my friends that have heard it think it's amazing 2) It's the first album I've ever put out that I didn't hate the second I was done working on it. Granted, that's 1 out of 7, but, that's 1! On the board! 3) i genuinely think i have made one of the best rock albums that'll come out this year, and want to put it up on the pedestal I think it deserves. EDIT: and 4) it's my birthday today (the 27th) so buy it cuz that too.
  6. Because Japan, Takakeisho is back today against Aoiyama. On the plus side, Aoiyama has never beaten Takakeisho. On the minus side, Fighting Aoiyama With A Leg Injury seems like an exceedingly bad time.
  7. (because I'm a psychopath) I started screaming with joy at the top of my lungs when they showed they were putting in the NSMB multiplayer on a bunch of stages. My best friend sighed very, very deeply when I told them. To explain- he is the son of an alcoholic who was a teetotaller right up until we played through NSMB Wii together, which began his life of drug use. For the record, I did not buy him the booze, he chose to obtain it and bring it over himself. So I'm excited about endless NSMB Multiplayer. It's what I've always wanted.
  8. Hi. My new album, Complicator, is out May 20th. It will be right here. I have a thing to say about it in advance: this record is going to be LOUD. VERY LOUD. SPEAKER-RUININGLY LOUD. The first song on the record is designed to help you adjust your speakers to whatever level you think is comfortable. The single, Theme From "Complicator," is the second quietest song on the record next to the intro. PLEASE heed the warning and adjust your speakers. The cover art:
  9. it was panda, not kuma. i know they're identical. i hate that I'm like this too.
  10. The updates are several gigabytes and sony's data centers are fucking garbage so they're slow for everyone no matter how fast their internet is. I don't know how reassuring that may or may not be. As for system firmware, I believe the game discs can occasionally have the firmware on there, so install the newest game first and go from there. As for those games you mentioned, I remember God of War got patched pretty much daily during the first week of release so I'm morbidly curious as to what that game looks like unpatched.
  11. I watch this every year on May 4th, so feel free to join me. RIP MCA
  12. one of my closest friends from high school is in mortal danger and there's nothing anyone can do and I'm in just enough shock to be able to write this but not do anything else
  13. Nah, it was because that felt like a statement of intent of the mechanics of the game. So when I asked myself if that's something I wanted to do for dozens of hours, the answer was "no." That choice + that tone = pass.
  14. here's a pile of reviews that reach back to like January. some are territory I'm gonna be rehashing, I'm just going through this so I can put these ratings in my ratings thing as I remember what I played this year. A large amount of these reviews are negative, so heads up for that if you're not in a place to deal with negative energy. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 [1] when it asked me to cock the pistol myself was when I began to suspect this game was not for me. I did not play much further than that, because the last time I attempted to make myself play a game that was popular in the zeitgeist that I suspected was not for me, it was God of War, and I was unable to play a singleplayer game without stomach pains for the rest of the year. THE ETERNAL CASTLE REMASTERED [2] INCREDIBLE first impression, less than incredible rest of the impressions. I got my hopes up when I ran in here yelling about it, because directly after that the tone started adding in a layer of camp I found completely unnecessary and ultimately deterring. APEX LEGENDS [3] So, on my personal scale, 3 means "I Don't Regret Playing It." This can obviously mean a wild array of responses from "it was good but not great" to "it had a lot of problems but god it had heart." This 3 means something specific. When I bounced off PUBG and Fortnite, I had individual reasons. PUBG is aesthetically empty, Fortnite is mechanically dull. So when Respawn- arguably one of the best FPS developers in the world- made a battle royale, I got to learn for myself that no, the problem is I think battle royales are fucking boring. The problem is the looting. I do not find trash collection to be a necessary addition to the action game genre. Obviously, the business has shown me that I am wrong, so whatever. At least through Apex Legends I learned that I have no interest in any battle royale ever, because if fucking Respawn can't move me, I can't be moved. On the plus side, this did lead to me