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  1. golly gosh i had no idea I don't know how much interest you have but here's the short version: it's produced outstandingly, the construction of every song is immaculate, the lyrical content of the record is fucking incredible, and it cloaks those lyrics in pastiche and grace where most people that were That Angry At Earth would just scream them and be done with it. Like Pearly Gates (the song you skipped) fixates on a sentiment most people would sum up like "FUCK THESE CREEPS IN ENTERTAINMENT," she takes that sentiment and tells the bleakest possible extension of that, where even in the afterlife women wont be safe from assault and coercion from men in power. And it's a goddamn jam. I also don't view it as a rock record, for what it's worth. shortest version: I've only thought two* records were perfect in my life, and this is one of them. i'd change nothing about it. *the other is milo's "Cavalcade" which has been ruined in retrospect by featuring a rapper who turned out to be a victim-blaming groper POS, and he has a large part on one of the best songs on that record
  2. I have played Dragon Quest XI. It is extremely chill and it's really good at giving you natural stopping points so if you can only play for like an hour or two a night you can still make super good progress. It ends up feeling kind of like a TV show. So that's the pitch for that. Haven't touched Ni no Kuni 2.
  3. I don't know for sure if this'll be my last set of ratings for 2018, but let's address something real quick. This year, I have to acknowledge that I think GOTY is two seperate games- there's The Best Game of 2018, which is Celeste, and then there's my favorite game of 2018. I'm going to talk about my favorite game of 2018 now. Also, that score is going to be a 4.5. DO NOT interpret this as some Meltzerian Scale Destruction. I have an account on Glitchwave, which is basically Rate Your Music for games (I strongly recommend it!). Their scoring system goes from 0.5 to 5, with half points in between. So, I use the ratings on there in place of my current ratings (1 = I hate it, 2 = I regret playing it, 3 = I don't regret playing it, 4=I love it). But, with a 4.5 and 5 available, I decided to make use of those. So, 4.5 represents the Game of the Year to me, and all of the games I have set at 4.5 are the best games I've played from every year I've been alive, based on their international release date. (so, 1988 is Super Mario Bros 3, 1998 is Soulcalibur, 2008 is Burnout Paradise, etc). I also decided to use 5 to represent "A Dream Come True," or in other words, some kind of longshot franchise resurrection that would be impossible to be impartial about if it ended up being any good. The only game there is Fire Pro Wrestling World. The only other game I can think of that might someday qualify is Virtua Fighter 6. Now. DUSK [4.5] In a year where -the first game I completed was Celeste, and I vividly remember thinking "oh man if I just played the game of the year in January this is gonna be a really hard year" -story games have completely broken my fucking brain after I played God of War and got infuriated with the critical reception of a game that is not the game people are saying it is -I spent the rest of the night after beating Destiny 2: Warmind laying on the floor, muttering "I can't believe it's worse (than Curse of Osiris)" and watching my guild break apart over it -every AAA studio is almost completely incapable of tricking me anymore (I'm not saying I'm invincible, but I am saying that Hitman 2 has been out for two months and everyone that loved the last Hitman says "go get this it's amazing" and I STILL don't trust it) -My playstation's disk drive thought it would be fun to start breaking and randomly spitting disks out constantly around the time I got Dragon Quest XI, preventing me from being able to make progress in it because when they designed the save system they didn't take into account "A Malevolent Spirit can invade the eject button and make the PS4 eject for forty minutes straight no matter what you do to it" ...Dusk comes out and says "KILL THE INTRUDER" and drops me in a basement with two sickles and three chainsaw wielding freaks and that's all the set up start playing go go go. It's easy to claim that it's a Quake knockoff, but within the thing they have built so carefully, it ends up being more. Strafe is a Quake knockoff. Dusk is the real fucking deal. It alternates between campy and genuinely unsettling. It's linear, but densely packed with secrets. If you, like me, get overwhelmed with atmosphere easily, you can take a break and load up the multiplayer and it is EXACTLY PERFECT in it's unending arena chaos. There's also an Endless Mode if you want to just kill monsters and listen to podcasts. It is a first person shooter that can, and happily does, meet you wherever you are and shows you something cool. It's also coming out on Switch next year which seems like a cruel joke, but Quake got a saturn port so it's at least in character. KILLER7'S UNCEREMONIOUS PC REMAKE [4] So again on the topic of my Game of the Year thing: Killer7 is 2005's game of the year in a universe where Fire Pro Returns didn't come out. Killer7 is straight up one of my favorite narrative games ever made. It's a game entirely out of people making Choices. It is the reason that everyone that talks about Suda51 as some visionary makes me sad, because the odds are that they're talking about No More Heroes more than Killer7, and Killer7 is a game that's About Something. It's About Something bigger than interpersonal drama. It's about the division of East and West, and it's many fluid points. It's so About Something that even the control mechanics are about the message that it's trying to impart. Yes the controls are awkward. Why are the controls awkward. Because it's straddling the line between Western marketability (First person) and Eastern design independence. Everything it does is in service to the message. It is my Platonic Ideal Story Game. the PC rerelease adds exactly one thing: A similarly mechanics-only joke about how little Capcom did to bring it into the modern age. It sorts saves by Slot (as in memory card slot). It used to play a cartoon while the game was saving. It still tries to, but because of modern hard drives, you see it for a millisecond. They remapped the controls in the tutorial to an x-box 360 controller. They offer no insight as to how you would control this game on a keyboard if you wished to control it on a keyboard. They did not expect you to have access to a mouse, so in return the aiming moves so sluggishly that if you want any chance of hitting anything, you have to manually adjust your mouse's DPI to the maximum. It would be understandable to get mad at a remake of a game controlling poorly. But if the original game controlled awkwardly with deliberate, fascinating purpose, the idea that it somehow controls worse on PC- the only system this remaster has been announced as coming to!- is objectively funny, and a joke at the expense of Capcom, the company that currently can only do one thing right. also when you play it it's still killer7 so that's awesome
  4. you know it's funny you mention this. From EventHubs: Another Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament shut down, many in the community are blaming Toei And this tweet from Joey Cuellar, who runs Evo. Which makes more sense to interpret as "there's no way to pay the licensing fees they want and still turn a profit." Based on things I've heard (how wonderfully cryptic), I wouldn't be surprised to see them crack down on streams soon too. Toei once sent a cease and desist to an embassy, so what's a fight night in comparison?
