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  1. I assume him along with everyone else not booked for the show will be used as seat fillers so the place doesn't look so empty.
  2. Chef (2014) A rousing tale of how critics who are harsh about Jon Favreau's work don't know anything and how the things that critics dislike aren't Jon Favreau's fault. Eventually, critics will come around because Jon Favreau is too talented to be denied. I wonder what kind of father Jon Favreau is. Also, why doesn't Jon Favreau understand anything about the internet? Lively music. The movie food made me hungry. Probably the easiest money RDJ's ever made. I'd like to cook for Scarlett Johansson. 1/4 out of five.
  3. Good recommendation. It's the farthest thing from an "everyone playing along with the joke" match. Starr is a mean bastard who brooks no bullshit, and OC is convincingly sympathetic underneath. Starr takes him lightly and gets carried away once and slips on a banana peel once, but doesn't look proper stupid. And the finish played into something earlier in the match and made sense. I watched expecting to be turned off at some point and got sucked into the whole 25 minutes. Really entertaining stuff. Thanks for that.
  4. It's a spectrum. If you want to take your point to its logical extreme, people shouldn't run the ropes either. Does the Worm being ridiculous make OC's stuff less ridiculous?
  5. This is where I fall. I like wrestling that can be Looney Tunes levels of silly. But in Looney Tunes, Wile E. Coyote is trying in earnest to catch that dang Roadrunner. From what I've seen, there's too much "stop and play along" going on with Orange Cassidy's ironic detachment. Also, he may not be literally winking, but that level of ironic detachment is always a wink. Zany, unconventional tactics = Yay This = Nay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnrRl9VUU3s I understand why people might enjoy that. But it's not for me.
  6. Bobby's seen the segment by segment formats for Raw and how little he's on the show. This isn't his first time as a rounding error.
  7. Since complaining about Joey Ryan is now passe, do we have a resident "I don't care for Orange Cassidy" person yet? If not, I volunteer. I thought I like funny wrestling, but I cannot handle that much ironic detachment. I feel like I'm Bruno Kirby talking about music in Good Morning Vietnam and recommending a nice polka or some Perry Como over the Beach Boys.
  8. I don't remember Bring It To The Table being a debate show. It was more of a repeated hazing ritual.
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