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  1. I worked a show with Mae Young, and was legit tough. She could throw a forearm that would make you take two steps back AND she was a class act, a real lady with trucker tattoos. Salutations, Lovely Grappling Lady. - RAF
  2. This thread has been tremendous, a veritable rollercoaster ride of IRC tropes - I laughed, I cried, I kissed 20 minutes good-bye... cringe worthy indeed, RAF
  3. c- My signoff was not directed to you but as a rhetorical question. I care not why anyone watches RAW (or even whether they do or don't) but I assume all the posters here like wrestling but if they are annoyed and/or disappointed consistently by RAW and just watch to complain about it publicly, I don't get it... Maybe you are being snarky but my optimism does not hinge on this one angle. However, I am so interested that I will... wait and see what happens. OH THE HORROR!!! forgive me for doubting you, RAF
  4. Late to the party, but: My fear with the Wyatt Family angle is that the modern crowds don't buy DB as a heel. I hope the writing crew doesn't just rely on the audience chanting "YES" in every one of his matches to tease breaking Bray Wyatt's spell for too long or they will get bored of it. The Family has to do some truly evil things to get over. It has to be a legit heel turn/brainwash, because if Bryan was just faking, it devalues the angle for the future and weakens BW. I am a big Kevin Sullivan Prince of Darkness mark so this is right up my alley. if you are not optimistic then why are you watching?, RAF
  5. Mikey and the Public Enemy, Mikey with the unwanted TV and Tag (w/Cactus Jack) titles, the FBI, early Dudley/Bubba stuff - all these things made me laugh and laugh. Some stuff was so clever that it made me laugh, like the "Taz is gonna kill you", 911, Cactus Jack, Raven and Steve Austin promos, lotsa Sandman stuff. I did not like most of the comedy for the sake of comedy stuff of later years ("CHICKENS" still cracks me up). sometimes Sign Guy too, RAF
  6. These are my boys, and I'd like to make them be your boys too: Eat The Turnbuckle, straight outta thee Hostile City, have awesome live shows and lotsa stuff on the YouTubes. All rasslin', all the time. check 'em out, RAF
  7. Whilst I was watching Mr. Devon Storm put in another boffo effort at the latest Extreme Rising show, I was struck by his amazing resemblance to cult actor/director/Amerikan genius Timothy Carey. Dig it: Am I right? If'n I was booking, I would regimmick DS as "The World's Greatest Sinner" Devon Storm, and have him do promos as each of Tim Carey's most famous characters: Nikki Arcane (great wrestling name), Maurice Ferol, Howard Tetley, South Dakota Slim (my fave), Lord High'n'Low, Flo, Kenny the Knife, and of course Clarence Hillard/God. I would quite amused and possibly one other uber-nerd would get it and give me a "good show, chap" via the interWeb. "I got ideas... and they're all vile, baby", RAF
  8. Manga: the slippery slope into anime? worried for you, RAF
  9. I just got back from the latest iteration of Extreme Rising at the old ECW Arena (first show there in over two years). More good points than bad, but the vets are still getting pushed over new talents. Highlights include the Sabu/Facade match, the lucha match featuring Damien & Bestia 666 vs. Super Crazy & Pesadilla, smoking permitted in the (unfinished) building and the return of Cripple H. reporting from Hostile City, RAF
  10. BdP is one of the best damn wrestlers I have ever seen live in the sense he was able to get the maximum reaction from the crowd with the least amount of effort (although he impressed everyone with his moves, selling and energy). People talk about "Memphis style" but BdPlato had so many fun sequences that got the audience involved that any aspiring worker could have swiped half of them and had enough to use for years (and I did). I praise his savage mestizo gods for being one of rassling's finest fat men who can GO (Murdoch, Vader, Dusty, Blackwell, et al...). - ladies do love thee Super Porky, RAF
