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  1. So DZ has started spamming the shit out of this thread too huh?
  2. Still hard to believe David was only 25 when he died, one of the most fiery babyfaces ever. You know the world was at his feet when Harley Race wanted to do the honours for him
  3. Twitter are memorialising her... despite complicity in her suicide. Fuck social media
  4. I remember having high hopes for this as the resurgence of the NWA
  5. Conversely, I remember reading about someone patting RVD on the back at an ECW show and saying it was like a swamp and he got a weird rash after
  6. And an underrated promo. Don’t think he’s ever got respect on the mic for that run
  7. Anytime someone says the words ‘tough’ or ‘hard’ this is the picture that pops in my head
  8. That Barry Windham v Dory match he posted is pretty good. I know Junior isn’t to most people’s taste these days but the clash of styles really works
  9. Shit take time, but I’m sticking with this opinion having just watched a load of 88-89 NWA and having seen my fair share of AJPW: Steve Williams is one of the most overrated wrestlers ever. The awesome power, ability to drop people on their heads in Japan, and athletic background which JR tells me about ad nauseum do not excuse the clumsiness, terrible promos, lack of charisma, miscues and bad timing.
  10. Gosh, I remember when Csonka first started writing at 411, he was a real champion for TNA in the early years. Coupled with JD Dunn’s excellent reviews they really helped banish the memory of Scott Keith from that site
  11. Folks, I want you to know I’ve just watched a Big Bully Busick squash from 1991 wherein he performs a Skull Crushing Finale and Rainmaker in the space of 3 minutes. A true innovator EDIT: Proof
  12. I can’t decide if it was worse than the throne smash cringefest
  13. Definitely get the deluxe. I bought the basic version in my ignorance then ended up paying through the nose to get all the addons to get the best caws of the likes of Jack Brisco and Stan Hansen
  14. Just got done watching the 92 G1. What an odd show. However, it has to be said that big gold really suited Chono
  15. I remember this being covered in the magazine, how was it? It looked great and I’d never seen a tag match take place in a cage before
  16. See also: Triple H’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ entrance
  17. I was trying for the life of me to find the perfect analogy for the MITB matches and this is it. Kind of reminded me of the hardcore title stuff from Wrestlemania X8 in a lot of ways, highly entertaining
  18. Conspiracy theory time: Jericho is Vince’s latest saboteur he has planted in rival promotions. See also: - Hulk Hogan - Vince Russo
  19. I don’t think he had the book but it was him who built Lance Storm’s programme and got him massively over
  20. Any clues on what else is lined up for Untold? Really enjoyed the Triple H/cactus one. As I’m furloughed I’ve been going through WCW PPV/Clash’s and am up to 89. It’s really weird seeing the transition from JCP to WCW, you’ve got Jim Herd announcing how they will continue to fly the flag for the NWA and respect it’s values and heritage on one show then on the next you’ve got Norman the Lunatic and Ding Dongs
  21. Blows my mind that in 2020, he still thinks like that
  22. One of my big wrestling gaming regrets is never having the opportunity to play any of the King of Colosseum on PS2. The rosters were insane
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