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  1. Ok let's not get too carried away here if this was the early 90's he'd be a Dynamic Dude at best given his personality and ability.
  2. Gunner did manage to cut a passionate patriotic promo about his time in the war/marines that was good enough to get a strong USA chant on an overseas show(Ireland?) which is the only time I've ever seen that as long as I've watched wrestling.
  3. Billy Gunn had his Road Dogg, Dolph just needs to find his. Someone who can talk while he shakes his ass and smiles too much and bumps like a goof.
  4. Contract signings need to go away altogether. I know they can and have worked but it's been beaten in to the ground too much by this point.
  5. Fat Swamp people from the south wear belts, WWE superstars wear championships. Considering Bray's character is a fat swamp person from the south he may never have a "championship"
  6. He's got to cleanse souls and stuff no time for belts.
  7. Cena/Owens was great and even though they threw everything at each other but the kitchen sink they didn't reach anywhere near Kurt Angle levels of finisher kick outs which made it play out perfectly.
  8. The sandman is like an endless treasure trove of gif material. Second gif I only made to show his amazing pants but ended up getting a nice headbutt suplex on to the barbwire.
  9. Whoever said breaking up the Wyatt family was stupid is right on the money.The group as a whole didn't have enough time to accomplish anything and the break up boiled down to the announcers letting you know they've went their separate ways. They need to have Joe come out as a surprise entrant for the ic match and win.Then him and the Uso's can come out for the main and cost Brock the title and beat the shit out of him post match to cement the formation of their Samoan super group with most of the belts in WWE being in their possession.
  10. Just go all nwo with the shield and throw some guys in to replace Rollins and Reigns like Ziggler and Truth and then just start slowly adding other guys that are serving life sentences in the mid card.
  11. You can see some of the sculptures and the dirt bike jump on the documentary portion of the Hardy's old "Leap of Faith" dvd. My favorite part of that sting/hardy "match" is how persistent Jeff is on doing the old heel I'm gonna throw my shirt to the crowd wait no I'm not bit.
  12. Not especially high. He caught lightning in a bottle. That's not easy to do and he did it. He gets credit for that. But the week to week programming of the top angles was pretty lousy. His legacy is signing up all the top talent he could and then really not giving a crap about anything below the main event. That's why there's so much gold on the old nitros. Random guys who could work were put in random matchups and given time. That's just never going to happen again in a major promotion. On the bold, isn't that basically half or more of raw ever since it went to three hours?
  13. Umm--not sure how to put this--but I was trying to ironic/sarcastic/smartass because I found your quip in bad taste. I got it, but I didn't like it. I failed. *backs out of thread* Actually the picture flew right over my head till I hit post and saw it again so yea. I guess I just miss good ole days of people on this board over analyzing AJ Lee's ribcage and other bizzare obsessions. My god if this place had been around when Papa Shango debuted...
  14. At least it didn't fly over one person's head.
  15. If Roman beats Brock I hope he comes out on raw the next night with a shrunken head modeled after Brock and loses the shield gear for a something more like a hula girl. Also Heyman can come out that night and deliver another one of his shooty promos where he name drops ufc and a dozen or so fighters.
  16. To elaborate on my earlier post the era of these tank tops every week was the worst hands down.Literally anything Shawn was doing from this time period is a blank in most people's minds because all anyone did at that time was talk about how horrible they were every week.
  17. You could say if he had grown up in the hogan era he would have known to train, take his vitamins and say his prayers. I'm sure he's thought about that a couple of times too.
  18. Didnt the nexus kill Vince too? Seriously though can we just credit him for everything great ever and ignore the fact he's just the most successful lowbrow bumpkin wrestling promoter ever.
  19. Oh really? Bray Wyatt IS Big Dad Ritch. Bray looks like Chum Li from pawn stars.
  20. Say what you will about Zybisco but when he wasn't in Larry land rambling about the nwo or women present he was actually a perfectly fine announcer.
  21. I always thought his shoot interview was underrated. Worth listening to just for the story about his ex-cop dad Inviting all of his police buddies over to watch his ppv debut as Johnny B Badd and Michael Jackson telling him he liked his outfits at an awards show where everyone thought he was really black.
  22. At this point you could literally dedicate a thread to pro wrestling references in rap music.
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