  11. Unicorn chaser. Serious as a Onita post-match promo now, I was going to leave a comment on the absolute depths of ignorance of that "Worst [sic] Finishers" video - I mean, if you can't dig a Asiatic/Samoan Spike, than how much soul do you have as a human, let alone a rassling fan, anyway? - but the rapid fire negativity of the posts by the usual suspects around here killed my motivation. Don't hand me any Xmas-based excuses either, I don't want to hear about work/family/seasonal depression/lack of sleep from assembling the kiddies' presents/Festivus angst as we all got it hard. Don't make the Baby Jeebus cry, now. Imagine how festive it is at the Roades household this year if you start to get blue... - and look at that JLawler card in the Photo Thread too, RAF
  12. I can smell what his Road Beef is cooking! (someone had to) taking the hit, RAF
  13. During the Title Mishegoss handshake segment I was hoping that John Cena had new gimmick ripped off from this: It is approaching coming into Mr. McMahon's Pop Culture Awareness Bubble (MMPCAB ©) so... - RAF
  14. Wrestlers are like raccoons, or yeti, or puffs of smoke. Maybe if we put out bowls of Xanax and keeps the lights low, they might come back. - ssshhh, RAF
  15. I enjoyed JBL and Lawler quibbling about "twerking". Amerika: what a country! I really did, RAF
  16. I recall a Southwest Championship episode in which Chicky Starr gets ambushed by Killer Brooks with a large roll of chain link fencing, and then KTB and cohorts lay the racial epithets upon a prostrate Mr. Starr. After the commercial break, CS gives an amazing bloody promo, with live translation (by Hugo Savinovitch?) which features our hero screaming "PARA MI MADRE" several times to set up the Cage Match (duh). Genius stuff. I may have this trapped on a Beta video cassette. - RAF
  17. But has a terrible body, and is too small for the style he works if he came to the WWE. Ibushi is someone I can see making it as a mid-carder in the WWE. Y'all are sleeping on Razor Ramon HG. He would definitely come out of retirement for Mr. McMahon. Did you see that video of him in the amusement park? Kids love him! I see him returning and feuding with Goldust, as he is angry that Goldust has forgotten his roots as "the Spirit of Hollywood". rassling needs more Human Orchids, RAF
  18. Speak for yourself. As someone who hasn't watched for years I can fully experience the joy of laughing at pictures Raw's idiocy without any feelings of guilt or hypocrisy. Well, la di da. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, kid. - RAF
  19. Apparently it's like 160 pages and semi kayfabed so you might as well get his Highspots shoot interview which is something like $10 to download. Thanks for the heads up. My book-buying chum bought it (after I alerted him too it oops aaah he has a real job) and was disappointed, "Shades of the Great DDMantell Book Scandal" he said. I was hoping that ML's book would come soaked in seawater... - *sigh*, RAF p.s. - Hey Bix! It's Bix! How are ya!
  20. I think I posted this on the old board, but it is more than worthy of a unearthing - Detail: I know in my soul that there is a monstrous but forgotten stack of crates of these in a warehouse somewhere. - RAF
  21. I heard he was a vodka man, which makes sense as vodka was the preferred drink for old timey alcoholics. Whenever I meet a worker, I make it a point to quiz them about their boozing habits. The real veterans, to a man, all drank vodka in the lockerroom and beer in the car. I was sure that Harley Race was a rye whiskey man, but nope - vodka. The younger (as in ECW, indies) guys preferred beer in the lockerroom and beer & a shot at the bar afterwards, usually a sweet schnapps. I like to know these things. beer/shot or scotch/soda man myself, RAF
  22. I must mention any of the APA skits (like this one): as well as: classics, RAF
  23. I am very excited about this, but that price! I need a review or two, as well as an assurance that Jeebus won't be continually name-dropped, although the Debbil is acknowledges in the pitch. http://www.maniacmarklewin.com/bookstore.html but this author pic is quite impressive: he's one baaad mother--- RAF (just talkin' about Haze)
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