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  1. I was just about to ask "How the hell do you book something like World War 3 outside of the last few minutes?" and then I realized it was WCW so they probably just didn't.
  2. So Daniel Bryan asked for a match with Shinsuke Nakamura when WWE goes to Japan. No way it happens, but if it did the board would probably melt. Also, they lived together? Life's weird. Here's the link. https://youtu.be/DsTC8FJppJU
  3. Heyman bringing in Joe as his counter-Samoan to Reigns would result in me throwing money at my tv screen.
  4. Speaking of the IC title, Breeze reminds me of Shawn Michaels during his first run with the belt in as much as I can't conceive of how he could be anything but a smarmy heel. Logic dictates Tyler will become a mega face in a few years.
  5. Definitely saving this to use as a reaction pic down the road.
  6. Liked the two title defenses and the Divas match. There were rumblings they were going to hashtaggivedivasachance after Wrestlemania so I'm hopeful for more like this in the future. Still hate the Butt Bump as a finisher though.
  7. Apparently, there were hard cams recording the show, as well. I'd heard the opposite but good news if it was recorded. And it would make sense since so much went down.
  8. So they put on a show that sounds this great and the only person filming it is Steph? That's a damn shame.
  9. If true, then I hope he finds happiness with it. The injuries he has plus this recent ordeal would put a heavy strain on even the strongest person.
  10. Nak's highs were higher but Rusev was more consistent. I'm a big fan of both guys so whatever way this goes I'll be happy.
  11. Right... I guess I meant first straight loss, but that probably won't happen either. First loss in a while then.
  12. I think Owens/Corbin is a lock. Owens bullies people all over the place until Baron comes out for the 'pick on someone your own size' moment. And I think Owens will probably hand him his first loss too. Cause he's got to still be champ for Owens/Zayn 2, right?
  13. He needs to work somebody for 6 months at any rate. He can only be developing so much with all squashes.
  14. Goldust doesn't seem up to much these days. Let him have a run with Owens. He seems to transitioning out of an on screen roll so let him put over someone on the rise while he does. Plus the match would be amazing. Oh and Irish wolf hounds are the best puppies.
  15. Also, I like that the commentators put over Kevin Owens as the Walter White of wrestling. "I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was... I... I was alive."
  16. Did Cass call the tag champs Kid Rock and Flip Flops? Cause that's a way better name than any of us came up with.
  17. They became Men at Work? Cross genre stars!
  18. On March 1st, I would've voted Zayn in a heartbeat. But because of this tournament I've been seeing such great Cena matches that now I have no idea who to vote for. I never thought I would say that.
  19. I like Cody Hall for the same reason I like Baron Corbin: they're big guys who might be green but have big futures if they play their cards right. Hall vs Corbin at Wrestlemania 37! Book it!
  20. Yeah, I guess you're right. As much as it would rule to keep Rusev undefeated, this is Cena and Mania and America we're talking about.
  21. I'm definitely interested in Mania if not actually all that excited. So many of the matches have the potential to be great and I don't think any of them have predictable finishes, although a lot of people seem to think Reigns going over is a foregone conclusion. On the other hand, all those matches have the potential to be disasters too. I'm gonna watch cause I'm a wrestling optimist and hope they deliver.
  22. I was looking at the card for tonight's CZW show and came across this new entry into the lexicon of terrible wrestler name: Lucky tHURTeen. Although, if the job was to get my attention then it definitely worked. I'll be looking him up later.
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