pushing a bunch of my friends into Titanfall 2 and playing a bunch of that with them, so that's also a net positive. BABA IS YOU [3] Similarly, Baba Is You taught me that I have no interest in puzzle games unless I'm doing them with a friend. The reward of just like one brain suffering directly at a puzzle game by itself doesn't do a lot for me. The times this game was the most fun for me were when I was talking with someone over the phone, staring at the same puzzles, and one of us would solve it before the other and try to like help them get through. So I might revisit this with someone else, but I'm pretty much done playing it solo. TRIALS RISING [3] everything I said above about Baba is You but replace "puzzle games" with "tandem bikes" and "solve it" with "compensate for the landing" RISK OF RAIN 2 [n/a] i played it and i'm not gonna talk about it because i don't like helping gearbox SEKIRO [4] So I've said what I loved about this game earlier in the thread, and those feelings have just expanded, so instead I'm going to give you a pithy hot take idea that I used to annoy some friends: If people think game difficulty is bad for the Fear of Missing Out, wait until they hear about foreign languages! Anyways, the next game I'm gonna be getting is the Nintendo Labo VR kit, so I'll keep you posted with how that stuff goes. I'm saving the one where you look into the bird's butthole for last.
  15. a brief overview of the extremely good weekend that just passed Still going through mental health stuff during all of this Discovered that multiple members of my friend group were literal fascists, a bunch of drama ensued and now the group is divided forever in the process of the above, got accused of being in a cult While all that was exploding there was a death in the family of a friend's husband this was all saturday The next day, one of my friends workdays starts with watching a driver hop a median and clobber a roadworker at 40mph Another friend's mother went missing and, after several phone calls, turns out she's in prison and she forgot to tell either of her children. While being unable to sleep, I ended up rehashing what happened to yet another friend that came in late on the whole thing, and then to cool off after finding that out, checked the news and learned one of my favorite musicians and composers had passed away. man, therapy this week is gonna be a blast. "So how've you been?" "SECRET NAZIS EVERYWHERE"
  16. I literally have no idea if this is a big enough name around here for their own thread. Scott Walker passed away today. He is a central figure in the development of my songwriting style, the patron saint of the idea that your instrument choice is your message. I could spend the rest of the year praising him and might never run out of things to say. Discovering Scott Walker was like having a door in my head kicked open. I would be sadder if the work he left behind wasn't such a dense monolith that I'll be unwinding forever.
  17. Is there a source for that? I've been unable to dig anything up.
  18. I assume they're an alarm system of some kind? I've been unwilling to touch them. Now that I've had a night to sleep on it, here's the difference between Sekiro and Souls games: with the Souls games, you have a lot of bullshit you can use to get the advantage. Your roll has invincibility frames. You can get loot. You can grind experience or money, because they're both the same stat. You have magic. You have a lot of healing options. You can upgrade your loot. You have loot. You can call in other players to help. Other players can leave hints as to what might be happening around the corner. In Sekiro, you have you, your sword, and your understanding of the combat system, and That's Fucking it. You have to do everything completely honestly. Your side step is for moves you don't know the parry pattern of yet. You only have the one sword, because the point is not doing damage: it's knocking them off balance and landing killing blows. There's nothing in Sekiro but yourself. It is maybe the steepest ask I've ever seen in a From Software game, and I am fascinated by it. I've never beaten a Souls game. I feel compelled to beat this.
  19. a friend got me sekiro i played an hour and a half of sekiro tonight it good i like
  20. As someone with interest in owning games, archival of games, and destroying algorithmic tech bro culture: Fuck All That Shit.
  21. So I don't know who has the Junior Heavyweight storyline DLC (i know it's not on PS4 yet) but if you're on the fence, it has the Flair Flop. Here's the complete list of all the moves in the DLC, compiled by someone else who's name I forgot to grab.
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