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  1. He has a brain the size of a squirrel.
  2. If the Minions were marshmallows.
  3. Gallows is the Todd Packer of pro wrestling.
  4. Honestly think your reaching here but I’m sure you can find way better examples to try and stoke the flames some more. The network has been around how long? For which you have no doubt been a subscriber to at some point and now that this shit is on Peacock and someone finally gave a shit to censor WWE that isn’t WWE your ready to go all Occupy Titan Towers up in this bitch? I despise Vince and his sleazy ways as much as the next dvdr poster but to think wrestling will ever change or be truly cared about by anyone other then the people who watch it is foolish at this point.
  5. Is that the same Jigsaw from Chikara?
  6. He’s the Original Head of the Table.
  7. Clinton. Going to guess Bagwell under the mask based on who’s laying down.
  8. Was really hoping TK would be able to resist keeping himself off his own TV but I should’ve known it was inevitable given how long promoters have been doing so. I mean I know it’s just the YT show and Impact ftmp but we all know what’s ahead.
  9. Well on one hand you have people that were “radicalized” by social media leading them to act like twats and exposing themselves. On the other hand you have people who have always been twats we may have never known exposing themselves. Keeping the artist separate from the art is dead.
  10. Their is like a million hours of Cornette shoots on YT. He’s kind of like wrestling’s Alex Jones at this point.
  11. So they payed for him to learn English and weren’t happy when he didn’t pass a drug test? Sounds hella sketchy indeed.
  12. The obvious solution to deflect this would be to put every belt on Cody including sharing the tag belts with his unborn child!
  13. I think Tony K has reached Cody bubble level of having so much smoke blown up your ass you start buying your own bullshit.
  14. We still running with FSW=Punk now that FSW is doing deadlock? Also I can’t remember what the K in Coach Tony K stands for but it wasn’t Khan. He was some random Midwest kids football coach. Use to post on Czwfans and TSM back in the day under a similar handle.
  15. I liked Natural more when he wasn’t the hogan_bot that went from always responding to posts about Hogan to just randomly posting the same “I have strong opinions about former WWF/WCW/WWE Champion Terry Bollea which you should PM me about. But I wanted to express them here too because I can't help myself” for literally no reason. I know times can be slow and this year sucks and yea Fuck Hulk but just meh.
  16. She does have a certain family member in AEW who could manage her. The women’s division needs her BAD.
  17. Sounds like a question for Flair’s Shadow. Perhaps Shane Douglas will come in and lead them as the new “Triple Threat”.
  18. That’s a lot of talent on one poster. JBL is on it too.
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