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  1. Tonga John vs Samoa Joe with outside interference from FIJIAN JAMES. BOOK IT
  2. They should've just come straight to me about this, I could have told them it was dreamed up by some goof on the old DVDVR board in the sleaze thread
  3. Talking about under-representation, is Cesaro the one and only Swiss wrestler? Did he develop in a vacuum before being spotted by Chris Hero?
  4. Which begs the question: why is Triple H's awesome WM entrance from when he used this dubbed over?
  5. I’ve been on a bit of a Gary Albright kick recently, what happens if he doesn’t die in 2000? WCW and ECW was gone, NOAH was formed but never really promoted foreigners, what options are there for him? Zero 1?
  6. I never had much of a problem with Kurt going over Joe, he was a huge get for the company and a big name so it makes no sense for him to job straight away and you had the problem of ending his undefeated streak. The amount of jobs he did to Angle afterward is where I have my issue.
  7. Rewatching 91 WCW and Bobby Eaton's singles push is confusing the hell out of me. He comes out in his old MX gear, crowd chants are piped in over the PA (to convince people to cheer him) and yet when the bell rings he just slots straight back into working as a heel. Perplexing that such a great mechanic doesn't seem to get it.
  8. Correct. I’d not heard Bruce talking about the 93 rumble (were they even in WWF then?) I just always remember hearing about the 94 KOTR in the early days of IWC. I just recently watched the Flair/Steiner COTC match and it’s safe to say Scott would have bombed as champ. Plus Flair totally blew him up. I liken 91 Scott Steiner to Ahmed Johnson: explosive and exciting to watch but reckless and lacking everywhere else
  9. If the rumours are true, McMahon wanted to strap a rocket to Scott at KOTR 94 but he refused to keep the Steiners together
  10. Thank you everyone for keeping me updated on how many likes and retweets a lame ass tweet from an utter nobody got. Great work.
  11. I can’t say I enjoyed playing it perse but it added so many layers and nuance to the narrative that it’s definitely a must
  12. I’d... probably be more inclined to watch that than current WWE
  13. “What do you want to do for the finish Harley?” “What’s your finish?” ”Top rope drop kick” *harley takes a drag of his cigarette* “I’ll move.”
  14. I know, I know. I love Harley, and his methodical standing up and falling grind was great, but I just can’t see past Kellett these days. Harley has had so many finishes over the years: stalling suplex, Indian deathlock, fisherman suplex, falling headbutt, diving headbutt. He was the man, I really need to get myself a tee from the PWT site, been meaning to since his death
  15. I remember wondering what happened to that guy some years ago, so I googled him and... yeah. Amazing
  16. Indian Deathlock has got to be one of the worst submissions in history. I wish I could find the gif of Les Kellett being sat in it nonplussed, but it appears LARIATOOO has had his twitter account suspended
  17. Having been in the mire of early WCW lately, I believe this is the most underappreciated theme song in wrestling history:
  18. Good news: Finally found a Johnny Valentine CAW for 2K19 Bad news: Wholly unrealistic as he allows himself to be irish whipped
  19. I just got done watching GAB 90 for the first time in a long long time . My word, Sting's promo after the match has to be the most underwhelming victory speech in history. Add to that surrounding himself with a bunch of has-beens (as disrespectful as that sounds) with a moniker like Dudes With Attitudes instead of a bunch of young up and comers and no wonder his first reign bombed.
  20. I’m just going off what was written in Hansen’s book. Paraphrasing off the top of my head, when he came over he told Baba he wasn’t interested in working the classic style that was prevalent in AJPW back then and Baba told him he wanted him precisely because of how he worked as AJPW business was in the dumps and needed to change
  21. Your timeline is a bit hokey, there's like a seven year period between Baba giving these men the ball to run with and Baba's death. And even before that you've got Hansen being brought in as the instigator toward that more physical go-go-go AJPW style away from the classic NWA style with its emphasis on DQs
  22. I was a Cornette fanboy until he got the reigns with ROH, then I understood how much of a fossil he is. Could listen to him talk about the old days all day but it's pretty obvious to me he's just working everyone with his baseless opinions on current wrestling as it brings in listeners and creates controversy and is the only way to stay relevant
  23. this is the best analogy for Bischoff I’ve ever heard
  24. This should be stickied as the first message on every monthly topic. I’m personally here to discuss wrestling, specifically the history of the sport, not he-said she-said gossip (even though I know that’s kind of what the IWC is built on... but with social media that has become its own abhorrent thing)
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