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  1. I'll give you Skylar, who was pretty much rational and decent and doesn't deserve the flack people gave the character and the actress. A lot of people don't understand that Breaking Bad was written to be a really different kind of show where the protagonist gradually becomes a guy you root against. That's really against the grain and I think most of the audience missed it and was just thinking "Walt's the good guy, root for him." Meanwhile, he turned into an ego-driven, in over his head jackass who was most assuredly not "just looking out for his family." Skylar got a lot of undue criticism. Betty Draper, on the other hand, is horrible.
  2. ha! Good point. I guess Mickey is just pathetic while Abby is insane and looking to fuck up everything for everyone. Mickey's character really shows the difference between network TV and cable. On a network show, Mickey would have become Poochie from the Simpsons. Execs would have seen the positive reviews for the character from fans and critics and would have insisted more time for his character, making him a one-note, funny antihero who would become the focus of the show over time. Instead, his character is shown time and again to be pathetic and sad. He thinks he's still the king like he was in whatever Southie shithole he ruled over in his younger days, but he's really an out of touch nobody. We can laugh at his antics but meanwhile he's trying to desperately woo a lost love, who has moved on to a better life, with two joints and a bobo handbag. Someone else here sort of said it earlier, but on a network, Ray Donovan would just be Scandal, with Ray and his wacky sidekicks being too cool for school and fixing slick Hollywood problems.
  3. Oh, yeah, I mean he explained that in his afterword. But just because he admitted it was going to be hugely frustrating for the reader didn't make it any less, you know, hugely frustrating. And again: I didn't need everything answered. But the way he essentially gave away nothing was annoying. I forgot about the afterword. That's hilarious. Did he try to pin it on the reader like he did in the Dark Tower series? To paraphrase, "don't bother reading this last chapter because it's not really a great ending...and if you actually want a satisfying ending, well, you're just a shallow person because it's the journey, not the destination."
  4. Walter Junior shoots because he's tired of playing a character with CP, because Russo doesn't realize the actor has CP in real life. Also, the entire subplot with Don Elegado, Gus, Gus' boyfriend, Hector and the poisoned tequila is scrapped because "nobody cares about Mexicans." The show is moved to New York, obviously.
  5. Holy fuck. Holy fuck. I walk around my house saying, "WHEAH YA BEEN RAY?!?!?" She was written to be sort of sympathetic last season but this season she's just insane and irrational. Calling her cop boyfriend because her daughter was at Ray's house? "I thought you were all in?!" Just wow. I wanted to put her "all in" a dumpster someplace. Either the cop boyfriend is a setup or he's the most pathetic, desperate character in TV history because I cannot see how anyone would want to be with someone this unappealing.
  6. My god. That's perfect. I feel like Tommy would be the only person in the world who would truly understand Vince and vice versa.
  7. Airport parking is expensive though. $30 a day? Good luck with that! LOL I think it's kind of like making your stars dress nicely for appearances' sake. NJPW makes AJ park at the airport to give the appearance that their champion is a successful athlete, because paying upwards of $30 per day is straight ballin'. The champ can't be seen taking the shuttle no matter how economical it is, dude.
  8. I think forcing a tiny indy who never does DQs to do a DQ finish is really dumb, but fuck it, that's on PWG for accepting that stipulation. Why they booked AJ for the show is another question. PWG sells out regularly so it's not like they needed him to move any tickets. In the end, does any of it matter? I'm just selfish and hate seeing a shit finish on a show I'm looking forward to, especially when the shit finish is done for reasons I disagree with. We can all agree to disagree on those reasons and still be e-bros.
  9. Ain't no delusions of grandeur like Internet message board delusions of grandeur.
  10. I'd love to see a Breaking Bad episode scripted by these no talent clowns. Bryan Cranston breaks kayfabe on camera and shoots on Vince Gilligan.
  11. I read it maybe 8 years ago, long after the Stephen King rose had lost its bloom for me (intentional Dark Tower reference? Maybe). I wouldn't sweat the lack of a coherent solution on some great mystery. Just chalk it up to the fact that King couldn't write a satisfying ending if you put a gun to his head.
  12. Jesus Christ why do I watch Masterchef? Sorry dudes, carry on.
  13. That's awesome. I moved from a part of MD that got Baltimore's Sinclair affiliate to an area that only gets DC channels about a year ago. It'll be good to see ROH again and it sounds like they're picking up.
  14. You're right. I should have said "one certain very narcissistic strain of Christianity" instead of "religious people." There are religious folk who do their thing and don't necessarily believe The Divine Hand of the One True God is literally reaching down to help them in their everyday lives.
  15. RG3 apparently doesn't need surgery. He was quoted as saying "He was watching over me." Religious people drive me up the fucking wall. Yes Robert, He wasn't watching over women and children getting beaten or the multitudes of players sustaining career shortening concussions yesterday and every week, He was just watching over one overrated player who can't even run without hurting himself. SMFH.
  16. Just photoshop Hogan's head onto Savage, so it looks like Hogan is posing with his waxwork. But also shop a world title belt onto the real Hulkster. And have waxwork Hulkster holding a bass guitar. EDIT: Brother. Here you go, brother.
  17. Wow, I'm glad I haven't downloaded that one yet. I was fretting over having the time to finish the marathon Meltzer/Semp show. Problem solved.
  18. I liked Disco on the show but he seriously lost credibility when, during the whole Russo/TNA/Spike thing was going down, he insisted the best way to get the real story would be to call Russo and get him on the show. Next we can call GWB and get the real story on Iraq's WMDs.
  19. Great point. 4-5 years walking around as campus celebrities and having a completely different set of rules than regular students turns these guys into sociopaths and narcissists. How about we get rid of college as a minor league and institute a real minor league instead?
  20. Hitting kids with carrots never helps, I agree.
  21. Corporal punishment doesn't make a kid afraid to do wrong, it just makes them afraid of their parents.
  22. I thought Law & Order: SVU was the one that covered crimes involving seamen?
  23. If he cuts a promo before next year's WM and tells his opponent, "no more half measures," I'll shart.
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