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  1. So... I spent my lunch hour today dropping almost 1K on two rare Sega Saturn platformers (Tryrush Deppy and Super Tempo - both rare Japan exclusives) Lol, remember earlier in the year when I was complaining I couldn't imagine spending more than $100 for a game?
  2. Dude on the right reminds me of Carrot Top. Obviously, he's a natural heel.
  3. I still can't tell if Vince is staring at Little Jimmy's ass.... or eyeing his package in the front....
  4. Why is Rippa trying to ruin fried chicken for the rest of us?
  5. I'm tempted to google that so I can find out exactly what it means. But.... I probably don't wanna know.
  6. Caught about 40 min of the Rookie last night (the phone rang and I missed the last 20 min). Liked it a lot. I'm going to rewatch the whole episode some night this week.
  7. I kinda like Gotham for being so over the top. I'm trying to think of the worst recent DC series, and I'm coming up with... Constantine? The live-action series that aired on NBC a few years back was fairly bad. There's probably something I'm forgetting though. I'm not a big fan of Legends. It's the least of the Berlanti series, imo, but that season 4 trailer looks nuts. I'm in.
  8. I read some of Austen's run as it came out. I feel like I've suffered enough.
  9. Core gameplay is very similar to Fire Pro Returns (the PS2 game), so If you didn't like FPR, you may not like World. Core gameplay, graphics, and modes are largely the same. Fire Pro World is basically Fire Pro Returns 2K18.
  10. I gotta admit... when I see a younger person (under 50, if not older) who doesn't carry a mobile phone of some sort, I get curious as to why.
  11. Ugh. Santino is probably my least favorite WWE wrestler of the past 35 years. Think about how much ground that covers. There have been worse wrestlers and worse gimmicks, but no one's annoyed me to the extent he did.
  12. Quality comedy like this is why I keep coming back here.
  13. Watched Flash season premiere this morning. Quite enjoyed it. XS was immediately likable. Mostly liked Black Lightning, though not pleased they are seemingly going to jettison the school to focus more on super-heroing and government conspiracies. I really wanted them to get more (any) mileage out of the idea that Jefferson Pierce, school principal, has saved more lives than Black Lightning.
  14. CZW has been around since the late 90's. First show was in '98, irrc. I'm thinking there are some flaws in the longevity argument.
  15. Boo. When you said "original format", i was hoping you meant the beginning of Gail Simone's run. I can imagine this turning into yet another perfectly bland CBS procedural.
  16. Watched the season premiere this morning before work. Didn't love the ep, but thought Whittaker far exceeded expectations as the Doctor. I'm definitely on board for the rest of the season. Kinda disappointed in the actual ep. The alien baddy was sorta boring until he revealed himself as Predator without the trademarked name. The companions need more character-building. Maybe, maybe not. Going to be honest. One of my reasons is that Whittaker is an attractive woman who looks great in a suit. Really hate the weird pseudo-tomboy outfit she's going to wear for the rest of the season. I guess it makes sense if you think about it as the person who decided they looked good in that was a man a week ago. They even had one of the characters make a snide comment about it.
  17. I must be unlucky. I've known (in passing) 3 murderers and seen one dead body. My first job out of college was with KPMG Peat Marwick, a large accounting firm. One day, a project supervisor (who I knew but wasn't in charge of the department I worked in) walked in and mentioned that his wife had left him and moved away. What he meant to say was that he killed her with a shotgun and hid the body. He was arrested a few hours later. When I lived in Pittsburgh 20+ yeas ago, someone in my building was gunned down out front of a grocery store on our block. I barely knew the person and was at work when the incident took place. Still, it was one of the things that made my wife want to move to a smaller town. My college-age nephew had his first date with a murderer. He went to a middle school dance with a girl who was arrested for murder a couple years later. The girl and a friend of hers went out to the woods with another "friend" and stabbed the third girl to death and hid the body. Apparently, it was just some sort of teenage mean girl squabble. Not murder, but a few years ago, a neighbor and I went up to complain to my next door neighbor that his dog was out in the rain again. Dude had a habit of neglecting his dog and leaving him out in terrible weather unattended, and we were tired of it. First neighbor goes to ring the front doorbell while I walk over to unchain the dog and get him moved to the porch out of the rain. Next thing I know, neighbor #1 is screaming. The homeowner didn't answer the door but if you looked in the window, you could clearly see the homeowner slumped on the floor with a vacant expression on his face. We broke into the house but he was pretty obviously dead when we got to him. OD'ed. Kinda shocking because we lived in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood and had no idea anyone was using drugs in the neighborhood. While we were on the phone with 911, the guy's teenage daughter came home and walked in the front door, and I started wishing we had pulled the needle out of his arm. Watching the girl break down as she realized what had happened was one of the lower points of my life.
  18. How did I not realize that the NES got decent versions of the original Mario Bros. coin-op, the Donkey Kong coin-ops, Elevator Action, etc? I was going to buy a working SNES eventually for the Zelda games and Super Mario Bros., but now I really want one. Guess I'm going to the retro games store tomorrow on my lunch hour. And I really, completely forgot that Donkey Kong 3 was a thing. I love the DK and DK Jr. coin-ops, but I haven't thought of DK3 in about 25 years. Yeah, in 2018, the idea that the they decided to make the next DK game a shooter (of sorts) instead of a platformer looks really weird.
  19. I was expecting a singles match between Trish and Alexa to be atrocious, so a tag is probably a change for the better.
  20. Well, assuming I think you're right. here's an idea.... Say a woman can call out a man for being short, ugly, fat, whatever, whereas a man would get raked over the coals for making a comment about a woman's appearance or weight. Uh, so what? Instead of over-identifying as man or woman, try just being an adult first and foremost. You don't have to respond in kind every time someone says something nasty about you. I grew out of that somewhere in early grade school. Sure, I'd prefer that a woman didn't insult me to my face or on social media, but that doesn't mean I'm going to respond it kind. I'm quite capable of ignoring a situation, or simply being nice and reasonable to the other person and trying to get somewhere that way. I haven't taken a count, but I'm fairly sure there is more than one woman on the planet, so the odds that you can find one who is not insulting you and relate to her instead are pretty high. There are double standards. It's not a male/female thing. Double standards exist in all phases of life. The phrase "deal with it" comes to mind. I dunno. When you start counting up the advantages women have over men, so you can play the butthurt male privilege card, you're wayyyy off the reservation, imo. Like Matt said, men still have it pretty good on the whole.
  21. Is this really in the game? Cause, if it is, I'm buying the game tonite. And the last next gen console i bought was a PS2, lol, so how I'd actually play the game , I have no idea.
  22. That's crazy. Robin Givens is obviously an autobot.
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