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  1. I think if Corgan had given Paul E. a shitload of bank roll and he blew it all on coke and lawsuits and ECW still wound up going the same route of eventual death it still would have been a better deal then what Corgan has got with TNA.
  2. Throw in a years' membership to the jelly of the month club? It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  3. What happens in the Wyatt family stays in the Wyatt family? Either way Randy Orton is still not sure who is the pitchers or the catchers in the bunch.
  4. Why did he get Shines deportation reversed?
  5. I know he's not an active wrestler but suckas cannot forget Booker T. Hes already 1-0 against Bautista. Also he is an O.G. Considering Conor would make Neville look huge is also a factor.
  6. The camera work during Murphy's entrance nearly gave me a damn seizure.
  7. The stips were not just the beer but also he would stop have to using his country music entrance song and a couple other things like no more motorized beer cooler to assure you if the match happens no way Storm is losing. Shame cause Drakes one of the highlights of Impact while Storm's act is so tired.
  8. This times a million. His build didn't bother me and the submission stuff was fine but his selling particularly on that move was just as bad as anything Lun did.
  9. The Miz's two real accomplishments. 1. Marrying Maryse 2. Looking good enough in a tag team with John Morrison to fool people in to thinking he had potential to be a credible World Champ which he never was. Even with his wife now he still has channel changing heat and can be shit in the ring even when he has the best people their to carry him.
  10. Do I get to be the first person to mention Viperville?? Does cobra commander know about this shit? When they had the 15 people out on the apron to start the show and DB announced the battle royal I thought he was gonna say fuck it and go LU style and tell all the women their in it too so it wouldn't have been as sad too watch depending on your perspective I suppose.
  11. Relax its just Paige...
  12. It's obviously going to be snoop.
  13. Despite all the sleaze in wrestling their isn't really a whole lot of sleeping your way to the top save for HBK and Vince. Look at Missy Hyatt. She slept her way to looking like a Pixar character walking around in the real world and being mistaken for Ricky Morton in pictures.
  14. I'm going with the Rollins win only because I could totally see Roman losing so he can start from the bottom as a sympathetic baby face on the Jeff Hardy redemption trail even though the guy is getting more boos and has more crowd heat then anyone in the company and they will not rest until we cheer and love Roman.
  15. I enjoyed this. Kind of felt like a non-wwe show with the same production values. Also loved that the full sail crowd just sat their and watched the matches for the most part.
  16. So I threw in the towel on Wcw and wrestling sometime in 99'. I wouldn't call myself a day 1 Wcw fan but I always liked it more. So I decided to finally watch some Nitro 2000 after years of hearing about it and 2001 being so bad. The opening shot of the episode gave me a good impression of what I was in for- But I had no idea. Rather then going any further and pointing out things that have already been pointed out a million times like how ridiculously terrible people like Mark Madden and Vince Russo were. I'll just say to all my WCW brethren that actually stuck with Nitro till the end you are stronger then I ever will be. God speed.
  17. The razor's edge. Why is this move not copied...ever? Love a good power bomb where the guy gets pulled up really fast with a pause before getting slammed to the mat. Worst are the contrived stuff mostly mentioned especially ADR's bullshit stomp. Also all these people doing shitty spears when the Jackhammer is right there for the taking...
  18. Fuck it, I'm going with RVD. I know he wasn't snug and his "punches" sucked ass but I still love a lot of the stuff he did. Plus for all the potatoes he was dishing out he wasn't afraid to take it. Best recipient of a pile driver/ddt ever.
  19. How long did Aiden English lay there before Kofi and Big E hit that big move on NOT HIM before he was pinned? I forgot what even put Aiden down.
  20. I'm fine with all the chanting and general antics of the NXT crowd but the singing/whatever just ruins matches. Yes a dead Raw crowd sucks and if they hummed dolph zigglers theme through his 1000th match with Sheamus I would love it but for Aries/Nakamura it sucked.
  21. I don't want people sitting on their hands or the full sail crowd to imitate a Japanese crowd but I swear if I was at this show at some point during the Nakamura match I would have stood up and asked everyone to shut the fuck up and watch the match. No one would hear me though because they'd all be still singing Nakamura's theme song while scratching their neck beards.
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