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  1. He did specify "since they started the DCEU." Directed at nobody in particular, this post is not an invitation to split hairs about how much Man of Steel stinks.
  2. Trent really hasn't evolved much as a performer since his fun Superstars matches with Tyson Kidd back in the day. I expect him to remain very good, but I'm not holding my breath on him making that jump to main event singles talent.
  3. With all the "best of the decade" lists coming out, I'm starting to get a better idea what my own list might look like. Lots of stuff I'd forgotten. Lots of stuff that aired in this decade that feels like it's been off air longer than that.
  4. I see what you're saying. Here's a vignette of theirs from last year. It's all perfectly vague. At first I thought maybe the name was a take on Trump's "forgotten men and women" shtick, but I doubt their have any interest in touching the hot stove. So instead it's something to do with forgotten dudes who live near a bunch of scrap metal? I dunno. Doesn't help that I can't remember any of their names or who's who five minutes after their segment is done.
  5. When you put it this way, they're 100% justified in keeping Luke Harper off TV.
  6. I get why they did everything they did here, but it was pretty much a dull piece-moving episode without enough high-end action to make up for it. I didn't find Penta-Daniels that sloppy either. If it weren't for the slip-up on the press, most people wouldn't have much to say about it one way or another. Just a middling-to-average match for both guys. Glad both Lucha Bros are doing more singles stuff though. As good as they are as a tag, I think I've always preferred them as singles. Funniest thing about Jericho's promo was the news that he sold so many bottles of his bubbly. Wrestling fans will open their wallets for literally anything.
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