  5. Well! Now I'm gonna get the chance to bust a few of these out over the next like two weeks. EDIT: This also seems like a good time to remind people that if they want to listen to my AOTY and write about/dunk on it in here, that's totally fine. Repay me with scorn if you must. The album is "In A Poem Unlimited" by US Girls. "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters "Vile Luxury" by Imperial Triumphant "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel "Tell Me How You Really Feel" by Courtney Barnett "Creation" by The Daysleepers. "The Sciences" by Sleep "Ruby" by Macy Gray I have never heard of The Daysleepers. Their cover art reminds me of a really specific indie game. The hoard of genre tags at the bottom there basically translate to “as much pedalboard as band.” This is not a judgment. My pedalboard for the thing I’m working on is somewhere around 13. It’s just an approach. They seem to lean on Space Rock a lot, and I don’t know what that would necessarily imply. It makes me think of like Spiritualized, but that’s because they literally have a record called “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.” So I guess let’s learn what a space rock is!
  6. leased Baby's Arms to Bank of America and then acted like a real dickhead about it like "I gotta pay the carpenter on my house so whatever." EDIT: Misremembered the quote, it was "sorry [Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus]. i did it to be like the carpenters.and to buy my daughter high end diapers. and to pay back my publishing advance. and because i never cared about that sorta thing. whoops,i even have a bank of america account.”
  7. dude from philly with one good song (Jesus Fever), a million terrible ones, and no problem doing business with evil fuckers the best thing Kurt Vile has ever been involved in was that one time Pissed Jeans took a press photo in front of that building he had painted for an album cover
  8. My semester is over so this will be the last one I had to write in a notebook for. Which means the next few listens will be the off-the-cuff style from last year. Yay! I’m excited for you too! "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters "Vile Luxury" by Imperial Triumphant "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel "Tell Me How You Really Feel" by Courtney Barnett "The Sciences" by Sleep "Ruby" by Macy Gray I have a family tradition. I drive up with my older brother to our family's christmas stuff, and I burn a big long playlist to listen to so he can catch up on what’s come out in the last year and see what he wants to check out on his own time. This is how we discovered Courtney Barnett, listening to and laughing with Avant Gardener on that mountain route (“The paramedic thinks I’m clever because I play guitar / I think she’s clever because she stops people dying” is still an amazing lyric). I loved the first two records, but as I stated last year, I don’t fuck with anyone that fucks with Kurt Vile, so I was planning on missing this one. Now to be fair, I was also planning on missing At The Drive-In last year and that turned out great. So maybe this’ll turn out great!
  9. lol y'all have weak stomachs. all these covers have most of the same notes in them still. Get on Bono's level. Or don't. Please don't. The closest is the Ska Crazy Train.
  10. Inspired by a friend assaulting me with this fucking thing today. Give me what you've got.
  11. This is a reminder that at the outset of this, I did not guarantee I am going to write positive things about these albums. I still appreciate you all submitting albums anyways. 1. "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters 2. "Vile Luxury" by Imperial Triumphant 3. "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel 4. "The Sciences" by Sleep 5. "Ruby" by Macy Gray I vaguely remember when Macy Gray hit. There was a lot of to-do about her voice and I never thought it was worth carrying on about. It’s like the same kind of grainy as D’Angelo, just with a higher timbre. As I’m writing this, I’m relistening to “I Try” to refresh myself. I hope this is giving you an idea of how often I’ve thought about Macy Gray since the turn of the century. So how did the album go?
  12. Hi! Haven't forgotten about this! Finals this week! See you like thursday/friday! EDIT: also if you want me to listen to one of those records zakk you're going to have to pick one, I'm not listening to three for anyone else y'know?
