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  1. West Newbury Bad Boy

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    All downhill from here.
  2. West Newbury Bad Boy

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    Sans the reluctance, you've got the just.
  3. West Newbury Bad Boy


    There was also a lovely bit where the first name of the player was imposed over the larger name of the tribe they'd been assigned to, which next season will be either David or Goliath. So for one shining, beautiful moment, I genuinely thought the Survivor producers would be promoting him as Johnny Goliath.
  4. West Newbury Bad Boy

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story (SPOILERS!)

    The wrestling guy rather than the Marvel/sitcom guys, right?
  5. West Newbury Bad Boy


    He introduced himself in the video as the Mayor of Slamtown. That may hurt him in the social part of the game.
  6. West Newbury Bad Boy


    For those interested, tonight offered us our first glimpse of Johnny Mundorrimpact on Survivor next season.
  7. West Newbury Bad Boy

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    Apologies are out from Bateman and Hale.
  8. West Newbury Bad Boy


    For some reason, the news of the day led me to discover they're making a third Olympus Has Fallen movie. And I also learned that London Has Fallen was more profitable domestically than the original. We live in a sick, sick world.
  9. West Newbury Bad Boy


    EDIT: Wrong thread. I'm a dummy.
  10. West Newbury Bad Boy

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/23/arts/television/arrested-development-netflix-interview-jeffrey-tambor.html I wish the NYTimes had released the full audio of this. Bateman's cheerleading calls so much attention to itself in text that you almost miss Cross getting a few shitty swings in there.
  11. West Newbury Bad Boy

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    From John Cena's daily block of "go outside and talk to strangers for social interaction" time.
  12. West Newbury Bad Boy

    MCU Trilogy Battle.

    I'm in Casey's camp of finding the Avengers flicks the most rewatchable. Worst was between Thor and Iron Man. Both franchises feature one good flick and two duds. Ultimately went with Iron Man because that bit where he takes the Stark Expo map or whatever and discovers a new element is a low for the MCU that'll be difficult to match.
  13. West Newbury Bad Boy

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I’m not really feeling that. Sure, anyone who aims to be a major player in the streaming business is burning money right now to claw out some market share. But long term, I doubt anyone’s saving Designated Survivor level shows. There’re definitely some question about how many fans are really going to jump on a new service for one of their darlings. And this arms race certainly won’t last forever, so I don’t feel like this is a sign of some new norm. Maybe a few shows get saved this year or next. A few years down the line, when some of the money and competition dry up? Probably not as common. B99 feels even less representative of something being saved because of fan outcry. That was just vertical integration working its magic. Besides, Amazon is already trimming fat on marginally viewed originals. They have money for LOTR because the edict is to get a big fuckin mega hit or die trying. Completely different thinking.
  14. West Newbury Bad Boy

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    BD 91.1?
  15. West Newbury Bad Boy

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    I guess I'm happy for fans of The Expanse. But I'm not going to be a fan of all the false hope spawned by this and B99.