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  1. As part of my recent Baywatch mini obsession, I am now watching the season six Bash at the Beach episode. Hogan is actually not bad an actor by the show’s standards, but Savage is embarrassing. I love this show so much. I like when CJ says she’s a closet wrestling fan. Three years later, she wouldn’t have had to say “closet”.
  2. I’m about five years too old to properly appreciate Raven from his time period. But there’s no denying the dude had a cool look.
  3. AEW, where the Big Boys play!
  4. So you're not flooded like those clips show?
  5. Thank you for this. I was vaguely aware of the channel, but I have never looked at it carefully. Dude is super-organized with his clips into playlists. I look forward to my own deep dive.
  6. Maybe someone told her she looks a little like Taylor Wilde, and she liked the idea. Is she she any good?
  7. I think my favorite line is "You don't have enough bullets!" And "It's too late; I've already walked away too much."
  8. Who is the girl in the thumbnail? (I am still learning my way around the AEW roster.)
  9. I don't watch RAW "live" right now because I don't get it until 2 hours after East Coast feed.
  10. The product she's shilling is ridiculous, but tell me she's not adorable AF.
  11. Found this clip in the RIP Lance Russell thread. "You come be with me."
  12. Breathin' fire, Daddy! Love when Gordy launches Jackson over the top rope back into the ring, Jack!
  13. That bit confused me, as well. I really dug the match. Their spots were simple, safe, and meaningful. The crowd was into it. Two consummate pros. (and kicking a midget before the match is a great way to build dat rudo heat)
  14. It is more difficult to find things on the new version. But I appreciate that it's much easier now to navigate to a specific match within a show. That's long been needed.
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