  13. I love this. Nothing makes me happier than tech companies announcing they're about to Sideshow Bob themselves to death. It's like they completely forgot that the reason they got their userbase was because LiveJournal banned "adult content." By the way, the actual paragraph of what they're going to be going after is a hoot. Here: "Don't upload images, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples —this includes content that is so photorealistic that it could be mistaken for featuring real-life humans (nice try, though). Certain types of artistic, educational, newsworthy, or political content featuring nudity are fine. Don’t upload any content, including images, videos, GIFs, or illustrations, that depicts sex acts." Top three things I love about this: 1) Their shitty fucking attitude. "ALL YOU REALIST PAINTERS PAINTING TITTIES ARE REAL WISE GUYS, EH?! I SEE YOUZE" 2) "female-presenting nipples." Because nipples are to breasts as Fats is to James Brown's Live At the Apollo. 3) "newsworthy or political content featuring nudity." So doxing, basically. Consensual porn bad, private photos stolen off of iCloud good. Got it.
  14. CRUSADER OF CENTY [3] So I saw this in some article that was like "Sega Zelda-likes you haven't played!" that I think might have been on HG101? Regardless, it was the one game on that list I hadn't heard of. I know why. It's, like, fine? But the idea that someone would be screaming about this as like a fantastic Zelda-like is a little confusing. I'll probably keep playing it. HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER ON SWITCH [4] would it be unfair to call this my game of the year because fuckin hell I still love this damn game ICONOCLASTS [3] I bought this a week before I learned it was going to be free on PS4 next month. That's the only thing that keeps it from a 4. It is a very good metroid from the creators of Noitu Love, so it basically looks and plays like a sketch of "Video Games Of The Future" circa 1991. This is not a bad thing. It's very fun, it's got a really interesting world that is maybe at points a little too anime for my taste, and the action feels great. I'll finish it. I wish I had waited literally a week to start it.
  15. My first impression of the Earl record is that it makes me extremely uncomfortable to think of all the people that are going to call it revolutionary and trailblazing like this isn't the path milo/scallops hotel has been journeying down for years. if you fuck with the Earl record, I beseech you, go listen to milo's output this year- sovereign nose of (y)our arrogant face, Nostrum Grocers, and budding ornothologists are tired of weary analogies. You'll like them.
  16. I appreciate your willingness to still participate. I might open it up to that if I come short of ten recommendations, and in honor of your suggestion I'll give you a second crack at it. I listened to Macy Gray today, but I haven't written it up yet. Probably wont until friday at the earliest. @Casey You're up next, do you still want to go with Courtney Barnett?
  17. since everyone else is going to yell all the big budget stuff here's an indie foursome you should look into. Some of these also came out on PS3, but it sounds like you missed them there so it's worth seeing them regardless. Journey- Immense, meditative and touching. Spelunky- The kind of game you could play for a thousand hours and still see new situations in, and the father of the new wave of run-based games. Rocket League- The best sports game of the last decade. Hyper Light Drifter- Moody synthy Action Zelda (and probably my favorite game of the generation, check out its completely amazing trailer here) EDIT: Y'ALL BETTER SAY BLOODBORNE ON EVERY ONE OF THOSE LISTS BTW
  18. lol surprise, you started with like The 2nd Most Complicated Weapon. If you're going for just raw thudding damage, the Hammer is like upper end of damage dealing but there's a pretty deep learning curve because the swings are so slow. You gotta learn your spots and the monster's moves to be really great with the hammer. If you want something big and bladed you might want to consider the Great Sword or Switch Axe (do not mistake with the Charge Blade, the #1 Most Complicated Weapon). Long Sword is also popular and good if you're way into Zatoichi movies. I personally use the least popular weapon in the game- the Hunting Horn- but I think it's a blast to use. Basically your swings play notes on a four note staff, and combinations of notes can become songs, and when you play those songs you get like buffs and resistances and stuff.
  19. Hi! So I've played Fire Pro Wrestling World for something like 10,000 hours in my life? I basically play Fire Pro instead of watching TV or Movies and have since before high school. So I'd like to think that making wrestlers is a thing I'm good at, and that I have an amount of knowledge that people could find useful. So, I've started making a Wrassler Makin' guide, and I figured this place might appreciate it. The short way of explaining it is that this isn't a How To guide as much as it is a Why guide.
  20. Turns out this update is out on Thanksgiving, so that's cool
  21. A polite reminder that you can still suggest records for this! It'll close on New Year's Day so just keep ‘em coming. 1. "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters 2. "Vile Luxury" by Imperial Triumphant 3. "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel 4. "The Sciences" by Sleep I’m really, really biased. I’ve been trying to make these reviews come out one a week, and when Daughters got added to the list it was like an act of supreme will to not just listen to it first, write the review, and then post it later like “OF COURSE I LISTENED TO THEM IN ORDER LOL.” I love Daughters. I loved Hell Songs and the self-titled. Daughters back then is exactly the example of a band being in a genre but not being beholden to all these old traditions and openly questioning what makes heavy guitar music heavy. It’s not just a few pedals and decibels. At the same time, they’ve straight up called their new album “You Won’t Get What You Want” and the only single I’ve heard is a long, arena-rock-ish variant of their particular style of noise rock. So maybe I’m not ready for the Long Daughters Record of 2018. Here we go!
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