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  1. This Shorty G thing still amazes me. Vince would probably give the Hornswoggle gimmick to Altuve.
  2. Some of these Rumble stats are getting ridiculous. Six Eiffel Towers? And then there's that thing they've started doing in like the last five years where during the match the commentators will tell us something pointless like someone jumping to sixth place in terms of all-time Rumble eliminations. Just useless drivel. Christian just compared Lacey Evans to Kurt Angle in terms of how quickly she's picked wrestling up at a high level. Amazing troll job.
  3. We're at the point where the rules should long ago have been amended to state that if you've been thrown over the top rope and no part of you has contact with the ring then you're eliminated. But people are addicted to these spots, so never gonna happen.
  4. I'd still guess Orton. Relatively safe, lots of history/trust, and he mentioned Edge by name within the last month.
  5. Forget babysitting Corbin. Aside from a few singles matches against Drew, Roman’s basically been fighting random meaningless heel gangs since he returned. Fuck all of that.
  6. I’ve cracked wise a few times about Wolfe being the fall guy for that faction, but I felt so sorry for him tonight. Everyone involved held up their end regardless. Very good match. Rhea Ripley is cool and I continue to be happy about her rising profile. Is Igla supposed to be a face? Doesn’t matter. These people know Balor. They don’t know him. I’m over DIY. Go watch Bate/Devlin instead. The praise you’re seeing is merited. Congrats to Devlin on the belt. Well earned.
  7. Tickets for the Prudential Center were made available to the general public today. Already 10,000+ sold.
  8. Cody mentioned something about another "prize" back in November and discussed his dislike for the stigma attached to the term "midcard." Have we heard anything since then? Surely he wasn't just talking about the diamond ring.
  9. I like this. In last week's thread, it was all about the "weak criticism" permeating AEW threads. This week, we're celebrating our differences. That's a lot personal growth in a few days time, and I commend you for it. Something for all of us to model ourselves on and strive towards. Re: PAC's "ass-kicking ascent," it's not as though he's so clearly setting the AEW world on fire that he requires tippy-top guy booking or protection right now. The eye-patch thing is a non-story to me, as it helps the narrative they have going with Moxley and PAC didn't look like a pushover. I'm fine with him taking falls like this, especially since (IIRC) he's only done so thus far against actual tippy-top guys (Moxley, Omega), or guys being positioned to become such (Hangman). I expect he's not thrilled with the possibility that he might be settling into an uppercard gatekeeper position, but it probably beats getting clowned by Enzo...
  10. Don't know why they're giving away a huge Mania match on free TV.
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