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  1. No Sister Abigail wind-up for Brodie Lee's finish. Progress.
  2. For a guy who says he doesn’t want to talk about wrestling, it’s sad to see what Vince Russo puts himself through for us. Hopefully next season the producers spare him that burden.
  3. Been so long since I thought about Bart Gunn. I didn’t recognize him till his name popped up.
  4. A Saudi prince should wave a bag of cash in front of his face and find out.
  5. Someone show this to Vince. He'll probably laugh at the fart and offer him a big contract to do fat-man gyrations opposite Otis.
  6. The CERB has glaring holes, but I'll be damned if the Canadian federal government hasn't proven it knows how to shovel money out to people quickly if it's feeling motivated. I'll just make a note of that for when this all blows over...
  7. Poor Bockwinkel is being asked to carry a lot of weight here. Yikes.
  8. What do you expect after an episode with zero chicken bombs?
  9. Vince did an interview with Daniel Fienberg about producing this episode. Highly recommended.
  10. This is a big breakthrough. Impact's been trying to get into the "empty arena televised wrestling game" for years.
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